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Britney Spears: Mother, Role Model, Bird-Owner

Written by PETA | June 27, 2007
X17/Creative Commons

Generally, I would rather write about the paint drying outside our office than add another chapter to the increasingly tedious melodrama that is Britney Spears’ biography, but when she does something stupid and irresponsible that involves animals (which is pretty much every time I check nowadays), I feel like I have to report on it. The latest on our Britney—pictured here with a stupid hat and a family of dead rabbits draped over her shoulders—is that she was spotted at a PETCO in Hollywood buying a caged parakeet to go with her prized collection of neglected children.

I totally understand that it must suck to be 25 years old and have the best years of your life well behind you, and I do realize she probably gets lonely at home between her stints in rehab, but somehow I just don’t think Britney Spears should be responsible for the care of another living thing. Seems to me she’s got enough on her plate just getting herself out of bed in the morning . . .

Britneyspearswatch/Creative Commons

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  • Bert Alphaness says:

    well i love britney sorry ya’ll. don’t hate me for it. hey but a point to make i wonder what lady gaga’s life will turn out to be?

  • Julie says:

    I pity her. She needs urgent help. And yeah I see the irony.

  • mrobid says:

    put her in a circle paded room and tell her to find a coner.

  • Carly says:

    As someone whose behavior clearly demonstrates that she cannot even care for her children Remember her placing her baby in her lap as she drove? does this dopedupdeludeddysfunctionalwomanchild ACTUALLY BELIEVE that she can take care of a pet? I truly feel her children and her poor pets deserve to be REMOVED from her home. Has anyone seen her holding her dog in only one hand while balancing an armfull of junk in the other?

  • evan says:

    thats plain fucking sick! what is up with her?

  • Stephanie Humphries says:

    Yeah We have all had enough of Britney Spears. No role model ignorant and has proven herself to just be plain trashy. BRITNEY wake up grow up and get some class will you?

  • melinda says:

    Britney is as dumb as they come.. And now if possible I hate her even more… I hope she gets attacked by animals that eat her skin off..

  • melinda says:

    Britney is as dumb as they come.. And now if possible I hate her even more… I hope she gets attacked by animals that eat her skin..

  • Christopher says:

    She is the way she is because we made it that way by exploting her. Many people out in the streets neglet there children and no one says anything I don’t think she glets them but any parent knows it takes time to figure things out. I hope people could see what a great person she is and is ok to use furr… if you it the rabbit why no use them for a jaket. You are worst because you are pretenders and unrealll..

  • kira says:

    i think sarah and mia are right she needs help but so does everyone. i mean before i went vegan all i ate was meat and never cared want had happened.

  • lipan says:

    not that it really matters but the article doesn’t exactly say she wore a fur into the store…just that the picture they are useing for this article is when she’s wearing a fur and a yellow hat thing…I mean yeah she could’ve wore that into the store but it looks to be pretty late at night so they were probably closed by then

  • shane says:

    who cares? seriously how many people go into petco or any other place for that matter every day and buy a birdcatdogfishwhatever? and we’re all suposed to be in a stink because britney spears did? stop giving attention to these people! we need to stop being such a celebrity obsessed society.

  • sarah says:

    I know buying animals at petstores is definitely not a good thing but give the girl a break. There are FAR WORSE mothers out there some dump their babies in the TRASH. Did Britney dump her baby in the trash? NO than Britney it just happens to be that paparazzi follow her everytime she leaves her house. Blogs and comments like the others on here are the reason shes had a breakdown. Nobody is perfect.

  • Katie says:

    I agree with Mia. She is just ignorant to what’s behind what she is wearing. People NEED to be informed before they can change. Plus none of us know her personally we don’t know what is going on insid of her. She seems just really sad to me. As for wearing fur if she is shown videos and what not she may change her ways. Until that though we can’t really be so mean about it…of course unless she continues after finding out..

  • raychel tucker says:

    wow and to think i wasted my money on that trashes album! shes obvioulsly nothing but a dirty bit of waste that belongs on the bottom of some ones shoe!!!!!!

  • MKF says:

    BRIT HAS “ALWAYS” BEEN NASTY!! How many little girls know how to say “hit me baby one more time” now…. what does that mean? like punch me into loving you or do me again? PS. SHE IS THE WORST DRESSED STAR OF ALL TIME!! TACKYTAY

  • R.I.P. says:

    at least the parakeet’s alive but wearing that fur going to a pet shop? Its like she doesnt even use her brain anymore! In general she’s just nasty.I just lost all respect for her.

  • Lisa Peoples says:

    Is there any possible way we could send her a link to PETA tv and encourage her to watch how these poor animals come to rest on her back?? If she watches these and still wears them then……I wish her all the bad luck and misfortune in the world!!

  • Tamaryn says:

    Send Britney to rehab??? What did those other poor addicts ever do to deserve such a punishment???

  • bartbeanie says:

    i wonder whatever happen to the little dog she before she got married?

  • Arlyn says:

    Well I think she cant take care of any living creature at all she cant even take care of herself!! this kind of people is blinded by their money and fame and doesnt care about anything else than that!! We shouldnt give her too much attention!! She doesnt deserve it.

  • Mike says:

    Used to like her back then until her marriage with Kevin Federline.

  • mia says:

    Give her a break. She’s a human being just like you and me. She obviously needs help. Posting an article about her buying a parakeet isn’t going to help anybody. I think everyone should leave her alone.

  • Shannon says:

    I agree with you Bonnie. People make mistakes and should they be forced to relive them every day of their lives? It’s one thing if you have a problem with her buying a parakeet but what does that have to do with her parenting or rehab? It saddens me that people pass judgement so freely in this county without considering their own faults from time to time.

  • Wendy says:

    Yeah what Animal Lib said! I wish I could see her in real life when she’s wearing dead animals so I could rush up and spray paint her with Red.

  • Bonnie Morgan says:

    Why waste time on this person at all? Go on to other topics of much more importance .This young woman is a product of her environment .Show more integrity by being positive in your efforts then by dissing people who obviously are in a low place in their lives .this is a waste of energy

  • January says:

    This girl is discusting!! Buying a caged parakeet? Ugh! Someone should cage HER!!!

  • Mercedez says:

    Disgusting she use to be pretyt untill she howed her true skanky ugliness.

  • Mary says:

    She is an idiot. Rehab is where she belongs.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    She’s an american tragedy. She’s a mess. She doesn’t give a shit about any living thing except herself…YUK! Judith

  • Scott says:

    haha my school did ‘The Life of Britney Spears’ for Rock Eisteddford the other night…the best thing we had for bald britney was a boy who had shaved his head…classic and he lost his baby

  • Paul Thandi says:

    Where are her parents?

  • A says:

    WOW…this poor girl needs help. Do a 180 back to Rehab…this time sit in a classroom and watch animal rights videos.

  • AnimalLib says:

    Britney Spears goes into a pet store wearing rabbit fur? That’s like getting an abortion at a nursery. Am I the only one who sees the irony?

  • Ana says:

    Why waste written words on this pathetic person??? Spears has demonstrated numerous times that she does not take motherhood seriously. I do not believe that she even considers the needs of nonhuman animals. Maybe when she gets better PETA can mail her some literature about kindness to animals. It might make her sensitive to both nonhuman and human animals. Now that would be something to write about!!