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Britain’s New Memory Champion

Written by PETA | January 30, 2008

smh/Creative Commons

As of last week, according to The Daily Mail, Britain’s memory champion is no longer Ben Pridmore—who is capable of memorizing the order of a shuffled deck of cards in less than 30 seconds—but a 7-year-old chimpanzee named Ayumu, who soundly defeated Mr. Pridmore in a computer game which involved remembering the position of numbers on a screen.

Now I’m sure there are a bunch of things that Ayumu would prefer to be doing than playing a computer game with an accountant from Derby (such as, like, being a normal chimpanzee), but the widely reported story does show, yet again, just how intelligent primates are, and just how overwhelmingly hideous it is that it’s still legal to throw them in cages, pump them full of drugs, and dispose of them once we’ve gotten what we wanted out of them. I’m thinking specifically of you guys right now, Covance.

Not to be a total downer or anything, but here’s hoping that this story at least helps a few more people to make that connection.

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  • Maureen says:

    Ayumu has shown how smart chimps are so maybe its time to give her a chance to be a regular chimpazee. She deserves it! But sadly these scientists to not have the intellience to see this. She should be rewarded with a chimps life instead of treats.

  • Susannah S says:

    Well said. I keep wondering how it’s even possible for presumably intelligent scientists and medical researchers to observe these findings and still think it’s OK to keep these animals in cages and perform hideous experiments on them. Dr. Mengele would be so proud.

  • Kurt K says:

    This sure proves so much!

  • Joe says:


  • Footprint says:

    Ayumu is so a lovely dude! I would like to close him into my arms if he would permit it! Some years ago when i was still young and dumb i visited a zoo and there was a chimp mother with her child and again i did something i shouldn’t do! She put her hand outside and made sign for me to shake hands and i gave her a banana so with one hand she kept her child and with the otherone she ate the banana without giving anything to the baby because it was too small! then i stretched my hand out and she kept me! she was very sweet and looked at me all the time then she let me go and when i went away she looked always at me a long long time! so this i shall never forget because still nowadays i think at this lovely chimp mother with her baby and what was her destiny! today i don’t go to zoos and circuses anymore because there the animals are exposed again to unwanted situations etc! anyhow i love apes all chimps hanuman langures orang utans gorillas pavians and so on! and if some people like it or not they are our relatives! it is proven that they have a common ancestor with the human being and they are genetically very close to us so FREEDOM FOR ALL THE APES!