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Bristol Palin Prompts ‘Sex Talk’

Written by PETA | June 28, 2010

With all the buzz about the guest appearance by Bristol Palin—whose unplanned pregnancy sparked controversy during her mother‘s 2008 vice-presidential campaign—on the July 5 episode of ABC Family’s The Secret Life of The American Teenager (a show all about teenage sex and pregnancy), what better time for PETA to bust out our notorious “Sex Talk” ad?

For those of you who somehow missed the ad’s previous high-profile airings, it draws the parallel between negligent people who won’t spay or neuter their animal companions and parents who take a cavalier attitude toward pregnancy in a chat with their daughter:


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So while we ask ABC Family to run the ad during Monday’s Secret Life, will you please show it to everyone you know who has not spayed or neutered their animal companion or who might be contemplating breeding their dog? The ad is also a great way to promote conscientious attitudes among teens—and parents—by encouraging them to act responsibly and help all members of the family avoid unplanned pregnancies.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Toby says:

    ABC Family is such an immoral channel… it plays that homophobic Biblical fundamentalist conspiracy theorist Pat Robertson AS IF that’s ok for kids. He said the recent Haiti earthquake was PUNISHMENT FROM GOD FOR ANCESTRAL ACTIONS… his views are deeply unethical more to the point false. Anyway I hope the ad gets played but then again that channel doesn’t deserve any more money… tough one.

  • day says:

    My 2 sons are happily educated about sex and pregnancy. Growing up on a farm helps visualize the facts about the birds the Bees or the ram and the ewes spring lambing season and that is work 247 for 3 solid months. They will avoid baby wailing like the plague.