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No Bones About It

Written by PETA | October 10, 2007

Anyone catch Bones last night? If so, you probably saw the nice plug for vegetarian eating at the end, when Temperance “Bones” Brennan (played by Emily Deschanel, a real-life vegetarian) briefly talks about the environmental effects of meat. It was a cool little surprise.

You can watch full episodes of the show here.

Emily Deschanel with CSI star and fellow vegetarian Jorja Fox

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  • NutMeg says:

    Emily Deschanel and Jorja Fox are my idols. Seeing them work together to help animals made me so happy!

  • Anne says:

    Actually Emily Deschanel is a Vegan

  • sofi says:

    Emily Deschanel’s Birthday was on the 11th.

  • Ray-O says:

    How ISN’T polar bears rotting in the floor of the Arctic Ocean related to vegetarianism? Global warming is threatening the polar bears. Gore wants to save them. But if the bears caused global warming Gore wouldn’t want to save them! Unlike you lawneaters Gore knows that a real steak is delicious and a soy steak is crap and that there isn’t anything wrong with making a cow suffer because a panther would make it suffer too! The only bad thing is that meat is bad for the pathetic human body… which is why I’d rather be a sapient bipedal panther… yeah…

  • Michele says:

    I just love the show Bones and Emily Deschanel is a great actor for that role. I was thrilled at the end of the episode when she made her very simple nonthreatening comment to David Boreanaz’s character suggesting that he become a vegetarian! I think it’s great that shows like Bones and CSI have strong sexy intelligent women like Jorja and Emily in roles where they can incorporate their vegetarian beliefs as part of their characters.

  • a person says:

    Hello!!! Animals eating animals is part of the circle of life!!! Most people do not have to eat animals to survive!!! If you disagree with this website then stop coming here to insult other people and there beliefs!!!

  • Mars says:

    “there would BE no global warming!” So we would still be in an ice age? Not hardly.

  • Inga Lishlova says:

    RayORing… How utterly asinine to suggest that factory farming is anywhere near on par with a natural predatorprey population. You’ve missed the point completely. One can only assume you can’t see it way up there on the top of your head. As further testimony to your cretinism you misspelled “feasible.”

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Two beautiful and compassionate ladies. Great photo too.

  • halo snipe says:

    I absolutely agree RayO. Finally a SMART individual today!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Beautiful beautiful ladies. I remember watching CSI when they spoke about and showed chickens in a factory farm. That was horrific seeing that. Another CSI spoke and showed a canned hunt the horror of it all. I’m sure our girl Jorja was behind this. She is an amazing woman with an amazing heart and soul. I will watch Bones next week.

  • Susannah S says:

    RayO HUH? No one ever said that vegetarianism is the ONLY way to reduce global warming but it certainly is ONE way and a powerful way at that considering the findings of the recent UN report. As for other animals eating meat some the carnivores eat meat but not only are they the minority in the animal kingdomwhereas carnivores are still the MAJORITY among human inhabitants of the USA they don’t raise their prey on huge factory farms first and allow their waste to build up and pollute the surrounding air and water and then take them to slaughter houses and then throw the refuse from the slaughterhouses into the river. Humans are the only animals who do that and the only ones who can STOP doing that. If the world had been left to the animal kingdom there would BE no global warming! As for polar bears at the bottom of the ocean how is that relevant to the topic and why would you think Al Gore would be OK with that? I feel pretty sure that if Al Gore thought that the ONLY way to reduce greenhouse gases was to go vegetarian he’d go vegetarian. Some of us are trying to convince him that it’s OK to go vegetarian even if that’s only PART of the solution though The vegetarian “plug’ at the end of the “Bones” episode was great! By the way “Boston Legal” aired an episode about cockfighting last night and one of the lawyers was talking about the way chickens are usually raised and treated. The judge kept trying to shut him up but the point was made. I’m beginning to feel optimistic that our message is coming of age and being heard that it’s actually getting to be cool The New Thing to be vegetarian or vegan and to care about what happens to animals. Keep on keeping on PETA Farm Sanctuary HSUS and all the other excellent organizations and activists! We’re getting there! It may take a while but in time vegetarianism HAS to happen along with other reforms like not using fossil fuels or there will BE no planet to debate about.

  • corrine says:

    WHOO!! I love Jorja Fox! She is so awesome!

  • Jaclyn says:

    RayO is smart. He seems to have all the answers. I wonder how many years it has taken him to not find out that eating meat damages the enviroment?

  • Bodhisattva says:

    These vegetarian ladies are amazing! I ask myself why such fascinating celebrities are not followed by more people in their first class way of life! Let’s also think at Kim Basinger Christy Turlington Julie Christie Fernanda Tavares and many other persuading beauties! There are hosts of vegetarian celebrities around the world who care much about animals but it’s time that the message goes out to everyone! I know that the artistscircles are particularly concerned about animal welfare and i would like to see more and more the same reactions among the socalled ‘normal’ people but i have still the impression that we are not enough numerous out there in the world! So as vegetarians it is of course our first duty to speak about vegetarianism but worldwide we are still a minority and animals continue dying every second! So i would like to ask PETA and all the other great animal rights organizations to care more about humane slaughter methods nationwide and on an international level! Because there shall always be meateating people and the animals continue suffering i know cases where animals are horribly mistreated and tortured before killed in slaughterhouses so humane slaughter methods in the slaughterhouses for example surveying personnel all over the world are top urgent!!!!!!!! please!

  • Ray-O says:

    I can’t believe you’re talking about the enviroment… Don’t get me wrong. I know how much hy00mans are screwing up the planet but if Al Gore thought vegetarianism was the only feasable way to prevent global warming he’d let those polar bears rot in the depths of the Arctic Ocean. Other animals eat meat too you know.

  • V. Soto says:

    Two beautiful women with beautiful hearts to boot!