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Blog War!

Written by PETA | September 5, 2007

PETA’s Marketing Department (myself included) is in love with Blog ads. Advertising your site or your campaign on a good blog with a sympathetic audience is a fantastic tool for getting your message out there. So we’re all very excited about the contest we have running for people to create their own blog ad about one of PETA’s websites for a chance to win a $500 Apple gift card.

Well, this was all fun and games until Amy Cook, the upstart writer for PETA’s Veg Cooking blog, posted this incendiary little entry on her blog. You want war, Amy? You got it. But let me tell you a couple of things first: For a start, just because your last name is Cook doesn’t mean you know how to cook. And more importantly, your daddy apparently didn’t tell you that you NEVER bring a knife to a gun fight. Steppin’ to Jack’izzle is like steppin’ to death row, straight up.

Amy is asking people to enter PETA’s contest by creating an ad for The Veg Cooking Files, or whatever her blog is called, so let me be the first one to step up with an example:


And now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, onto the big guns. Here’s my sample blog ad for The PETA Files. Try and keep this one in mind when you enter the contest.


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