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Written by PETA | July 25, 2007

I got a real kick out of this Bizarro comic someone scanned from their newspaper and sent in the other day, and the wonderful Dan Piraro, the longtime PETA supporter and animal rights advocate who writes the strip, was gracious enough to send me a high-quality version to put on the blog. Thanks, Dan!


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  • Ariel says:

    HORSE OF TROY very well articulated! Obviously you are broadminded…and educated academically and about life. All of your comments combined have proven very well some of my constant observations the antianimal activists are clueless and uneducated about life and a lot of them are cruel within themselves. This issue although not an isolated one isn’t a representation of a few bad apples. This is a representation of a too many rotten apples who don’t care about any creatures’ suffering. And unfortunately true they shamefully misrepresent America. They are really reaching out in desperaton when they accuse us animal activists as being racists jealous and ruining Vick’s life because as they say he is “black” and has amassed a fortune. There are MANY “black” athletes who amass fortunes and are cheered on and favored by MANY MANY “white” fans. I never even heard of Vick before this horrible incident and neither did I know he is “black.” So just like you the vicious dog fighting was and is my focus concerning him. I couldn’t care less how much money he makes and if he was an albino! And who if not him is responsible for his own actions in life??? On the whole I can understand your feelings towards America. Yes it is a shame that some or too many Americans support cruelty over compassion. And that is very shamefully telling of them. But do they care? No.

  • Maya says:

    Horse Of Troy goodness please don’t judge all of America by PETA’s blog. The media and PETA always zone in on the most radical elements of society. Most of America is friendly beautiful and welcoming. Come to Massachusetts and you’ll see. People are very kind here. Please visit my blog sometime just click on my name “Maya” and I’ll tell you where the good places are. Blessings.

  • Mike says:

    Visit for lots more amazing AR cartoons. Thanks Dan you’re a great friend to the animals.

  • horse of troy says:

    to whom it may concern part two many primitive antibloggers here are all the time unconscious that peta has enough patience posting them. even if my mother tongue is not english i force myself to present an acceptable statement. it seems to me strange enough that always when there is posted one who cannot read and write it’s an antipeta freak! strange isn’t it? i’m so disappointed to see these many vick supporters on this blogs! i’m glad that peta is showing us the truth! is this america? is this your society? now i changed my mind completely concerning your country and it’s society. it was my dream of childhood to visit america but now i have a big horror of this country knowing that a great part of it’s society is indulging in such a criminal ruthless brainless ‘passtime’. so i shall never come overseas and unfortunately i shall remain with my very bad impression above all as many vick supporters show their racist teeth. i’m a hindu and my god is black for this a person’s colour doesn’t mean anything to me. when i saw the picture of vick’s abused dog on his property i didn’t even know vick’s face but i am shocked that after publishing this dog’s picture there are still so many american citizens taking vicks protection. shame on you you make your great nation loose her face! shame! shame! shame on this barbaric result of 700 years of history! and don’t hide yourself always behind the excuse of ancient slavery. europe also was in bondage. until the french revolution everybody was a slave in france and belonged together with all his property to the feudal master and the king. this doesn’t mean that nowadays every french person is free to commit every crime he likes! do you understand? and please know this if i would have the power to bury these dog fight freaks alive i would do it and who would dig them out? the dogs! shameful isn’t it?

  • Mike says:

    Dan’s messages are right on and I really love the way he draws. Visit for more of this compassionate man’s amazing work. Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but I do know the animals have a true friend.

  • kelly says:

    smltngrl is obviously completely unaware of what Peta does and what Peta is doing But most of all smltngrl are you getting off your butt and doing something? Are you contacting legislators and demanding tougher laws and arrests? Dog fighting goes on because all those “small town folk” either do nothing or are involved themselves Unless you get the powers that be to take dog fighting seriously YOU are part of the problem

  • Emily says:

    My two favorite organizations PETA and Amnesty! haha Bizarro is great

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:


  • Nats says:

    This is SO awesome. hahaha.

  • Joan J Carroll says:

    Better go after JAYZ too! 99 problems has dog fights in the video. Beyonce must know all about it too let’s get moving.

  • smltngrl says:

    I don’t expect my comment to be posted on any of your blogs or comment pages since you won’t like it. While I respect and appreciate what you do overall I resent the fact that you have openly and blatantly tried and condemned a man before any court of law has determined his guilt or innocence. You gather your troops and march on this particular incident because of WHO is involved so you will get the publicity. Why don’t you put your resources towards hitting all the towns all over the USA who regularly have dog fights and game cock fights or is that too low profile for you? There are 3 places in the town I live in 2 less than 30 miles from me and the law even knows what is going on………….SO TELL ME WHERE IS YOUR CONCERN FOR ALL THESE ANIMALS AND THE PEOPLE WHO DO THIS TO THEM?????

  • Michele says:

    Great comic strip! This guy has a very intelligent sense of humour. It’s fantastic that he is an animal advocate too

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    Finally a break from the really big topic this month… I needed a laugh.

  • Ted van Beek says:

    The NFL really! has to stand up to the Vick abuse And NO! I don’t want to hear how he never noticed all the dogs in his backyard! As for all of us until they do the NFL sponsors should be offlimits. You can’t tolerate profiteering.

  • Canaduck says:

    I love this one.