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‘Bizarro’: There’s an App–and Award–for That

Written by PETA | June 2, 2010

Knowing that we adore animal-friendly cartoons and that we’re often quick to embrace the bizarre, you can be sure that we’re dancing in the hallways here at PETA HQ over news that artist Dan Piraro, the compassionate genius behind “Bizarro,” won the highly coveted Cartoonist of the Year award at the Reuben Awards this weekend.

Bizarro has taken on a slew of animal rights topics, including cruel cat labs, horse-drawn carriages, the caging of birds,and betrayals of “man’s best friend.” And imagine how thrilled we were to receive this shout-out!




Seriously, you could spend an afternoon looking and laughing at Dan Piraro’s many pro-animal “cartoomentaries” (that’s cartoon + commentary = cartoomentaries)—or you could get your daily dose delivered right to your iPhone. I’d say doing both would be time well spent, but before you do either, use the comments section below to tell us which Bizarro cartoon is your all-time fave.

Written by Karin Bennett