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Bill Gates Discusses ‘The Future of Food’ (Hint: It’s Meatless)

Written by Michelle Kretzer | March 29, 2013

Bill Gates has always been an innovator, so it’s no surprise that one of the brightest minds of our time is tackling our most pressing environmental problems. “We need more options for producing meat without depleting our resources,” he wrote on his blog. His solution? Vegan food. Bill is getting behind faux meats and eggs, which taste like the real thing but don’t require vast amounts of natural resources for production. “Companies like Beyond Meat and Hampton Creek Foods are experimenting with new ways to use heat and pressure to turn plants into foods that look and taste just like meat and eggs,” Bill wrote. “I tasted Beyond Meat’s chicken alternative and was impressed. I couldn’t tell the difference between Beyond Meat and real chicken.”

Bill has been using Twitter to spread the word about faux meats, and plenty of other brainy people joined in to illustrate how smart it is to care about animals:

Greta Van Susteren shares with Bill the honor of being one of Forbes’ Most Powerful People—and she also agrees that caring about animals just makes sense. She took to her blog to protest the cruel and deadly cat experiments at her alma mater, the University of Wisconsin–Madison

Bill Gates and Steve-O might seem like an interesting pair, but they are certainly in agreement on meat. Steve-O explained his feelings in his Huffington Post article “Crazy for Veggies: “I’m convinced that of all the changes I’ve made to my lifestyle, it’s the adoption of a vegan diet that has been best for me—physically, mentally, and certainly spiritually. It’s benefited every area of my life.”

The computer whiz and the comedian are in good company with Jessica Chastain, Russell Brand, Kristen Bell, and Kristen Wiig, all of whom Celebuzz featured in an article about how “meat is so passé.” And celebrity Mayim Bialik is helping New York Times readers make their Passover Seder vegan

An anonymous person is helping animal advocate extraordinaire Sam Simon, who has been diagnosed with stage-four cancer, see how much everyone appreciates him, with a “Thank You Sam Simon” page on Facebook. Sam posted: “Well, Thank You to Whoever started this page. This is Sam. I’m overwhelmed by your kind thoughts. I want you all to know I have a great team of docs, traditional and alternative, and I plan on beating the cancer. If you’d really like to thank me, please vow to never buy a ticket to Sea World or Ringling Bros again! xo”

Please help show your appreciation for Sam’s awesomeness by “liking” the “Thank You Sam Simon” page

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  • Marie-Ann says:

    Is Bill Gates a Vegetarian or Vegan?

    And if so is this for health or environmental reasons only or perhaps also for
    being an advocate against animal cruelty and having compassion for animals?

  • 4mula1 says:

    bill gates should sponsor a indycar team, just put on the car of his choice, the indy 500 is comming up bill..