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Bhutto: “All Muslims should take to Vegetarianism”

Written by PETA | December 28, 2007

When tragedy strikes at such a large scale as with the assassination of Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and death of 20 others, it’s impossible to ignore its impact. A colleague sent me the following quote by Ms. Bhutto that I did think readers of this blog would find interesting and worth passing along. “A Vegetarian diet keeps me fit in spite of the strains of office. All Muslims should take to Vegetarianism, or otherwise the livestock would not be found.”Over six years ago I wrote an op-ed for my college school paper titled “For peace’s sake, stop eating meat”. I might not agree with everything I wrote six years ago, but I still believe that there’s a strong relationship between the respect we give both our human and animal companions on this planet. Is it so hard to just be kind?If Ms. Bhutto’s words do inspire you to explore vegetarianism here’s a free Vegetarian Starter Kit to help you along the way.- Joel

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  • carol says:

    for people cocerned with plant life doest nature itself show you the creator of all this or nature shows you when you lookat a plant doest it just becon you to pick it and eat of it with its colors and attaractiness or else it will just perish anyway idnt think animal lifebecons you to kill it and eat it all animals fight back as much as possible

  • chiranjit karar says:

    no religion ever allows any sort of cruelty to animals. it is very good and hopeful to know that few religious clerics are preaching non violence towards animals. i firmly belive that this type of persons will soon help to creat people’s good attitude towards animal nation.

  • Jim Beam says:

    Just because she was a vegan doesn’t mean that she was compassionate. She like her father supported corruption torture and even murder.

  • Atul Shah says:

    Naskai I read your concerns along with helpful notes from other readers. I would strongly suggest that it is easy to become Vegetarian. You have lot of choices for the foods. and you would not lose anything for trying. I am positive that you would repent for not trying but surely would repent for not trying. Just try it for all good and valid reasons. Good luck. If you have further specific questions please send on this blog. atul shah

  • Atul Shah says:

    Ms. Bhutto was killed is unfortunate event. But she was simply political person looking for power. Her husband is popularly known as Mr. Ten Percent. Meaning he is corrupt and demanding 10 kickbacks for using his position during Ms Bhutto’s rule in Pakistan. He was also sentenced for taking bribes. I seriously doubt she was vegetarian. Her killing like other killings should be opposed. Atul Shah

  • rojo says:

    nasaki becoming a vegetarianvegan is a personal decision one you should base on your own preogitive. Since religious claims invariably cancel each other out it is your convictions that matter. You have to do it to please yourself not others. Fear not plants have no reason to feel pain in the way we perceive it. Their reactions are limitedthey can’t step back run away or rest an injured part so it would be an unnecessary adaptation to feel pain as we do. What we feel as pain are nerve impulses that our brains decipher as avoidable threat. eg hand away from hot don’t put weight on broken leg etc.

  • rojo says:

    Jonathan it’s not sceptisism about Bhutto’s morality but rather on the ethics of Petaveg groups as to whether or not this is factual. Where is the logic exactly? madhvi problem is it seems very few are aware of her diet. Just the chosen vegan sites apparently.

  • Carolyn says:

    Hey nasaki plants dont feel pain. I am a vegan because animals in the wild can stay with their mothers longer play express natural behaviours roam around see and feel sunlight before they are eaten by prey. Human prey isnt allowed. I know things may happen in the wild where the animals may be in pain for along time but this would maybe only be half the time. At least the animals have had the experience and chance to hopefully do the above and live in a pain free way for however long or short it is. I am also a vegan because of its good effect on the environment.

  • madhvi says:

    People here who think that Bhutto was an angel should read more about her… she might have been the lesser of the three evils but she was no saint. in fact she was quite a corrupt woman… i did not know she was vegetarian though…

  • Dana says:

    Naskai My ancestors like yours did they had great respect for nature only took what they absolutely needed and used every single part of the animal. Times have changed a lot since then and now we can survive quite well with out using anything that causes animals suffering or harm. Unfortunately in todays world people do not have the sensitivity or respect for animals that our ancestors did. As for plants they do not have a central nervous system and a lot of people once they learn you are a vegetarian or vegan will throw this plants have feelings too crap in your face…You will never see a carrot running down the road screaming because you cut it. As for religion the best thing to do is know that your God would not approve of factory farming no matter what is written within the Bible. Going vegetarian or vegan is a personal choice we all make for many different reasons..dont use religion to justify it or you will get yourself confused instead do it for your own convictions and know that not wanting to harm any of Gods creatures is a plus… People on both sides of the fence will interpret religion to their way of thinking so the best thing to do is keep your faith…and follow what is in your own heart… Just know that the inner peace you find with not eating any living creature is very rewarding… Best of Luck

  • Jonathan Cohen says:

    Why all this skepticsm about Bhutto being a vegetarian? The woman spent her entire life fighting against what is morally wrong so if you think about it logically we should not be in the least bit surprised that she refrained from eating meat.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Naskai Hello! I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years so hopefully I can help! It’s great that your ancestors thanked the animals. If you look at PETA’s FAQs you can see that they also think native peoples have the right to kill animals for food because it’s a matter of survival for them and because the animals live out their natural lives. If you want to become a vegetarian take it from me you do NOT want to get nutritional advice online. Go see your doctor or a nutritionist who knows your personal medical history. This is extremely important. We want vegeatrians to live long healthy lives and there is way too much bogus information online. Find a professional to work with you VERY IMPORTANT!! I can promise you that plants do NOT feel pain. They don’t have a central nervous system so they cannot feel pain and they cannot think or worry. The only living things that feel pain are the ones who are able to move around and get into “trouble” for example a bear who wants to check out a porcupine nature gave the bear the abiltiy to feel pain so that it won’t suffer severe injury. Plants cannot move so they do not have any reason to feel pain. I’m sorry I can’t address your religious concerns but needless to say that you need fruits and vegetables in order to survive. Make sure you respect yourself as much as you respect other living things because you are a great person!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Naskai Anything that is alive must eat something else that is or was alive to survive. By going veg you will eat less plants than someone who eats meat because of the amounts of feed needed to produce that meat. So if you have concerns about plant sentience going veg is the best option. Your ancestors didn’t have much choice as far as eating meat personally I would have looked for a more hospitable climate. Now you can live almost anywhere in the world as a healthy vegetarianvegan. When you see a truckload of pigs or cows on the way to the slaughterhouse the way you feel will provide your answer. Going veg was one of the best decisions of my life.

  • stoptorture says:

    This also brings up the sheep nonhalal issues imported to muslim countries. Many people will go into a murderous frenzy over a cartoon or teddy bear but what about the fact that they are importing millions of highly tortured animals which is against their religion. If only she had spoken out more about those kinds of things but maybe others will. Maybe Peta could attach her quote to the mulesing videos and similar issues.

  • Michele says:

    Naskai those are very good questions! PETA has some really good FAQs that can probably answer most of your questions in a simple way. One section of their site to check out is httpwww.peta.orgaboutfaq.asp and I know it talks about the issue of plants and briefly about the religious aspect. They also have other sections with more specific issues like animal testing. There are many other good resources out there to help you out check out some of the books listed on PETA’s online catalogue and go to for factoryfarming issues also has many yummy vegan recipes!. Best of luck with your quest hopefully it becomes less of a struggle over time. I know that I have never felt better physically and morally since I stopped eating meat over 2 years ago and I cannot believe that I ever ate meat before.

  • Anonymous says:

    There are four great animal advocates who went away this year and i’m still mourning them every day! Anna Nicole Smith Luciano Pavarotti? ARE YOU INSANE? these people ABUSED ANIMALS THEMSELVES!

  • La San Felice says:

    Where are my comments to Kristina and Shahz? It’s strange enough that all the antibloggers don’t fall into the spam filter but the answers for them! Strange indeed!!!

  • naskai says:

    I am struggling with becomming a vegetarianvegan. Raised a meat eater disgusted at the reality I’ve learned regarding the inhumane treatment slaughter of a food source I am being drawn toward vegetarianism constantly. In reading all the pros cons I am confused somewhat at how the pros introduce religious moral reasons for avoiding animals as a food source. The bible says “Thou shalt not kill”. It also tells the story of Jesus feeding multitudes with fish. My ancestors who lived in a frozen northern climate for close to 6 months of the year could not have survived on vegetables alone. They hunted took what they needed. They found a good use for every single piece of their kill thanked the spirit of the animal who gave its life for their survival. Recently I read about the possibility of plants having an “awareness”. I am a bleedingheart know if I can’t come to grips with this confusion I won’t be able to eat anything that ever was alive. Is there anyone who can seriously give me some logical answers to my concerns? nasaki

  • keith says:

    Must agree with Shahz. I understand from the Daily Mail UK newspaper reports that she enjoyed eating in French Restaurents and all good foods. she may have come to veggie ways but I doubt this.

  • Shahz says:

    Bhutto is not a leader for all Muslims. In fact she was a power hungry politician who had her own brother assassinated just to keep power. Muslims are allowed and told to eat meat according to their holy books. Also I hardly doubt Bhutto said all this Peta is just making stuff up.

  • Mark says:

    I’m a bit skeptical about Bhutto being a vegetarian. Do you have a source for that quote? I can’t find it anywhere else on the internet except for a few vegetarian web sites which also don’t cite the source.

  • Rebecca says:


  • Kristina says:

    La San Felice Do you really want to marganilize her as “… one of the brightest shining stars in the celebrity sky!…” I can’t even express my objections that PETA is using her death to furhter their agenda.

  • farah says:

    now i love her even more. r.i.p.

  • little big woman says:

    There are four great animal advocates who went away this year and i’m still mourning them every day! Anna Nicole Smith Luciano Pavarotti Gretchen Wyler Benazir Bhutto maybee the PETA staff and members could keep a minute of silence when reading this text in loving memory for them at the end of this year……

  • Maureen says:

    There was always something serene and beautiful about her. I hadn’t realised she was a vegetarian which is unusual for a muslim. The world is a sadder place without her and a light has gone out for democracy and freedom.

  • Dana says:

    was always afraid that something like this may happen to Bhutto as we all were I am sure. Unfortunately it did and it saddens me deeply for this woman was very compassionate non violent and could have made a world of difference for a place in much turmoil. I respected her greatly for standing up for her beliefs and country to try to bring about change no matter what the cost. Unfortunately in the end her life was too high of a price to have to pay. I think it is highly important to look at the link between vegetarians and compassionate people. I for one was not very open minded to other cultures at all until I became a vegetarian and along with this transition came deep respect for other cultures and figures in foreign lands that I never had before. Becoming a vegetarian opens so many good doors within your life it brings about compassion kindness and the need to learn about things you never would have looked twice at before hand. I will always believe that even though some people will just be unkind for ever if the vast majority of people would turn to a vegetarian lifestyle the world would be a much peaceful place to live in. RIP Bhutto you will be missed….my prayers go out to the Pakistani people who looked to her with great hope for change.

  • K says:

    Oh wow she was a vegetarian? I’m not familiar with her. I thought you did a great job on your essay Joel.

  • Canaduck says:

    I thought it was sad before I knew she was an animal lover as well as a humanitarian…now it’s REALLY depressing.

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Well said! In fact I became a vegetarian when I was 15 years old and my inspiration was a musician I admired when I discovered that he was a vegetarian. Great opinion piece I really liked the idea of quoting noble authors and leaders. Alice Walker is also a huge inspiration to me. Here’s to praying for peace for the residents of Pakistan.

  • Carla says:

    Benazir Bhutto was trully a compassionate person who fought hard for humanity and for Muslim women. What a wonderful quote. I don’t know what kind of persons could do these types of crimes but I know they don’t have souls! Rest In Peace.

  • La San Felice says:

    Benazir Bhutto was a heroic strong personality! This horrific murder took away from us one of the brightest shining stars in the celebrity sky! Her picture is in my celebvegi folder since years! I’m mourning with all my family and friends may GOD receive her in his heavenly abode!