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Best Part of Our Long Weekend? Fur-Free Friday

Written by PETA | November 30, 2009

Post-Thanksgiving bliss is a beautiful thing. You’re so full you can barely move, and you can look forward to leftovers and a month of nonstop holiday music on the radio. But the best part of the Thanksgiving aftermath? Fur-Free Friday—the most joyous, humane shopping day of the year. This year we hosted more than 50 demos in the U.S., Canada, and even Johannesburg, South Africa, to kick off the fur-free season.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, our breathtaking bunnies hopped their way into the hearts of delighted shoppers who happily took in the anti-fur message.




Meanwhile, a few cuddly friends (and PETA staffers) were in Norfolk, Virginia, urging passersby to love animals, not wear them.




This year, gear up for a warm, compassionate winter by pledging to make every day fur-free.

Written by Logan Scherer

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