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Bad Will Hunting

Written by PETA | August 13, 2008
Grizzly Bear Hunters

You know those silly looking hats that the British Royal Guards wear? Did you know that they’re still made out of real bear skin—and that it can take up to one whole bear to make just one cap? And that the bears’ deaths are usually anything but quick, clean, and humane? Bears are ensnared, sometimes for days, in painful traps. Sometimes they actually get away … but die much later from blood loss or starvation. And in some Canadian provinces, there’s nothing to stop the shooting of nursing mothers with cubs

So, since grizzly-bear hunting season is set to open next week in British Columbia—and a record 430 grizzlies were killed last year, mostly by trophy hunters (like the “gentlemen” pictured)—we recognize our responsibility to offer you an alternative perspective of this “blood sport.” I mean, hey, we’re PETA, isn’t it our job to lay it on the masses and get them off their asses to fight against these fascist practices? (Bragging rights to anyone who knows what that paraphrases.)

You can check out campaign news here. PETA and its affiliates have spanned the globe—from naked protesters in Europe to a feisty activist dressed in bear suit that successfully stalked a Royal couple across the Caribbean. As always, there are sassy celebrity endorsements to encourage you to get involved too. Please do your part to save a bear and sign PETA Europe’s petition to U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown in support of bears.

Written by Missy Lane

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  • MW says:

    Libby, I went to London last month and was told by the local guides that there is a quota Canada fills each year by sending bear skins to England for these hats. Whether it’s because the caps wear out and/or the guards increase, we in Canada are still providing a steady supply of these furs. This shouldn’t go on.

  • Libby says:

    Those bearskin hats are passed down from one guard to another and are actually very old, they are not simply reproduced for each new guard entering the regiment…

  • ChaosPure1 says:

    Well these trophy hunters are bad but killing the animal for food is ok.

  • lynda downie says:

    Most importantly these magnificent animals lose their one shot at life. But these men too who choose the cheap satisfaction of destroying a life lose out on the long lived and deeply satisfying joy experienced by those who tirelessly work to protect bears and their habitat.

  • Madison says:

    it does not matter whether your killing a creature humanely or not or as a ‘trophy’ or not the fact is that no matter what way you look at it your spending your life taking away others who also value theirs and have rightssure they have more fur than us but how does it make them different? blacks gypsies whites race does not discriminate how they feel they can or could have loved or lived a life full of joy. Just because something has life does not mean we have the right to take it if we kill a human it’s murder and we go to jailgaol but if we kill another Race of animal you don’t how can we dismiss the fact that we take life like it does not matter Go watch ‘Open season’the movie and you’ll see what I mean. Those Creatures have just as much right to live and breathe as freely as we do.

  • regina says:

    When humankind will start respecting the other animals? Maybe when there is no more time to… I signed the petition!

  • Ana says:

    Sweet Jeremy uses a bow. Poor animals….what a horrible Medieval manner of being killed. Ivanhoe reemerges. Shoot animals with cameras. Hunting is for cowards. Appreciate nature with cameras.

  • Maureen says:

    Thank you Jeremy for giving us yet another example of just how cold hearted and cruel hunters can be hunting with an bow and arrow that is even more pathetic why don’t you buy your meat already dead it’s not as if you are starving! As a Brit I am ashamed that our soldiers are forced to wear slaughtered bears on their heads.Royals most certainly do not set a good example when it comes to compassion they love hunting and wearing fur!

  • Jeremy says:

    First so y’all know I am a hunter. I hut for the meat the fur and yes the heads. Second not all of us hunters are bad people I am good shot also I do not use a gun I use a bow. I am closer to my prey and closed to being hurt or killed. That being said I love to hunt I do not waste anything unlik those that just want the heads.

  • embarrassed Canadian says:

    Having been born and raised in Canada I can honestly say that I find this hunt embarrassing. We hunt polar bears grizzlies seals and on and on. The only way the hunting will stop is if there is no $$$ to be made from it like the tusks being taken from live elephants in Africa so they don’t get poached. Bring as much pressure to bear no pun intended on the Canadian government shame them into taking action against these cruel and savage practices!!!

  • NT says:

    WOW! These are real men ambushing and killing animals with weapons. I dare them face the bear without their “big guns” then we’ll see who poses for the picture. IDIOTS!

  • Leigh says:

    Take their guns with powerful scopes away and see how they fare with the bear! I’m anti all hunting but at least some people hunt and then eat their kills this is just completely mindless.

  • nicole says:

    gentlemen? more like cavemen!

  • Lindy says:

    What a horrific photo that is. How someone can kill such a beautiful animal. Words fail me. I’m a British citizen and believe me NO fan of the Royal family. I’ve signed so many petitions re those horrific hats. The Royals are a law unto themselves. We have the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animlas RSPCAamongst others. It would be funny if it wasn’t so horrific. Cruelty to Animals and the Royal Family go together just not in the way we would like. Makes me bloody ashamed to be British.

  • vegancoin says:

    How manly. How macho. How irresponsible. How disturbing.

  • shottysniperz says:

    Fascist? Wow thats a big lie to say to these down country people. There not fascist just rural. They grew up doing this and NOTHING will stop them. No matter what anyone can do.

  • S. L. Trout says:

    Awh isn’t that a great snapshot? Look how nice those guys are posing…and how PROUD they are of their brave act ending the life of that magnificent bear. What mindless pleasure does a human being derive from taking another life? God created that bear just as He breathed life into the nostrils of those “once” innocent children who have now grown up to be callous egotistical madmen. As long as I live I’ll never understand what compels a human being to hunt for “sport” totally inaccurate termbut for lack of a better word I used it here. How sad. Our world will never ever experience true peace as long as you have this scene played out again and again all over the world. May the bear find freedom and lasting peace in his next life and may something happen in each one of those men’s lives that cause a mental torment that stays with them till they die.

  • dave says:

    Obviously trying to compensate for their “short comings.”