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Animal Birth Control: Easy as ABC

Written by PETA | August 15, 2007

Maybe you’ve noticed our new campaign targeting the companion animal overpopulation crisis called the ABC campaign. Because, you know, animal birth control is, like, as easy as ABC. We just launched the campaign with this public service announcement featuring Tour de France rider Levi Leipheimer, which is pretty wonderful, don’t you think?


And not quite as wonderful, but cool nonetheless, is our new line of products bearing the ABC logo. It comes on a bunch of different kinds of T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and the like, and if none of that stuff suits your fancy, you can even get your very own Animal Birth Control wall clock, perfect for, well . . . I’m not really sure where a birth control—animal or otherwise—wall clock is perfect for to be honest.


In all seriousness, check the stuff out and let us know what you think. Personally, I’m just wondering why we’re not adding ABC to our ultra-classy thong designs . . .

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  • Kat says:

    Hi Patricia I live in Highlands NJ and have the same issue any town that borders the ocean has this issue in NJ. Try calling SNAPS 732.775.5037. You will still have to help cover the costs but I think it is lower. Also keep in mind that the SPCA does not have the funds as they depend on donations not tax $$ and are already over crowded over worked lacking in volunteers and money… and have to take care of all the animals that are abandoned or abused in a community. And to the 1st poster.. animal lover? Yah you love animals about as much as Vick.

  • Patricia Schalk says:

    Hi I was trying to find information about getting assistance to have a feral cat colony spayed and neutered by my home in Lake Como NJ by Belmar. I have just purchased the house in May 2007 and I have watched the feral cat population triple over the past few months due to litters of kittens being born. I have attempted to have a few of the more friendly ferals neutered but I ran out of money before I could make much of a difference. It breaks my heart to see these animals not having loving homes be out in the cold getting sick and also to see other people abusing them because they only see them as a nuisance. Since I can not give them all a home I would like to find a way to prevent more of them from reproducing and continuing the vicious cycle. I am amazed at how many web sites there are that describe the TNR programs but I am shocked to find that after numerous phone calls I am unable to find any organization to help. I called the SPCA in my town and asked them only to be told that it is $60 a cat. Right now there are at least 15 to 20 cats and there is no way I could afford that. Not to mention that it is a disgrace that the local SPCA can not help despite the huge homeowner taxes that we pay. My neighbors are all elderly and do not have the funds or are unwilling to help. I would appreciate any help or advice that you can give me.

  • janet says:

    re the first person’s blog. What do you think the majority of our taxes go to?? It’s to helping people with the kinds of problems you mentioned. When was the last time you paid a tax to help dogs or cats with the problem they face because of idiots like Vick? It takes wonderful people like PETA and volunteers all over this country to help protect our animals.

  • Robin Parr says:

    I just cant believe the first blog person would call theirselves an animal lover!! You must raise pitbulls for a living!! The sooner we put the dogfighters out of business the better! The animals need a voice. Thank You Peta for being that voice!!

  • Crystal says:

    ABC animal birth control is a wonderful idea. I support the cause.

  • Nancy says:

    Terrific marketing for a most worthy cause! I am friends with local veterinarians who volunteer their skills to neuter ferals and stray cats and dogs in the area. Every little bit adds to the wave of accomplishment. Next we have to curtail back yard breeders of AKC dogs half of which end up in local shelters. We must stress accountability after the animal is sold!

  • Laura says:

    Dear first blog person. It is a well known fact that animal activists are also human rights activists and donate to a variety of causes. Humans putting people at the top of the food chain hasn’t done the world a bit of good yet. Animals have feelings to and they hurt and feel pain. Animal extinction and endangerment is directly relaed to global warming so if you don’t care about animals now your grandkids probably wont have a decent world to live in. By the way. Wrong blog buddy.. And I think ABC is a good idea as long as drugs don’t somehow leak into our water system like so many other birth control pills have.

  • observer says:

    first anonymous blogger saying it in plain English your fucked up in the head!!!! get off that weed fast!!!!!

  • heather says:

    to anonymous of Aug 15 um… wrong blog dude. maybe you should lay off the weed for a while. Nice work on the campaign PETA!

  • Michele says:

    Jaclyn that was VERY well said!

  • Jaclyn says:

    I’m glad that people are concerned for the living beings that were forced to fight to the death. I’m glad that people care for the animals that were shot and electrocuted just because they didn’t fight good enough. I’m glad that people extend their compassion to all beings and to all issues that concern them. It is about taking action for what motivates you. You can’t put a limit on kindness and say that you will only be kind towards this issue and not the other.

  • Stephanie says:

    I love it!!!! I am a huge fan of animal control!!! Great campaign

  • Anonymous says:

    I think all the hype around Vick is crazy. Im a dog owner and lover however I could care less about what is going on with Vick and the dogs he raises for fighting. Yes its against the law but smoking weed is too yet I dont see no one giving this media attention for it. I say to everyone who is so concerned to get a life get a job donate your money and time to humans who are starving struggling teen pregnacy and education to our youth. Its fine to have an organization for animal rights but to have a man lose his job that has nothing to do with animals what so ever is crazy. Now we wont him to do time for this…I say to you this is not about animal rights its about hate and I feel that this organization shouldnt be about that it should be about awareness. By doing this you are no better then him and you all should be locked up and fired from you occupation. “GET A LIFE”