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Andy Dick Ain’t Clownin’ Around

Written by PETA | June 19, 2009

We warned you that Andy Dick was going to make an appearance in Chicago dressed as “Ronald McDonald” to scare McDonald’s executives straight and try to convince them to switch their current method of chicken slaughter—which often involves scalding live birds to death—to controlled-atmosphere killing (CAK).Yesterday, Andy delivered on that promise and was out in front of the Clark Street McDonald’s theatrically slicing demo posters in half with his “knife” and making menacing faces for the photographers. Check out the raw footage and some images of the protest below.

Andy Dick


Andy Dick


Andy Dick


Andy Dick

Andy’s “Ronald” sure is scary, isn’t he? I’ll bet he has McDonald’s head honchos shaking in their boots.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Michelle says:

    Thank you Andy for your energy and commitment to being a voice for beautiful animals. Thank you also to PETA for your diligence and your entire network you’re all very good people.

  • ali nicole says:

    i have been a vegan for over a year now and have proudly done about 3 protests to reduce animal cruelty. It blows my mind in a good way to see that all these people are standing up for the animals! Keep at it! D

  • Rachel says:

    oh my gosh is all I can think of I hope people got the measage.

  • Annette says:

    I’m all for what Andy Dick and everyone else did. The protest was great and hopefuly it impacts McDonal’ds and persuades them to change their ways.

  • Joan Santistevan says:

    That was awesome!!

  • Rick says:

    Thank you Andy and PETA for showing us again how cruel we can be to animals. However so many of us are so unaware of the pain and suffering that goes on around the world for our animal friends. Share with as many people that you can events like these. I have the most difficult time looking at photos of abused and tortured animals but it is only because of this information that people can begin to change. Keep up the fantastic work and education.

  • Tracey Myers says:

    Me my partner and my kids have gone veggie for the last 3 weeks now and its been a lot easier than I thought HOWEVER I have two dogs that eat CHICKEN dog food PLEASE PLEASE can somebody tell me where I can find veggie receipies for my dogs and treatschews???

  • Joni Wright says:

    This demonstration was awesome. I live in Wisconsin and grew up surrounded by farms where cows grazed in the fields chickens roamed the farms pigs had huge areas and sheep were also in the fields. I still see that however there are now factory farms where cows stand in a stall all day and get fed who knows what. It makes me sick to my stomach. I quit eating pork over a year ago I don’t like eating beef I was down to chicken and fish now I don’t know if I can eat chicken again I will always wonder how it was killed. Seriously thinking of becoming a vegitarian. I’m going to take a look at the Vegetarienews site. Thank you PETA for all that you do on behalf of animals. Question Can dogs be healthy on a vegetarian diet? I’ve also heard horror stories about what goes into dog food currently I give them organic dog food.

  • Kimberly S Lewis says:

    The whole purpose of my going vegetarian is for the well being of the animals. I’ll boycott MacDonald. Thank you Peta!

  • Diana p says:

    Andy is awsome!!!! I admire what you guys are doing for these animals!! I too support you PETA! Keep on rocking your words are being heard! Poor little animals Ps. Please do inform me if there’s anything in MiamiFlorida that I could do or if you guys are planning any protests around here. It would mean a great deal to me and the animals thanks!!

  • Mel says:

    Well done!!!! Peta is fantastic!!!

  • ウ says:

    Great! say more.

  • linda says:

    I havn’t eaten at McDonalds or KFC in years. This cruelty HAS TO STOP!!!!!!!!! Thank you Andy!!!!!!! Hope we have some protests in Michigan!

  • linda says:

    I really feel bad for the animals I have been a vegetarian since I was 10 years old and I am 25 now. I hata Mcdonalds for this!

  • vincenzo says:

    increasingly I am ashamed to belong to the human species! However …. PETA go I am with you Vincenzo Italia

  • tiziana says:

    I certainly do not bring any friend or family member to eat at McDonald’s that place sucks to me for what he does to animals! tiziana italia

  • Leah says:

    Bravo Andy!!we need more people like this to be a voice for animal rights!

  • genna says:

    its so crazy how people can eat helpless animals and not feel bad about it! i am the only vegitarian in my house and it makes me want to cry i tell them over and over and my mom hasent at beef for a while so im happy!!!!!

  • Abby says:

    Go vegetarien! Find some great recipes on i love it!!!

  • SILVIA says:

    I think that this cruelty has to stop there isn’t justification for what is happening to McDonald strength PETA! Silvia Italia

  • Michaela Quinn says:

    this is amazing. i love seeing people actually working to improve our world.

  • kat says:

    It’s shocking to think that people don’t care about what they put into their stomach and that they don’t realise that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT that our bodies and cells are made with the food that we eat daily. Building our bodies with the sufferance of other creatures simply CANNOT be right and it is about time that we all open our eyes and start to reflect on this issue that is a base of our existence!

  • Joanne anand says:

    That picture of the poor chicken after being scalded alive has made me spiral into a bit of a depression. I want to go back in time save it and hold it close to my heart to let the poor terrified soul know it’s going to be ok. HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN IN THIS DAY AND AGE???? Thank you for fighting for these victims of such barbaric torture.

  • Eileen says:

    There is nothing “ethical” about CAK. Murder is murder. For the animals’ sake stick to promoting veganism.

  • Jamie Rivet says:

    Great demo PETA!minor quibble yeah you can be sure McD’s is not mclovin’ it when PETA is out front of there store they care about lost profit big time. Ginny we are an ANIMAL RIGHTS group we cannot do everything and my guess is that many of us may be prochoice like it or not.

  • christine says:

    I am not a meat eater although I do eat fish I had a fish burger at McDonalds about two months ago and became very sick if I had of been thinking straight at the time I would have taken the fish burger to a lab for testing this fish was stinking rotten and I purchased it at McDonald’s in DartmouthN.S.Canada I now warn everyone that frequents that place to be leary if they sell rotten fish can you just imagine what could be in their poultry considering the cruel methods they allow to process it for consumption. I will spread this message far and wide and furthermore no family member of mine will ever enter a door to McDonalds again.

  • Daniela Bustamante says:

    PERFECTO!!!! ASOMBROSO MAGNIFICO ENCANTADOR HUMANO!!!! ETICO!!! En Mxico ya veremos cmo. En en el mundo en e que todo es posible EL PUEBLO UNIDO JAMS SER VENCIDO!!! Gracias por ser una motivacin. De corazn Dan

  • Mercedes De Windt says:

    Thanks for the awareness. It made me sick. Thanks PETA. Now that I know I feel so guilty why did I not know about it before. Poor chickens.

  • Ilana Griffith says:

    Thank you for educating the population as to what really goes on behind the scenes of slaughterhouses poultry “farms” etc. You have certainly changed my way of looking at KFCruelty Mc Crueltyetc. I abhor the cruelty and question what kind of a human being an ignorant one obviouslycan actually live with hisher conscience having been made aware of the torture to any animal. I’m certain greed is the motivating factor in the equation. I wonder how these individuals from the “killing fields” to the board rooms would react if their children were tortured in the same manner. Not to fail to mention that fast food is so disgustingly unhealthy. This cruelty issue permeates many restaurants as well foie gras for example Consumers should be better informed informed and the industry. in general should be widely exposed. Thanks Peta!

  • karen bell says:

    The picture of the scalded chicken is more poingnent than all the protesting. I don’t eat McGarbage but all non vegetarians are guilty of supporting this cruelty.

  • jasmine says:

    THank you Andy!! Ur so cool. Also anyone that wants to hear more about animal cruelty should read skinny bitch. They say a whole lot more about the cruelty and how disgustingly unclean those slaughterhouses are.

  • Becky says:

    wow you’re amazing. great job!

  • Crista says:

    Thank you Andy Dick for helping McDonald’s change their cruelty ways. Let’s hope they finally listen!

  • morgan says:

    Andy Dick i love that you are trying to get McDonald’s and many other places to kill animals in a more humane way I hope your protests continue till all McDonald’s have realized the pain the chickens and other animals feel as well as we feel for them.

  • Emma Lee says:

    He made this protest worth the while!!!!!!

  • Amanda says:

    omg that is soooooooo cool that he did that they should get nore celebs to dress up like that hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  • Crystal says:

    That’s not McDonald’s headquarters. That’s the Rock and Roll McDonald’s in downtown Chicago. McD’s headquarters is out in the suburbs and no one would care if you protested in front of it. Though I doubt McDonalds much cares about PETA anyways. I’m sure McDonalds does care about PETA because the people on the street are their customers and I am positive this protest did effect alot of them. Don’t believe it? Read the comments posted here. It sure as heck better affect them. The more people on the street affected by it the less business they will get and then they wont be able to pay there bills. have an open mind.

  • Letty says:

    Thank you Andy and everyone who is doing something to defend the chickens and animals! I just feel so sad that many people don’t care about the suffering of animals.They prefer to live in a selfish materialistic and empty world when helping animals is so fulfilling and makes you feel you are alive.

  • Amanda Brooks says:

    I’m born in the 60’s…this is SO not healthy. I think if everyone wants to stop being sick…then stop eating meat that is tortured. All animals in factory farms these days are tortured and abused animals how could a person not get SICK eating meat? If everyone in the country just stopped eating meat for one month…it would put all factory meat operations out of commission. What do ya say? Are ya in for it ?? Then lets start a site to boycott all meat eating for a chance to make a diffenence in the lives of ALL animals.

  • Mark says:

    I’m very glad to hear about this! However I have already been boycotting McDonalds and all fast food joints that offer meat products for over thrity years… Keep it up!

  • Elizabeth says:

    They make animals suffer and they are destroying our culture and our kids by getting them addicted to these fast foods that obisity death. They are destroying the rain forests and thus destroying the environment due to cattle ranching. All in all Mc Donalds BAD NEWS. They don’t care about you as a person they only care about money and profit.

  • Cheryl says:

    Thank you Andy. So sad to think about all these innocent animals that are being treated in such a cruel way just so ignorant people can enjoy meat that will end up clogging their arteries and giving them heart attacks later on in life. Disguisting…

  • keila says:

    Awesome I luv to hear stories like this!!! keep up the great work!!!

  • franco says:

    Peta is doing a great job!! Andy rocks and Mcdonalds should realize this will be very negative for them. Animals have rights as well! Keep up the great work Franco.Argentina.

  • jennifer Bessen says:

    Perhaps folks that have children might discuss these things wtheir children when they beg for a McMeal. Mine don’t like it and were shocked. Simple awareness often brings enlightenment and change even small scale.