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Ad Exposing Pound Seizure in Texas City Rejected

Written by PETA | November 6, 2009

For more than two decades, Odessa Animal Control has sold homeless cats to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) for use in painful intubation exercises. A spokesperson for Odessa Animal Control has stated, “We don’t have a problem with [selling cats to TTUHSC]. … We don’t ask any questions.”

If Odessa Animal Control did ask questions, it would learn that the cats are killed after hard plastic tubes are repeatedly forced down their throats and needles are stabbed into their chests—a fate that no animal guardian could bear hearing if his or her cat were the victim.

To share this disturbing information and urge local residents to push for changes in Odessa Animal Control’s policy, we attempted to publish this ad in a local paper:


Odessa ad


Unfortunately, our blog is the only place that you can see the ad because it was rejected by the paper. We aren’t giving up so easily, though. By this time last year, cats had already been shipped off and killed at TTUHSC, but we recently confirmed that no animals have been sold or used in the procedures yet this year. Please help permanently end this cruelty today by urging Odessa Mayor Larry Melton and Odessa Animal Control to stop selling animals to Texas Tech and passing this along to everyone you know.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Elie says:

    People it’s time to organize a world protest we must all get together on this and not just through emails write me and let me know if you are IN. WORLD PROTEST….IN THE STREETS IN YOUR RESPECTIVE TOWNS OR CITIES WITH HUGE POSTERS AND SIGNS….WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR. LETS UNITE!!

  • Pike says:

    Is that copy of the receipt the only proof available? I’d like to know if there is more hard evidence supporting this claim.

  • Sammy Girl says:

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?!?! Cats are living breathing beings!! If they’re going to test on anyone it might as well be the selfish scientests there!! I AM STARTING A PETITION TO BAN THIS CRULETY! IF YOU AGREE WTIH ME WRITE A BLOG THAT SAYS IYOUR NAME wish to ban animal crulety at TTUHSC experimentation center. You can save lives by just sighning the petiton then sending it to my email adress. I will then count the nuber of names pleged and send them to TTUHSC. The deadline for all pledges is set for November 20th 2009!!! Please help these helpless animals!!! thank you to anyone who decides to pledge to the banning of animal crulety. you will forever carry the feeling of giving with you if you pledge!!Thanks sooooo much Liz for sparking the idea of hope for these helpless creatures!! If everyone who pledges would please thank Liz for helping these animals optional. Again Thanks soooooooo much to any one who pledges and to Liz! PLEASE DONATE YOUR PLEDGE TO A CRULETY FREE ENVIORMENT. THIS IS A SEIROUS PROBLEM!!!

  • Kurt K says:

    Antonie The billboard space is owned by private citizens meaning they have the right to reject any add the deem offensive or if they just plan don’t like it. That has nothing to do with free speech. The 1st admendment is protect very rigorlessly. If it wasn’t a organization like PETA would find it hard to exist. The protests PETA stages would be shut down if not for the 1st admendment. However you cannot claim free speech if you are on private property. Public property yes but once you cross the line you are subject to lawsuits. Make sense?

  • LuAnne says:

    humans are the most bloodthirsty species.nothing humans do shocks me anymoreit just sickens me.

  • Jackie says:

    I was thinking would these people if they owned a orphanage. Give children over to be experimented on without question? Our pets are like our children. As far as I see it there’s little difference if any between experimenting on a defenseless animal and a human baby. Perhaps you should try to attack Odessa Animal Control from this angle. Saying “If an organization gave children over to be experimented on with no questions would you be outraged?” I feel these people are no better than the Nazis who helped Josef Mengele.

  • carla says:

    If these bastards ever tried to get a hold of my cat…. they would regret it for the rest of their sorry lives!!!!!!

  • Jackie says:

    This is disgusting. They ask no questions huh? I don’t even see the point of their existence then. I hate to say this really I do. I’d rather hear of a cat dying from a animal hording situation then from being tortured like this. Melton and Odessa animal control why bother saving the animals just to set them up for harm?

  • PigPal says:

    We should WRITE Brom? Is Cheryl Brom the head administrator for Animal Control? It’s sad enough when officials must euthanize a lost family companion but to SELL a family member to be tortured and killed? This is horrifying. This policy reveals an insensitivity on the part of officials proving they are not the right folks for their posts. We should additionally be calling for dismissals. Authority over the welfare of animals should be in the hands of people who get it.

  • meat says:

    you have a good cause but you are going about it all worng please stop critizing al gore the envroment 1st we need to save the earth no earth no animals please focaus on geting laws changed and you will be a better cause

  • Antoine says:

    Interesting how we are supposed to be living in a “free country” and I am in Canada in the United States freedoms are supposed to be even more important. Plus it is supposed to be a freemarket economy so if PeTA has the money to pay for ads and this is a free country why are the ads on TV or in the newspapers always rejected…or banned???

  • lynda downie says:

    Thanks for trying to run this ad Peta and for your dedication that has prevented more cats to be sent to TTUHS this year.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    In general the culture in Texas is unsettling. Too many gun fanatics hunters and animal abusers. Austin is the really enlightened and humane city in Texas. More importantly the torture and killing of cats is unpardonable. There are more wondrous pet cats in America than precious dogs. No animal torture should be allowed especially against companion animals.

  • ratking says:

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  • Marilena Rosa says:

    It was most humaine to kill them that send them to terrible science experiments.But the better was to save their lives.

  • Claudia Martin says:

    Odessa Texas Mayor Larry Melton Odessa Animal Control please stop this horrible practice. These loving animals were once treasured family members. What you are doing is extremely cruel. Have compassion become enlightened.

  • Shari says:

    Oh no! We must fight harder. The great state of TexasI live thereis against this we need to help end this awful problem. Let’s contact the paper let them know that running the ad is a positive way to inform everyone of this issue we need to ask them what happen to FRREEDOM OF THE PRESS and FREEDOM OF SPEECH!