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Abuse, Death at Ferret Factory

Written by PETA | September 15, 2011

Update: After meeting with PETA and reviewing our evidence, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspected Triple F Farms and confirmed our findings of multiple Animal Welfare Act violations. The USDA’s inspection report details, among other atrocities, that newborn ferrets fell through gaping wire cage bottoms and that ferrets were denied adequate food, water, and veterinary care and subjected to major surgeries performed by improperly trained lay employees in unsanitary conditions. Triple F is now under federal investigation. Read the full report to learn about the rest of the USDA’s findings. 

Original Blog posted September 2nd, 2011:

Personnel with the USDA have inspected Triple F Farms, Inc., a massive ferret-breeding factory farm near Sayre, Pennsylvania, based on evidence that PETA recently presented to the agency following a nearly four-month-long undercover investigation that blew the lid off sickening abuse and neglect of thousands of ferrets there. Bradford County District Attorney Dan Barrett’s office reviewed a complaint filed by PETA and has now begun an investigation of Triple F.



PETA found that Triple F’s owners, supervisors, and workers left ferrets with bleeding rectal prolapses, gaping wounds, herniated organs, painful mammary gland infections, and ruptured, bleeding eyes to suffer and die without veterinary care. Triple F forbade workers, including PETA’s investigator, to rescue thousands of newborn and young ferrets—who had fallen through wire cage bottoms 3 feet to the concrete floor below—from accumulated piles and puddles of waste, where the animals were left to perish.

Day after day, at least 6,000 ferrets were confined to filthy, severely crowded cages in stifling-hot barns, with hundreds denied food and water. PETA’s investigator witnessed workers who stepped on ferrets, buried them in feces, and threw them into an incinerator alive. Triple F employees cut organs and anal sacs out of inadequately anesthetized ferrets, who cried out in pain.

The animals who make it out of this hellhole alive face even more misery because Triple F sells ferrets to laboratories around the world for experimentation as well as to pet shops, including Petland. Triple F has had recent contracts worth nearly $2 million with federal agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Navy.

PETA is calling for appropriate criminal charges. We’ve also filed complaints with five other federal and state agencies, including one regarding Triple F’s routine exposure of live ferrets to ferret carcasses.

Please help these ferrets by asking CDC director Thomas Frieden to investigate Triple F and determine whether the agency wishes to continue to funnel millions of taxpayer dollars into abusive animal mills like Triple F. Check back for more updates as this case unfolds.


Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • sherry says:


  • Kim says:

    Ppl… Go onto CDC’s page & all the other ppl investing $$ for this cruel place & leave some very nasty comments for every1 to see!!

  • Kim says:

    PETA.. Wth!!? Why is this STILL going on, I signed this petition so many times in the last yr or so.. THIS SHOULDNT EVEN NEED A DAMN PETITION.. This is absolutely disgusting & should be stopped & shut down. Obviously all the petitions about this before didn’t do anything so I think it’s time to step up & take more action or protest.. EVERY living thing feels pain & suffering & this needs to stop!!

  • Diana says:

    That’s not fair and that is so wrong, animals cant talk

  • Raven says:

    This kind of places must be shut down everywhere in de world. Action must be taken to all who support or work for/with this kind of breeding place. If it where humans… we are now talking worldwide of genocide and concentration camps. And it will be an expensive trial against humanity… but now?? Stop it!!! Raven. Belgium.

  • steph says:

    I can’t believe this is happening in my area!! These sick and heartless bastards need to be prosecuted!! They should have to live in the sane conditions!!

  • Lisa, Johnson City, NY says:

    OH MY, my heart is going to jump out of my chest it’s beating so hard, I need to catch my breath here; I think I’m going to be sick. WOW! OH WOW, OH WOW!!!! REALLY????? I can’t stop crying, this is horrible, absolutely horrible to know what humans are doing to these poor animals; the pain, the suffering, the anguish these creatures are enduring all at the hands of a human. The shock, the sadness, the anger that is raging inside of me … all I can think of is the same thing should/needs to be done to those who are & have inflicted so much pain & torture upon these animals, they need to know & understand what it feels like, it’s only fair. This is so unbelievably evil, I just can’t think as to why humans would want to do this to an innocent creature??? What have these poor creatures ever done to them to deserve this??? What is the problem with humans???? How the heck can they sleep at night, how the heck can they go on living knowing that they’ve brutally & viciously tortured a living, breathing, creature??? HOW???? Seriously, are they that evil that they can inflict so much pain on an innocent animal???? Obviously it’s a person with no heart and frankly doesn’t deserve to be here. ALL ANIMALS have an inherent worth completely independent of their “usefulness” to humans. We have absolutely NO intrinsic superiority that grants us authority to harm them for our benefit. Instead, we have a moral obligation to protect them. They also have the same ability to suffer as humans do; they feel pain, fear, loneliness, happiness & love. We have no right to inflict pain or neglect their needs & ANIMALS are NOT put here on this planet for us humans to eat, to wear, to experiment on, to use for entertainment or to abuse in any way. Animals have a right to live free from pain & suffering.

  • Sara Ohlsen says:

    these people (if they can be called that) need to be put out of business. Humans are animals too, how could the workers and owners do this. My question is how long do humans need to be on earth? We dont respect ourselves or other animals.

  • Darrio says:

    Look… I’ve always had a thing for animals, whether they be big or small, fur or scales, teeth or beak, I love all animals. But when i see videos like these, i feel a whole nother depth of grief. It’s just so shocking seeing such beautiful and cute creatures in such pain, and to think that these “humans” if you can even classify them as that, just sit back and watch new born ferrets dangle from their cords to a deathly fall, or watch the blood being shed from their mothers, or stand there and do nothing, when they sure as hell know they can do somthing… is BEYOND disgusting. I do not feel pity for those employees, it’s their own fault that they sit there and watch the horror before their eyes. If anything, I want them to feel the pain those animals felt. Animals are not ours. We don’t own them or their rights. For the ferrets or any other animals being tortured for money to death… no words express my sorrow for them. I wish they didn’t have to have their lives ended so short, just so society could have something do.

  • Nicole R. says:

    This is horrible I can’t stop crying. Shut them down and prosecute them!!

  • I love animals!!! says:

    Awwwww this is probably the saddest video I have ever watched in my life. I don’t know how you could do this to an animal. Shame on Triple F Farms:(

  • g8turgirl says:

    The “humans” associated with this type of senseless, needless torture are surely associated with demented and sick people. I cannot believe that they can actually stomach what I saw in that video, and I couldn’t watch it all the way through. How?  I just don’t understand HOW someone, anyone could do to those babies what I saw. I am donating to help STOP THIS MURDER! Please, please shut this “facility” of horrors down. There is no medical or useful reason for torture–that’s what it is! I am a ferret owner and lover, and this is sick, sick, sick. They should face the most stringent, harshest penalties allowed by law.

  • westalana40 says:

    What we do to animals is soo w rong. Animals can’t talk so we have to be the voice for them.

  • Alex Knopf says:

    These horrific atrocities overshadow the crimes of nazis. Individuals that are involved in such cruelty have to be prosecuted. Until they are put to jail I wish them to go through the same hell that they create for innocent and defenseless creatures.


    As thinking, feeling human beings, we owe it to ourselves and others (animals and people) to stop this kind of horrendous abuse. What kind of people would treat any animal this way? Where is compassion and caring? Are they brain dead??????

  • Rob Hartung says:

    One can only hope and pray that this SENSELESS ABUSE & KILLING WILL STOP! & these people doing this should be thrown in jail and the key THROWN AWAY! THIS IS DISGUSTING To say the very least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arlene Burns says:

    Firet i think the employees involved should be criminally charged.What planet are these people from.Then triple f needs to be held accountable($).We need to enact laws that require survellience in this facillities that dael with live,feeling creatures,I purchased a ferret and was told ne was 8 weeks old,within 5 years he had cataracts and adrenal gland tumors.My vet informed me that alot of these companies starve this animals to make them look smaller and prolong their “shelf life”.These practices have to end!

  • Lois Kern says:

    It’s heartbreaking to see all the suffering animals do for the greed of mankind, and their called animals. Too many people are looking the other way, know this is happening but turn blind eyes, and that to me is just as abusive! Ignorance and stupidity.

  • Debbie Peck says:

    Such disgraceful and disturbing treatment of these beautiful animals.

  • paula eaton says:

    They need to be prosecuted for animal cruelty and abuse. No excuse for this horrible behavior. They also need to let people rescue and care for these defenseless ferrets.

  • Bridget says:

    I can’t understand how this is overlooked with all the rules and inspections that is supposed to be in an effect, as a ferret shelter home I am horrified. I hope that the remaining ferret find good homes, or a repatible breeder.

  • Emma Hudson says:

    The only thing that keeps me going when I see this sort of stuff is to hope that what goes around comes around really happens and these type of people get some sort of nasty comeuppance as a pay back. Are these people simply thick or just sadists or both? In most cases I think having a lack of emotional and overall intelligence is a pre-requisite of people that apply to work in these types of facilities – labs, slaughterhouses etc etc. Hope the scumbag owner is forced to shut his facility and all his callous staff get blacklisted to ensure they never work with animals again. I really would prefer a much more severe punishment for these people but I am trying to be realistic given the lukewarm law for animals in most cases!!!!

  • Dan Arpin says:

    Sickening, bring back eye-for-an-eye.

  • Michele Geise says:

    I am ashamed of my own species. These poor ferrets, they are an animal who thrive with human love and attention, who are simply wonderful. How can anyone do this.

  • Debbie Snyder says:

    These people are beyond disgusting. How can they even sleep at night? Everyone there should face criminal charges and this place should be shut down forever.

  • fuja says:

    wonder if they do n e volunteer temp. foster care for the animals that get rescued from mills like that, and what one would do to get signed up . . . i love ferrets i have 3 one pretty old male had him for 6 yrs. and they said he was 2 yrs when i got him. . . and the other 2 are almost a yr. got them cause the lady ferret died that he was with for 4 yrs, and he didnt take it to well he didnt move around, barely ate,, hardley drank, couple days of that he was almost just bones so i got 2 more just in case it was his turn. . . and he ended up snapping out of it and is fat and very playful

  • Toby says:

    Some US government agencies do some great work, but these groups like the FDA & NIH are run by corporations via ‘revolving door’ hiring practices & lobbying which makes it more difficult to avoid unethical practices, like those in these abusive ferret-slave farms; money, obviously, has a tendency to corrupt. I wonder how conscious adult ferrets are… 12 month old human level?…

  • Dave Ferret says:


  • bluuberryy says:

    People can do that? Seriously? Quite ashamed to be a human after seeing this

  • Marah says:

    Omg.. I Was Shocked Looking At This.. Once Im Done Writing This Im Going To Go And Hug My Ferrets.. I Have 2 Right Now And Im Disgusted With The People.. How Could They Do That To The Ferrets!?

  • ecogirl101 says:

    The poor animals need our protection please everyone HELP THEM!!!!!!!!! :'(

  • Renee Huddleson says:

    I am appalled that this has been allowed to go on! Please put an end to this type of cruelty to animals, to the ferrets! The employees of the company who looked the other way, who abused and refused treatment to the ferrets and who responsible for this should be charged criminally.

  • K. Malec says:

    This is horrible! The owners and workers should be held accountable for this abuse!

  • Rachel Cole says:

    Disgusting. I don’t know how people can do that to such tiny defenceless creatures, seeing them in pain and suffering like that is awful

  • sandra sheehy says:

    such horrendous horrible abuse.

  • Lena Diana says:

    How heartbreaking!!!! This place needs to be shut down and the ones that hadn’t suffered unspeakable horrors need to be rescued and cared for properly….