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85,000 Hens Die in Barn Collapse

Written by PETA | February 7, 2011

Massive amounts of snow and ice in Bozrah, Connecticut, caused the roof of a barn on a factory egg farm to collapse, killing all 85,000 hens inside. It was a miserable way to die for birds who already had a miserable way to live.

Egg-laying hens on typical factory farms are crammed into battery cages that are not wide enough for them to spread their wings. Birds defecate on one another, and disease is rampant. Many of the hens lose their feathers because of sickness and stress, and their bones—made fragile by calcium deficiency caused by producing egg after egg—often break. Birds die in the cages every day and are left there to rot, forcing other hens to sit on top of their corpses. When the hens’ egg production drops, they are sent to slaughter.

The deaths of the Connecticut hens were tragic—and so were their lives. Bear that in mind the next time you see a carton of “farm fresh” eggs—and consider using egg replacements instead.

Written by Michelle Sherrow  

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  • gloria taber says:

    The picture I just saw is HORRIFIC!! This is one of the highest forms of creature abuse!! It makes me ashamed to buy eggs in the store, because my purchase is keeping this going, Do the people who own or run these places have no humane feeling at all??? They see these conditions every day! How can they work there?? I know I couldn’t!! I’ll add to my prayers that God will help these people realize what they’re doing and make them stop or at least find a more humane way.

  • ScallyCap says:


  • emma says:

    to *buzzard* u dont no wat ur takin bout!!!!!!!!!!!! they bear horrifing conditions and ur sayin they dont!!????WTF???

  • msalabama says:

    Only good thing that could come out of this tragedy is if the factory farmer would go bankrupt as a result. When bad KARMA is good KARMA. :-))

  • susan says:

    just when is this insane cruelty going to stop??? im sick of saying im sick of it and signing petitions for animal cruelty and not much gets done about it… im so angry looking at these poor creatures all crammed together day and night 24 7! its inhumane to say the least… dont buy eggs from these people/companies. make a stand… the hens can barely do that! God help them… lets stop this disgusting animal/poultry abuse please!.. :((

  • Emilia Klonaris says:

    We can make a difference by keeeping our own chickens

    I have four chickens and they are treated with love and respect They are feed nothing but the best roam freely around the back yard and a cosy coup to sleep in at night and in return they give us their organic eggs each day  Not only that my four girls are saved from such cruel and inhumane conditions there are four others saved as well by not buying eggs anymore

  • dore elisabeth says:


  • Shari says:

    A tragic end to a tragic life. These poor babies! Scared to death caged then crushed. No animal should ever have to indure this.

  • sarah says:

    I can’t believe its legal to abuse animals in such a disgusting way, really very tragic. For people who don’t want to give up eating eggs, a humane alternative is to raise hens as pets, given that you have a sizable yard. My family raises five hens as pets and they produce enough eggs for the whole family. We are very attached to the hens, they are very comical and entertaining pets that have become a part of our family. They have free run of a big yard and produce eggs without any kind of hormones, and we have no roosters so they aren’t reproducing. It makes me sad to think so many died and even worse under such horrible conditions.

  • skippya says:

    on our way home this weekend we passed a chicken truck it was only 24* out if they weren’t dead or dying already i’m sure they were by the time they made it to the slaughter house, seeing that always makes me think everytime i see the words “farm fresh eggs”

  • Anna Berdetska says:

    I hope one day all of the animals will live in free land with no harm and pain.Why most of the people are still enjoying eating animals?

  • Margaret Lovick says:

    This is so cruel and a poor way to factory farm. I want a change and I will keep helping the fight to change our farming techniques..those poor hens!!!!! I pray that God took away their suffering!

  • Bridget says:

    Battery eggs are produced in a horrible manner that is cruel to the hens laying the eggs.  However, even Kathy Freston tells us that eating eggs is okay if they are produced in the right manner.  Free-range and organic do not necessarily mean what we would hope them to mean.  If a chicken is on a small farm and lives a happy life, eating their eggs is fine for a vegan.  Look for labels on packaged eggs that say:  Certified Humane Raised & Handled.  Believe it or not, this label can be found on some meat products as well.  I’m sure that this posting regarding animals as meat will not go over well on the PETA website, but for those of you who choose to still eat meat, this is a way to make sure you are at least getting it from animals who had a happy life, up until one bad day.

  • nancy says:

    Eggs used to be a staple in my diet until I learned of the conditions of the hens. Even organic, free range eggs come from cruel farming practices like clipping beaks, feet and killing the baby male chicks. Now I’m vegan.

  • Barbra Diaz says:

    I am glad and healthier that I do not eat eggs, I feel so much better. I feel more alive and my spirit is lighter since I know hens are not surving stuffed in cages for me.

  • Barbra Diaz says:

    I am glad and healthier that I do not eat eggs, I feel so much better. I feel more alive and my spirit is lighter since I know hens are not surving stuffed in cages for me.

  • Anna Parello says:

    It’s simply cruel with no regards to an living animal that feels pain. Man can be so uncaring.So sad but true. I pray this will one day stop.

  • Kocicka. says:

    This whole thing of factory farms is extremly cruel. The poor animals are suffering horribly. Go vegan for animal marcy, our health and health of our planet.

  • Buzzard says:

    The way the birds died is by no fault of the farmer. I would like to point out that birds that are given more room in their quarters actually exhibit more cannibalistic behaviors and will peck at their contemporaries’ combs.  Chicken barns are not filled with disease.  Farmers spend all day tending to their birds.  Additionally, laying one egg per day is natural for a chicken – it’s not unnatural, it’s called survival of the fittest.