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22 Charges Filed Based on PETA Investigation at Hormel Supplier

Written by PETA | October 22, 2008

It’s with a proud and ecstatic heart that I report this news today! Our investigation into an Iowa pig farm that breeds piglets destined for Hormel has resulted in 22—that’s right, count them—22 criminal charges.

The Greene County Sheriff just announced in a news release that six individuals employed by the farm at the time of PETA’s investigation now face a total of 22 counts of livestock neglect and abuse. Those charged include a former farm manager—who we understand still works on another pig factory farm—and a supervisor, as well as two individuals who still punch the clock at the Iowa factory farm as we speak.

A whopping 14 of the counts are aggravated misdemeanors—the stiffest possible charges under Iowa state law for crimes committed against farmed animals—carrying up to two years behind bars. To PETA’s knowledge, this is unprecedented.

Charges based on PETA’s undercover investigations are now pending against pig factory farmers in both Iowa—the nation’s top pig-raising state—and North Carolina, which occupies the second rung on that dubious list!

This is a small victory for farmed animals, but we mustn’t forget that Hormel, which financially supports this farm, has by all appearances yet to make any changes as a result of this investigation. It has refused to meet with us or even watch all of the footage, which we have repeatedly offered to show the company. Maybe now that the law has spoken up, Hormel will finally listen.

Please, urge Hormel to take action now.

Written by Christine Doré

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  • Adrienne says:

    I received a letter from Hormel stating this farm was not one of theirs What a LIE!!! You have one less Hormel customer and her family Thank You PETA

  • 4 the Animals says:

    I just read in the newspaper that the manager at Agriprocessors was arrested for the immigration charges! There was no mention of the inhumane treatment of the cattle which I wish was mentioned.

  • Stephanie Bell says:

    If this is what these workers do to animals imagine how they treat other people. GO PETA!! Cruelty to all animals must stop!

  • Interested Emailer says:

    I have been reading these comments. It breaks my heart to see so much violence. It is said two wrongs don’t make a right. I prefer to fight the good fight and help to end the insanity of cruelty for all. Yes it is right to have sanctions for wrong doing however it must be just and make a difference. The people commiting the cruelty also need help. Really they do. Think about the incredible hole in their souls. How does one offer to repair a soul? Not by issuing cruelty back in their faces. One must regard all life as sacred. My thoughts only. Thank you for listening.

  • Niamh says:

    You can see the humiliation and broken spirit in that mother sows eyes the sow mother with the blue face beaten and broken. I’m crying my eyes out here I’m ashamed to be a human being. I want to go there and wrap my arms around her and her babies and tell them they will be safe. Distraught doesnt even cover how I’m feeling right now Thank god I stopped eating meat 10years ago I do not want to be a part of this industry in any shape or form. Niamh from Ireland x

  • Angeles Perez says:

    I am a animals rights fighter in spain. excuse me for my english. My heart feels now bigger and happier to read that excelent and good news. Here in Spain Peta has lots of people like me that signs petitions and follow your news and trying to do something about it. Congratulations for everybody!

  • Hope Currie says:

    I think all this protesting is a really bad thing. thank god for peta. i hope this animal protesting stops and it will soon. Hopiey

  • Lucas Garcà says:

    I am at the limit of lose the respect for all mandkindfor the things i have seen that cruelty my eyes have been testify although i know we will hunt down those no lovers of life those …… that every one knows who are they the cynics that hate the world they dont have respect for life

  • Shari says:

    When making your pleas to HORMEL mention that you are a WELL RESPECTED speaker in your MASSIVE community that you have exposed their abusive conduct by showing the video. This way HORMEL can only IMAGINE it may be a large city and THAT would be quite a bit of profit loss ‘ BLESS THE BEASTS

  • noly hadap says:

    where can i buy printed peta tshirt here in the philippines.

  • William says:

    Good job… i felt so bad when i watched that video… everything that they did to those animals should be done to them… its rediculous that those workers are still free to walk the streets. these animals are already being born just to be killed and they chose to make their lives even harder…. Kudos PETA

  • conrado says:

    this is great we have to take the power back!!!! the respect for life over everything!! peta god is with you!! love.

  • Kristy Berdice says:

    That video made me sick! I don’t understand how ANYONE could be so cruel to animals! I hope someday those people get what’s coming to them!

  • David Volleberg says:

    I am proud to have read the information regarding this investigation. I am currently writting an academic paper outlining the main concerns regarding animal crulety and i must admit PETA is doing an outstanding job and using advanced investigation methods in attempt to bring these types of unwanted acts of violence to a stop. When I saw this video it outraged me to a point I emailed the VP of Hormel and advised him that I refuse to support a company finacially who aknoweledges and refuses to correct this type of abuse and neglect on their farms and I advised him I would stop buying any and all Hormel name brand products effective immediatley. Keep up the good work PETA as our animals need your strong voice and admiration for justice!!

  • tiziana says:

    But what’s so difficult to understand? The animals should not SUFFER Abuse POINT AND END! Tiziana italia

  • Michael L Magruder says:

    If you’ll recall the classic Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man” you’ll remember that the book “How To Serve Man” was a space alien cookbook. This title was not understood by humans until after hundreds of flying saucers had departed the earth with thousands of people aboard. I think these jokers in Iowa deserve to be first aboard the first saucer. Interesting coincidence saucers serve milk to cats and the tail of Scorpius resembles feline eyes glowing in the darkness. Happy Halloween!

  • Charlotte says:

    What about lewd acts with animals? Perverts! I think they should be charged with sex crimes with animals.

  • SASHA says:


  • C.D. says:

    Keep doing what you are doing PETA!

  • Carol Kelly says:

    I viewed the video at work and we don’t even have sound on this computer and it was so disgusting that I had to look away a few times. I can’t even imagine being in the factory videotaping the cruel actions that were taking place. I was a borderline vegetarian until i watched your videotoday I stop eating any kind of meat totally. your video is what i needed to make me realize that nothing about meat is goodunless its alive. Please keep stopping these cruel menthank you peta.

  • Jessica says:

    It’s scary that these people could be walking passed me. If they can do this to an innocent defensless animal I would hate to see what they could do to me!!!

  • Melissa says:


  • tamara says:

    Stop this cruelty!! Have a hart!

  • giovanna says:

    PETA wellwell!! Giovanna Italia

  • Simone says:

    good one Peta I think the investigators deserve a medal. The abusers should be executed.

  • Nicole says:

    Words can not explain how those animals must felt. I am so upset with the actions of those employees. They should experience what they made those animals experience. They should be also beat and sodomized with poles. Thanks again PETA for opening my eyes even more.

  • Anne D says:

    Thank you Greene County Sheriff and PETA for addressing this. Hormel how disgusting that you can do this to animals!

  • Robin Lynn says:

    PETA There are many ways to share the joyous news that these Sick Evil Animal Abusers and Neglectors are going down. How do we make sure they are tried convicted and sent to prison and end up on death row getting electrocuted without any pain killers? PETA stands for many wonderful things here are two more Prison Eternity Tell All Pigs Ethical Treatment Always

  • Marisa says:

    All of the people working on factory farms should go to jail. I am glad that finally the concquences are coming to those who treat animals like dirt. Good job PETA!!!

  • ERIN says:


  • Shari says:

    RIGHT ON KAT!! You’re ANOTHER Free Spirit ‘ and I LOVE IT as there are VERY few up here who possess this RARE PRECIOUS GIFT ‘ it seems just YOU ME and Saucy WOW that IS way too few!! HEY SHERALYN and LISTEN UP KAREN SAUCEDO!! WHO will the LUCKY candidate be NEXT time you make a purchase? NOW that you are refusing HORMEL? Maybe Oscar Mayer Eckrich Bob Evans Jimmy Dean Johnsonville…GO MEAT!!! Most BARBARIC commercial I have EVER seen! Condoning gluttony PATHETIC! You STILL think this IS a nation under God? Think AGAIN THIS is SATANIC as we are IN a pact WITH the devil himself… BRACE yourselves friends as the BEAST is RARIN’ READY to REAR its UGLY little head and IF this is a SOLUTION to the meat industry AND this fckd up world then I say BRING IT ON!!!! as a FREE spirit can SURVIVE ANY catastrophic abomination BELIEVE YOU ME ‘ Now BACK to my point to SHERALYN ANY OTHER product you purchase WILL have the SAME TERRIFYING HORRIFIC NIGHTMARE that you witnessed up here on this blog behind the name and pretty packaging don’t LET the DECEITFUL meat industry AND government FOOL ya which they HAVE been doing for WAY TOO LONG! ALL PRODUCTS’ subjects ARE treated in the SAME manner as HORMEL and DON’T think otherwise OR let anyone tell you DIFFERENT! NO ANIMAL subjected to the meat industry exists in a humane friendly environment NO ANIMAL…were there any human animals who were subjected to Hitler that existed in a friendly humane environment I THINK NOT!! THIS is the EXACT SAME situation and guess WHAT friends the folks who brought you the Holocaust ALSO brought you the factory farm YEP the SAME anti Christ nazis shocked ARE YA? Then I SUGGEST you do your HOMEWORK and FAST as THEY DO have plans for YOU too and it is NOT pretty if you can’t see it then THEIR dummying down WORKED BIG TIME!! Apparently life’s lessons were NOT learned by the past’s MOST devastating mistakes MmMmMmmm Turn the TV off and LEAVE IT OFF and Turn On Tune In and WAKE UP!!! This IS the SAME thing only non human animals are NOW suffering a Holocaust NO defenses PLEASE sheeple as the soul IS THE SAME in ALL living creatures although the body of each is different! In their behavior toward creatures ALL men are nazis human beings see oppression VIVIDLY when THEY are the victims otherwise they victimize BLINDLEY and without a thought. Hey Meat Addicts!!! If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth beings who considered themselves AS superior to you as YOU FEEL YOURSELF TO BE to other animals would you CONCEDE them the RIGHTS OVER YOU that YOU ASSUME over other animals? I KNOW NOT!!! WAKE UP as there ARE other SUPERIOR beings in this universe ‘… Damnation WITHOUT investigation is the HEIGHT of IGNORANCE Peace Love Truth

  • Chris says:

    They probably haven’t looked at the footage and won’t talk to you because of the stupid things you’ve done in the past. The bad outweighs the good when it comes to the reputation of PETA.

  • Melissa says:

    Hey Peta This is great news but only a “kick in the bucket”! I’m still upset over the video… I only watched a few minutes of it awhile back. Just thinking about it still brings tears to my eyes and makes me sick to my stomach. It upsets me to know that there are still individuals allowed to work there who inflicted such pain and misery on these helpless animals. I mean I’m happy that charges were laid but it’s not enough. These animals belong on a farm grazzing as they were created to do. I am a meat eater…please don’t hold that against me…but I do believe in all animals being treated with respect and these animals where never given that chance or priviledge! Keep up your great work! It is so encouraging to people like myself to know and see that there are people like myself who do care about animals and their welfare and are willing to go the extra mile. You guys rock!

  • Rammohan says:

    To me cruelty toanimals is a subject abhorringbecause being born as a Brahmin in SOuth India we are vegetarians by birth and to us vegitarianism is a way of life. Despite travelling to US etc I find apart from religious practicemeat a taboo followed for centuries in the past. Wherever we go we manage with vegetarian food. Veggies help a lot to cause of PETA perhaps from last several generations ?

  • naeema campbell says:

    i love you peta you rock save the animals i have a cat at home name lizzie shes a big cat not the big i mean we give her food not evil iam food never that please help stop testing stuff on animal. I AM 13 YEARS OLD YOU ROCK PETA

  • Shari says:

    SORRY Laura Huntington for accusing you of such a HELLACIOUS crime of meat eating MY error PLEASE forgive me ‘ The post was meant for KAREN SAUCEDO HAZEL and ALL THE REST of the meat addicts and THANKS Madison for pointing this out to me… Peace Love Truth

  • Shari says:

    TO KAREN SAUCEDO!!!! SORRY to BURST your bubble Karen but as long as you CONTINUE to eat from death YOUR victims WILL continue to ENDURE this type of abuse… Do NOT CONDONE your meat addiction on THIS page by your FANTASY of ENSURING humane treatment of the animals you eat as YOU are JUST AS GUILTY as the PROSECUTED perpetrators AND there are NO defense about it! What you are stating above has MADE you THE FOOL that YOU have JSUT made yourself out to be…..HYPOCRISY my friend is a TOTAL TURN OFF in MY eyes and IN the eyes of GOD a sin BEYOND REPAIR. You had BETTER WAKE UP as living in this DREAM WORLD you CHOSE to exist in so you can CONTINUE to pursue your PETTY desires has caused you to become UNAWARE of REALITY! WAKE UP you SILLY ONE EVERYBODY! If you are a meat addict with NO plans of recovering PLEASE leave your comments OFF this page and TO YOURSELF as you are the ROOT cause for this HOLOCAUST of the animals to remain in existence you ARE GUILTY AS CHARGED!! Has THE CHOSEN FEW like me who possesses a FREE mind who have read this are you LAUGHING YOUR ASSES OFF as I AM doing ROTFLMFAF!!!!!!! Shari I ask you to use some common sense here. The goal is to eliminate animal abuse and cruelty. I would love it if this world were all vegetarian. But it isn’t nor is it going to be. Most men cannot get along without meat. Whether that is really true or just how they feel they will continue to eat it. Therefore we need to direct our energies to those animals being raised in healthy pleasant environments where they can get fresh air exercises and companionship. When the time comes to go to slaughter. That too should be quick and merciful. I realize EXACTLY what I’m saying here. If you paint with too broad a brush nothing happens. Capital letters and screaming in email posts accomplishes nothing. To reach a goal you have to start with something ACHIEVABLE. KAREN KAREN KAREN SWEET SHELTERED LITTLE KAREN… FIRST OFF let me DEFINE expression to you I’m a writer with a degree in marketing advertising the capitals you see are used to EMPHASIZE to STRESS THE POINT it by NO means projects yelling. NOW YELLING would include ALL capitals. In marketing lower AND upper cases are USED to ATTRACT attention there isn’t a more BORING statement made when ALL lower case or ALL upper case are used SMALL CHANCE it will be read BUT when using BOTH cases it draws the readers’ attentions! Hell it got YOUR attention didn’t it? ‘ Now GO to the earlier HORMEL blog from a week or two ago and read ALL my posts you WILL learn a LOT from them I guarantee you that. Like I stated above via your LAME ASS comment ALL you have proven to me was your CONDONATION of meat eating and THAT’S IT! It’s TIME you WAKE UP as you’re LIVING in a DREAM world and you NEED to start TASTING the BITTER REALITY of the EVIL CORP WORLD that has led to the destruction not only of the animals but to THIS country also! I have posted a couple for ya here and Saucty SAYS IT ALL in her closing comment…read ’em and WEEP HOPING you WILL SEE the light before it’s TOO LATE…though I think it IS too late. Just exactly WHAT type of people would you EXPECT to find employment in a nazi camp factory farm? Animal lovin’ ANGELS I think NOT and nobody can convince me otherwise ‘ Once again friends the ONLY way to stop the unGodly crimes against the animals in corporate factory farmsslaughterhouses is to STOP contributing to their GREED which I consider blood money or BETTER YET CEASE to eat it or you’re just as criminal as the farm manager in the video! If you eat meat and CONTINUE to especially after ‘tasting’ corp greed on film don’t EVEN comment your defenses because YOU are the perpetrator that CONDONES the CRUEL conduct onto the defenseless which is what keeps it in existence… Basically YOU are as EVIL as the criminals in the videos and behind the scenes who KNOW exactly what is going down on their turf don’t let the corp CREEPS fool ya as $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ IS the root of ALL evil where SADLY in THIS fckn’ industry it’s the animals who are paying DEARLY and WITH their PATHETIC lives!! SNEAKY EVIL corps answer to a higher power the meat industry which own YOU AND the USDAFDAEPA! They can buy bribe their way out of ALL the HIDEOUS crimes committed against the defenseless so basically it’s UP TO YOU the meat addict consumer. CHEW ON THIS… Either you GO vegetarian OR leave your comments to yourself… As long as there are factory farms slaughterhouses there will be prisons wars. PEACE LOVE TRUTH VIVACIOUS VEGAN ‘ To work in a place like this nazi campfactory farm one must LACK self love self respect therefore IMPOSSIBLE to have EITHER towards others. To work in a place like this one MUST be desensitized and with OUT a soul…like I ALWAYS say what GOES around COMES around. The victims in the video and ALL others are considered MERE commodities $$$$ nothing more nothing less…the EXACT SAME way our govt views us! For the 50 years I spent on this planet and OVER 30 years FIGHTING for the animals from what I’ve seen I have acquired FAR MORE respect toward the non human animal than I do the human animal and am a SHAMED to be a PART of the human race as humans see oppression VIVIDLY when THEY are the victims otherwise they victimize BLINDLY and with OUT a thought. Another example? Look at what our govt who are NO longer Americans have DONE to us!! SHEEPLE Turn On Tune In Because there is a war on FOR YOUR MIND! The truth WILL set you FREE and NO truth comes from govt controlled TV media WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! “If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth beings who considered themselves AS superior to you as you feel YOURSELF to be toward other animals would you concede them THE RIGHTS over YOU that you assume OVER OTHER animals?” I think NOT! Peace Love TRUTH Denise WAKE UP!! Do ya REALLY TRULY THINK he’s going to be absolutely HONEST with you? C’mon NOW…to pacify you they will tell you ONLY what you want to hear and it’s BEEN THIS WAY for a LONG TIME with the INTENT to keep the consumer IN THE DARK! It works this way with EVERYTHING including our “SO CALLED” liberties…which is ALL an illusion!! Denise you won’t see THIS video or any OTHER of these crimes on TV because it’s govt corp owned! If you KNEW the truth they wouldn’t be able to SELL YOU their fast food OR their drugs which is basically ALL you see?? Along WITH the meat industry the pharmaceuticals is the WORST dealing out their DEADLY drugs! TV is a MERE tool used to KEEP the masses COMPLACENT! TIME to turn off the tube as ALL it accomplishes is brainwashing mind control programming for THEIR agenda AND distraction from…REALITY!! Hey LOOK they managed to STEAL all our monies and give it to the EXTREMELY RICH Illuminati because ONLY A FEW of us are AWARE and a FEW isn’t enough to RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE! Soon you will NOT be able to view these videos up here as THEY have already started work on controlling the internet how about THAT? Our ONLY tool left to communicate the TRUTH and their taking THAT away TOO ‘ WRITE your congressmen representatives FLOOD their eMails tell ’em you’re MAD AS HELL and you’re NOT going to take it anymore ‘ just KEEP the mails flowing STRONG! When you don’t RELY on the tube for world news ONLY on instinct and common sense THEN you’re FREE but SADLY sheeple don’t possess EITHER because they have ALLOWED their minds to become poisoned programmed controlled by the anti Christ evil doers and DO what they are TOLD out of FEAR of retaliation. Basically sheeple do NOT have instincts NOR senses of NAY kind because they have been dummied down hypnotised to be MERE slave machines ‘ for the elite What was Palin’s definition of an elistsit? She is SO OUT OF TOUCH it’s pathetic WAKE UP this IS the EXACT reason this country is IN the shape it is today…turn off the tube and Turn On Tune In WAKE UP Peace Love TRUTH Vicious Vegan ‘ Letters aaahahahahahaaaa these corps will NEVER change their ways no matter WHAT THEY HEAR from the consumer well maybe depending on how much pressure is received but it’s NEVER going to be enough since it’s NEVER revealed on ‘the tube’. EXAMPLES AGRIPROCCESSORS and Chino CA consistent offenders and continue on as I type! Yep they SLITHER right back into their EVIL ways the factory farm was founded on with the HOPES PETA or HSUS won’t apply for a job ‘ again. Nope NOTHING GOOD comes out of factory farming. Write ALL you want as the corps are WELL AWARE the majority can’t stop eating their meat they have become addicted and amused by food it is NOW considered entertainment all with the INTENT to keep you coming back for more no matter WHAT the cost to the victims sheeple usually just turn a blind eye and continue to fill their PETTY desires incl their lazy fat faces with THEIR products because of LACK of self discipline self control AND conscience which was the INTENDED creation of the govtcorps Illuminati which funded the Holocaust too! It’s a GOOD THING for the state the people don’t think. Hitler It SURELY worked as I would say the majority of this nation are stupid self absorbed it’s all about me materialistic gluttons this trait will ALWAYS produce EASY praySITTING ducks unaware of WHEN and WHAT to stop eating…ADDICTS! Yeeeaaah SAD IT IS but NOT for THEM $$$$$ ‘ because ALL THEY WANT is to DOMINATE the world! Hence NEW WORLD ORDER TO BARBARA DUKE Actually shooting an animal between the eyes is the ONLY humane way to kill an animal IF an animal NEEDS to be killed. It’s how the “EXTINCT” THANKS to the CORP world small family farmers killed their animals as they CARED for the wellbeing of their critters. The animals don’t die a SLOW agonizing painful death this way but the FILTHY RICH meat industry finds this method TOO EXPENSIVE as it would CUT into THEIR profits $$$$$ Hell McDonalds FLAT OUT REFUSED to put BACK INTO the SEVERE suffering of their animals by NOT paying just a LITTLE BIT MORE for just a LITTLE BIT MORE humanity in the treatment of their animals they PROFIT OFF of HUGELY and the Ronald McDonald Houses I FIND an ILLUSION and HYPOCRITICAL to a T! It’s ALL for show as this corp and ALL the others could give 2 CHITS about ANY living being! They FEED on the consumer the ones who line their pockets NICELY with $$$$ Yeah friends we are in a pact with the devil can’t you see it?? Don’t worry Barbara like I ALWAYS say What GOES around COMES around ‘ As a matter of fact it’s ALREADY here. Turn On Tune In and WAKE UP!!!!! KLabord you ARE sadly ONE of the sheeple…McCain Obama are PART of the system they BOTH work for the SAME FEW elite have you NOT realized this govt corps and banks control EVERYTHING you do in life but ONLY IF you ALLOW it ‘ WAKE UP as they’re intentions for you AREN’T good either believe you me and JUST around the corner NOW that they have STOLEN all our money which sits in Europe ROTHSCHILD’s bank home base of the Illuminati. Do the research! Damnation without investigation is the HEIGHT of ignorance! Turn On Tune In WAKE UP! PEACE LOVE TRUTH TO SUZAN Fined by WHO? The meat industry’s RIGHT HAND man the USDA? Then do WHAT after he’s fired??? Hire on another one JUST LIKE HIM???? TO DAVID There is NO overreacting when it comes to TRUTH I pity you for NOT seeing through the illusion of it ALL!! PEACE LOVE TRUTH Hey AARON PETERSON you left something out of your list of such productive? activities you omitted to inform us that you fabricate too! BETTY DAVID and everyone else who IGNORANTLY defends this DESTRUCTIVE UNGODLY NAZI creation that LACKS concern consideration compassion for anything and anybody in the name of GREED!!!! FACTORY FARMING is ONE of the causes for the DEMISE of this country in which THIS country was founded on a STRONG moral and ethical value system… Factory farms pay UNETHICALLY LOW WAGES for HIDEOUS DANGEROUS and UNDESIRABLE work and because of this MOST employees TAKE OUT their frustrations of these claims ON the defenseless animals. These CONSOLIDATED operations are able to produce food in HIGH volume but have LITTLE TO NO REGARD for the environment animal welfare OR food safety. In order to MAXIMIZE profits factory farms often put the health of consumers and rural communities AT RISK!!!!!! Because factory farms are considered agricultural INSTEAD of industrial they are NOT subject to the regulation that their SCALE OF PRODUCTION and LEVEL OF POLLUTION warrants because they EMPLOY POWERFUL lobbyists BUY BRIBE that can SWAY the government agencies responsible USDA EPA for monitoring agricultural practices THEREFORE industrial farms are left FREE to POLLUTE to hire UNDOCUMENTED workers and pay them NEXT TO NOTHING and to locate their businesses WITHOUT ANY REGARDS to the HUGE IMPACT they have on the surrounding communities. THIS does NOT represent a NATION UNDER God no THIS my friends is a PACT with the DEVIL and we’ve GOT to get ourselves BACK TO THE GARDEN. AARON you can STICK that pork chop where the sun DON’T shine TO BETTY NO he was NOT doing his job and this BY NO MEANS is overreacting! It’s time to stand up and TAKE this country BACK from the satan worshipping government!! WAKE UP!! PEACE LOVE TRUTH There ya go AARON just ANOTHER reason I FIGHT the factory farms …in LAYMENS TERMS… Factory farms AND slaughterhouses ARE the WORST culprits for LURING the illegal aliens into this country!! TOTALLY SENSELESS… Industrial production of food has resulted in MASSIVE waste while HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people STILL live with hunger. I BELIEVE that the ANSWER to global malnutrition and famine IS small farms and sustainable agriculture NOT industrialized food production. CHEW ON THAT the NEXT time you purchase THEIR products!! This is MERELY an abomination putting MASSIVE amounts of money into the pockets of the few ELITISTS The REAL Rulers just like the REST of the MULTI MILLION corps so WHY is it that we are broke? We were RIPPED OFF VICTIMIZED by the SAME few… Got your ameros yet ‘ Turn On Tune In AND WAKE UP PEOPLE PEACE LOVE TRUTH TO BETTY REGARDLESS Betty ABSOLUTELY NOBODY in their RIGHT MIND would defend this type of behavior…ABSOLUTELY NOBODY!!! Meat addicts ask an AWFUL LOT of the animals raised and murdered for their food. The very LEAST YOU OWE them is a PAINLESS DEATH. In MY eyes Betty he was NOT doing his job he was intentionally perpetrating brutality on a living being and in MY eyes Betty THAT is MALICIOUS MASSACRE To a body who’s mind is free like mine there is something EVEN MORE INTOLERABLE in the sufferings of animals THAN in the sufferings of man. For with the latter it is AT LEAST ADMITTED that suffering is EVIL and that THE MAN WHO CAUSES IT IS A CRIMINAL yet THOUSANDS of animals are USELESSLY SLAUGHTERED every day WITHOUT A SHADOW OF REMORSE and IF ANY MAN WERE TO REFER TO IT he would be thought REDICULOUS… THAT my friend IS the UNPARDONABLE CRIME. BELIEVE YOU ME BETTY the TIME WILL COME when ‘man’ WILL LOOK UPON MURDER of animals as THEY NOW LOOK on the murder of men… THINK LONG HARD on this one ‘ God Bless you Shari for your passion and wisdom. It is hard to believe that certain individual come on this post and actually defend or minimalize the conditions and treatment of these pigs endowed with the same SPIRIT OF LIFE as mankind Ecclesiatess 319 not to mention actually eating them an aabhorant unforgivable sin They don’t see the connection between human and non human life. They’re hearts are frozen Shari. All we can do is look on them with pity as they head down that wide path leading off to destruction. Posted by Saucy October 24 2008 1222 PM LOVE YA Saucy My FREE MINDED friend TOO BAD there aren’t many UP HERE who share the same gift ‘ Peace Love Hugs to ya!! and KAREN…GET A GRIP!

  • Lisa R says:

    PETA got you. How could you people at Hormel even think you would not be caught and fined? I viewed the awful video of how the employees treated the pigs. It was absolutely horrifying. My teenage daughter is now a vegetarian after seeing the video. I am urging Hormel to stop this insidious behavior now. Do not even think that you idiots will ever get away with any more of this awful treatment of animals. YOU WON’T!! VEGETARIAN’S EVERYWHERE AND PETA ARE ON TO YOU!!

  • Mitchell says:

    glad you guys exposed them. I hope those coldhearted snakes get everything thats coming to them.

  • kaitlyn says:

    Hello peta memebers congradulations you have done excelent work does anyone know of any animal activts groups in sarnia ontario that i could join ?

  • Liliana Oviedo says:

    Congratulations PETA !!!!!! You are the voice of the animals….!!!!

  • Dan Bekkering says:

    Hello friends do the same. I phoned Hormel at 18005234635 and got a nice lady on the phone just after I got the former Petamail about the horrific treatment of our fellowbeings by suppliers of Hormel. I told her about the Petamail and the very bad news there was to read in that mail. She told me that she knew about that Petamail she told me that they stopped doing business with suppliers that where abusing our fellowbeings the animals. I asked her if Hormel would consider to stop producing meatproducts and get into other business. She told me that producing hogmeat was their corebusiness since 1891 the message hidden in this sentence was that to stop producing meat would be out of the question. I told her that I was a vegetarian out of pity with industrialized animals and that making machines out of animals is just not the right thing to do. I told her that this way of producing meat is responsible for suffering of animals on a uninmaginable scale. This because of extreme sheap meatproducts like “Spam”. I am a vegetarian not only out of pity with my fellowbeings but it produces greenhouse gasses and hunger too. We stayed friendly to eachother and she replied that Hormel would do anything in it’s power to provide the animals they need for slaughter with a good treatment and select businesspartners that would take care of their animals in a humane way. My final thought about this subject is that industrializing animals into machines can never be or become humane and industrializing living beings into machines should be banned out the socity of so called “civilized” Humankind. Friends make it your task to raise awareness about the abuse of our fellowbeings. Fellowbeings who are still slaves of humanity and to educate people that compassion is the key to save planet Earth and all it’s life on it out of the turmoil it is in right now. Spread the message people! Take care Dan Bekkering.

  • Robin Lynn says:

    OPEN LETTER TO HORMEL To KatyHendricksonHormel I’m an educated consumer animal rights activist and vegetarian and can tell you that the only HUMANE way to HANDLE an animal is to cause it ‘NO HARM’ and allow it to live and share this planet with us. Any innovative concerned caring ethical company can easily come up with a way to survive and profit making and improving on healthy nutritious low calorie great tasting affordable vegetarian foods and desserts that consumers would switch over to if they existed in quantity and quality. This is what is lacking in the fresh frozen mass produced food industry and to date no one is doing this for consumers the way I described above. What is out there in this area is often not very appetizing and only those who have the time and talent to cook and bake for themselves can eat vegetarian pleasurable meals. Start by doing an international survey an you will see I’m correct and then you can introduce this idea and I hope change your company to a vegetarian one where jobs are not lost and profits are more and not at the expense of an innocent animal. A lot of animals were on this planet before us and they did not make us extinct they shared their world with us. We then domesticated many animals because we loved them so much we wanted them as pets. And throughout history there is no tangible proof that our creator ever wanted us to kill another living creature to survive nor did we ever have to. The option of grains and vegetables was around from the beginning of time and that is the healthiest diet we could eat to date. And animals are so much like us they like love socialize feel nurture teach role model play cry talk fear bleed and can be damaged the same as humans. We did not create animals and have no right to do with them as we please. I have sent this letter to all large companies corporations businesses organizations etc. who make money testing on and killing animals. And I know that when PETA and the ASPCA does an undercover investigation and then goes after an individual company etc. that they do their homework and fact finding prior and what they post and show is the truth. For if it weren’t they would open themselves up to too many lawsuits much like Oprah Winfrey did when she spoke out against the beef industry. Just saying your company is not associated with the PETA video is not proof that it isn’t. And playing Devil’s Advocate even if your company could prove they’re not a part of what PETA’s video shows they still kill animals and make a profit. I’d like to hear back from you on how you think that handling an animal gently prior to killing it regardless of the way it’s killed is humane. Look at any video of how an animal is killed and they all have FEAR in their eyes and SCREAM out in unbearable and unimaginable pain dying a slow death. Does Hormel ever send any of the profits to the live families of the animals it killed as compensation or any animal rights organization to help prevent killing and harming of animals? PS Spend some of those profits assuring the SICK EVIL NON HUMANS who tortured and murdered these animals are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And dig deep enough into their family and psychiatric background and I’m sure there is a history of animal child and substance abuse and neglect for it’s all intertwined and works this way. And to hire attornies to pass bills that can become laws for NO HARMNO KILL regarding animals. And then report the findings to every animal rights organization and child protective service so they can also assure no animal is harmed this way again their children are removed from them and they can also help get them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Robin Lynn Related degrees I have are in Broadcasting Child Development Culinary Arts Journalism and will have degrees in Animal Science 2009 Nutrition 2009 Plant Science 2009.

  • loree35 says:

    I wil never ever buy Hormel brand ever again…. Hang the bastards!!!!

  • loree35 says:

    Thank you PETA… I hope they get what they deserve…

  • Christine Carrales says:

    Peta is a great and honourable group of people.GOD BLESS THEM ALL!!!Morals and ethics and integrity are on the decline in this worldespecially to weak people who give in.GOD watches all and sooner or later we will be accountable.

  • NAZ says:


  • Liliana says:

    What an amazing accomplishment! I don’t know why but I must say this I eat meat. I appologize. Fortunately I only eat certified Organic free range meat. All the meat I consume has had a free range no hormones lifestyle. I promise to NEVER eat Hormel i never have….

  • Missy Lefler says:

    I am so disgusted and sad I watched the video and wanted to go find these creeps who did these horrible things to these innocent animals and kick the crap outa them! Keep them in metal cagesrape them then beat them to death. I am a vegan due to they way animals are treated these nonhumans better not run into me it would be their last day on earth!

  • Neela says:

    What was done in court to these people torturing these helpless animals can not be enough. Do unto you as you do unto others! Sounds good to me.Did these people abusing animals in the video ever have parents? Were they raised with love and respect for animals or what? Makes me wonder!How can anyone turn out to be so mean?! If they can do stuff like this to a helpless animal then they will do it to a human too. That is scary!