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Shocking Video of Deer Baiting, Netting Unveiled—Ask City to Halt Terror Trapping

Citizen Advocates for Lakeway Deer (CALD)—a grassroots organization of residents of Lakeway, Texas—has unveiled never-before-seen video footage of the city's handling of so-called "surplus" deer. The footage exposes for the first time how the animals, who are lured into traps, are netted, are pinned to the ground, have their antlers sawed off, and are then hauled upside down into a trailer. They're ultimately transported to slaughter.

After being driven 80 miles, the animals are shot in the head and butchered.

A Lakewood police detective admitted that "any animal that gets a net dropped on 'em … gets its horns cut off … gets picked up and put in a trailer upside down, that's traumatized, you know?"

One trapped deer had previously been shot with an arrow. He lay bleeding, caught in the netting. Instead of ending the wounded deer's suffering, the workers sawed off his antlers and dragged him away to the trailer.

Lakeway spent more than $28,000 in 2013–14 on this traumatizing practice, even though trapping is an ineffective method of wildlife control. Killing backfires because the resultant spike in the food supply accelerates breeding among survivors and newcomers. Even the detective admitted, "I've seen this going on for 10 years, and Lakeway is still covered with deer. It's … not going to eliminate 'em, you know."

And deer families are torn apart, with orphaned young left to starve. Despite widespread opposition, the city has continued with this year's trapping program.

You Can Help Stop This!
CALD has collected the signatures of more than 1,000 Lakeway residents who are calling on the city to end the deer-trapping program, conduct a census of the deer population, and implement humane means of managing wildlife issues.

Please urge Lakeway officials to halt the trapping and slaughter of deer, and share these humane deer-control tips with them.

Help deer!
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