Published by Michelle Kretzer.

New research on the warmth of fur could surprise you. An independent laboratory has proved what compassionate people have been saying all along: Faux fur keeps you just as warm as animal fur does.

The thermal insulation of clothing is measured in units of Clo. A laboratory tested animal fur and faux fur and found that the former had a Clo of 2.54 while the latter had a Clo of 2.31. The researchers explained that these measurements are “very similar, [and essentially the] same number.”


The study was conducted by a third-party independent laboratory, which stresses that it’s a “nationally and internationally accredited organization having no commercial connections with manufacturers, processors, converters, distributors or traders.” It explains, “We take pride in performing high caliber tests, evaluations, and services with complete objectivity, impartiality, and confidentiality.”

This laboratory has no skin in the game, but animals have plenty.

Faux fur is just as warm—and it’s warmhearted.

What Can You Do?

Tell coldhearted Canada Goose that coyotes shouldn’t be dying to become jacket trim.

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