Published by PETA.

At 23 years old, “Valerie” was a law-abiding citizen, climbing her way to the top of the police ranks. But when she witnessed the horrors of animal abuse during a police raid on a warehouse laboratory, her life changed forever. Appalled by what she saw, she soon found herself on the other side of the law, committing crimes in the name of animals.

Free the Animals, written by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals president and cofounder Ingrid E. Newkirk, tells the riveting story of the Animal Liberation Front, from its founding days with the aliased “Valerie” to its eventual worldwide fame for its daring tactics to stop animal abuse.

Twenty years after its publication, the book is available again, having sold out while demand for the story was still high. From gruesome stories of laboratory torture to heroic acts on fur farms, Newkirk captures the essence of animal liberation in this compelling narrative that will shock new animal activists into action and reinvigorate those already in the trenches.

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