Silver City, New Mexico

August 25, 2015

This ordinance bans unattended tethering of dogs to one single point. It allows the use of trolley systems and running lines.

Sec. 6-187. Restraint and Confinement of Animals.

(3) Prohibited tethering. It is unlawful for any person to keep an animal on unenclosed premises or to chain, stake or tether any animal in a cruel and inhumane manner, including but not limited to:

a. A cable/chain that exceeds 1/8th of the dog’s body weight.

b. A cable/chain which causes the dog to choke or become entangled.

c. Any restraint which prevents the dog from getting adequate food, water or to shelter.

d. Any restraint that is too short to allow the dog to sit, stand or lie down in a natural position or does not allow the dog enough area to relieve itself away from the food, water and shelter area.

e. No dog shall be tethered to a single point. The only exception shall be short term tethering of working dogs, hunting dogs, search and rescue dogs. In these instances, the dogs may only be tethered in this manner when in the presence of the owner or keeper/guardian or trainer and only for short periods. Any other system used to secure or restrain an animal shall be set up as specified herein for using a trolley system.

f. Tie outs: where circumstances warrant and no fencing alternative exists for confining an animal on its owner’s or keeper/guardian’s property, a dog may be secured or restrained by means of a trolley system only if the following criteria are met:

  1. Only one dog may be secured to each cable run.
  2. The device must be attached to a pulley on a cable run or trolley of a minimum of ten feet in length; the cable run must be at ground level or at least six feet off the ground.
  3. The cable/chain must be affixed to the animal by use of a non-abrasive, comfortably fitted collar or harness. Prong type, pinch type or choke collars shall not be used.
  4. Cable/chain shall be at least ten feet in length unless such length allows the animal to enter onto another’s property, in which case the cable/chain shall be no less than eight feet in length. Ropes shall not be used to secure or restrain a dog. The chain/cable used to secure the animal to the trolley system shall not be of excessive weight appropriate to the size, age and health of the dog.
  5. The device shall be fastened so that the animal can sit, walk, and lie down comfortably.
  6. The animal must have accessibility to fresh water, appropriate shelter and fresh food. The area where the animal is confined must be kept free of garbage, feces and debris, and insect infestation which may endanger the animal’s health and safety.
  7. The owner or keeper/guardian shall be responsible for assuring that the animal is safe from attack by wild or stray animals.
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