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The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Protein and Supplements

A little while ago, I set out on a mission to find the best vegan protein powders and supplements. I was searching for products that are the best in what they do, whether it’s providing lean protein, hydration, or essential nutrients or replacing a meal. I then sampled each product in various ways to determine the best way to consume each one as well as for whom each one is best suited. If you’re unsure about what protein powder or nutritional supplement is for you, this is your guide.

Kachava vanilla

 Ka’Chava (Chocolate, Vanilla)

Nutrition: 200 calories, 24 g protein

Protein base: vegan protein blend, omega-3 fiber blend, super-fruit blend, adaptogen herb blend, super-greens blend, digestive enzymes, and probiotics

Expert tips: This shake is absolutely delicious. (I prefer the Vanilla flavor, but the Chocolate was good, too.) I could see myself drinking it just for the flavor. The best part of Ka’Chava is that it’s very thick in consistency, which makes you feel like you’re drinking a big rich smoothie without actually having to make one, and it actually keeps you full for several hours. If you have a fast-paced lifestyle and need a truly delicious meal substitute, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Sprout Living Epic Vegan Protein powder Original

Sprout Living EPIC Plant-Based Original Protein

Nutrition: 120 calories, 26g protein, raw, gluten-, nut-, and soy-free

Protein base: brown rice, pea, sacha inchi, and cranberry seed protein

Expert tips: This newly reformulated version of the original protein powder includes a sizeable increase in the grams of protein, along with better taste and consistency. Try blending EPIC Original Protein with a banana, nondairy milk, and any other fruit you’d like for a refreshingly light and frothy meal replacement—it’s especially perfect for a breakfast on the go.

Sprout Living Epic Vegan Protein Powder Chocolate Maca

Sprout Living EPIC Plant-Based Protein (Vanilla Lacuma, Chocolate Maca, and Green Kingdom)

Nutrition: 110 calories, 19–20g protein, raw, gluten-, nut-, and soy-free

Protein base: brown rice, pea, sacha inchi, and cranberry seed protein

Expert tips: These reformulations of the vanilla, chocolate, and green protein powders are more nutrient dense than their predecessors. They also taste richer and smoother, without a bunch of added calories or sugar. Epic Protein is a good option to take along to the gym because the containers are manageable and the product mixes easily with water or almond milk. The Chocolate Maca flavor is especially delicious.

Sprout Living Vegan Protein Powder Pumpkin SeedEPIC Original Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder

Nutrition: 110 calories, 19 g protein, gluten-, and soy-free

Protein base: pumpkin seeds

Expert tips: This product is made entirely of pumpkin seeds, which for those who don’t know, are incredibly nutritious. If you’re concerned about not only consuming cruelty-free products, but also eating as naturally as possible, this is a great option. It has a very light taste and would be delicious in a smoothie with banana and peanut butter.

Yuve Vegan Protein Powder with Chia Seeds

Yuve Vegan Nutritional Shake

Nutrition: 146 calories, 21g protein, gluten- and GMO-free

Protein base: rice protein, pea protein

Expert tips: This new vegan protein shake, the brainchild of ex-Russian ballerina Lola Sherunkova, serves as an extremely nutritious and equally delicious meal replacement packed with various super-food, digestive, and green blends. Mixed with a simple nondairy milk, this shake is smooth and decadent and even comes formulated with whole chia seeds in the blend to chomp on.


PlantFusion (Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry, Unflavored, or Cookies and Cream)

Nutrition: 120 calories, 21 g protein

Protein base: pea, artichoke, amaranth, and quinoa protein blend

Expert tips: My favorite thing about PlantFusion is how silky-smooth it is, which is perfect for anyone who usually has texture issues with protein powder. I found that the Chocolate and Chocolate Raspberry flavors were very tasty and mixed well with the plant flavors. The Chocolate Raspberry flavor mixed in a shake with frozen berries tastes delicious.

phoodPlantFusion: Phood (Chocolate Caramel or Vanilla)

Nutrition: 200 calories, 18 g protein, gluten- and soy-free

Protein Base: pea, artichoke, amaranth, quinoa, and amino-acid protein blend

Expert tips: I would highly recommend this option for anyone searching for more of a meal replacement than a basic protein powder. Instead of just protein, it simulates the nutrition of a healthy meal, with 17 g of complex carbs and 7 g of essential fats. The Chocolate Caramel smells and tastes like a little cup of heaven.

Sunwarrior classic proteinSunwarrior: Classic Protein (Vanilla, Chocolate, or Natural)

Nutrition: 80 calories, 15 g protein, gluten- and soy-free

Protein base: brown-rice protein

Expert tips: All the flavors are pretty good, but the Chocolate has the best taste and consistency. This shake would be great for mixing into a smoothie or even just with some nondairy milk and a banana or other fruit.

sunwarrior warrior blendSunwarrior: Warrior Blend Raw Vegan Protein (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Natural)

Nutrition: 100 calories, 20 g protein, gluten- and soy-free

Protein base: pea, cranberry, and hemp-seed protein blend

Expert tips: I found that this version tasted much better than the classic protein. It even tastes good mixed with 8 oz. of water, which is really quite extraordinary and makes it a great option to take with you to the gym.

navitas hempNavitas Naturals Hemp Powder

Nutrition: 120 calories, 15 g of protein

Protein base: hemp

Expert tips: This hemp powder tastes fine alone or with a glass of soy milk, and it’s almost flavorless, except for a pleasant earthy undertone. If you already have a go-to smoothie that you make for breakfast or between meals, I would recommend adding several tablespoons of this hemp powder for extra protein and omega-3 fatty acids. If taste is an issue for you with other types of protein, give this one a try!

orac greensParadise ORAC-Energy Greens

Nutrition: 113 calories, 22 g of protein

Protein base: pea, wheat grass, spirulina, spinach, broccoli, and kale

Expert Tips: If you enjoy green smoothies or juices, this supplement would be a good protein-packed greens substitute in your drinks. I found that it had the best taste and texture when used in a substantial smoothie.

puritans pride soy protein

Puritan’s Pride Soy Protein Isolate Powder

Nutrition: 110 calories, 24 g protein

Protein base: Soy protein

Expert tips: This protein supplement has a fine texture and mixes best with a blender ball. I’d suggest mixing it with a nondairy milk other than soy so that you’re getting nutrients from a mixture of sources. It would also be a good, simple option to take with you to the gym.

Puritan's Pride Good 'n Natural Vegan Protein Powder

Puritan’s Pride Good ‘n Natural Vegan Protein Powder (Chocolate)

Nutrition: 200 calories, 17 g protein

Protein base: oat and quinoa protein

Expert tips: Mix it in a blender ball with nondairy milk for a rich chocolate protein shake. The taste and texture are excellent and make it a great meal between meals. It’ll fill you up for a while but not so much that you’ll want to skip dinner!


MRM Veggie Elite Performance Protein (Chocolate Mocha)

Nutrition: 130 calories, 24 g protein

Protein Base: pea and brown-rice protein blend

Expert tips: The taste of this supplement was really exceptional, and it mixed well with everything I tried it with. I even sprinkled in half a scoop with my oatmeal one morning, which in all honesty was a really great choice.

mrm veggie vanilllaMRM Veggie Protein (Vanilla Bean)

Nutrition: 130 calories, 22 g protein

Protein base: pea, brown-rice, hemp, flax seed, and chia-seed protein

Expert tips: Between the two MRM options, I would definitely choose the Chocolate Mocha flavor because of the taste and the additional nutrition. This option would be great to take to the gym for a light post-workout drink.

green dreamPhilosophie Green Dream

Nutrition: 60 calories, 10 g protein

Protein base: hemp, spirulina, chia seeds, maca root

Expert tips: I would definitely use the recipe on the package for a Green Dream smoothie (1 Tbsp. of the supplement, 1 cup of dairy-free milk, 1 cup of spinach, and one banana). The smoothie, which would be great for a breakfast on the go, was very delicious, and it feels really healthy and empowering to drink a whole cup of spinach!

naturade pea proteinNaturade Pea Protein

Nutrition: 130 calories, 20 g protein

Protein base: pea protein

Expert tips: With a blender ball, the consistency is very light and frothy, so use it to follow up an intense gym workout. The flavor mixes great with vanilla almond or soy milk if you have it around, but it works just as nicely with water, too!

vega protein powderVega Protein Smoothie (Tropical Mango, Bodacious Berry, Choc-o-lat, Oh Natural, or Viva Vanilla)

Nutrition: 100 calories, 15 g protein, gluten- and soy-free

Protein base: pea, SaviSeed, hemp, and brown-rice blend

Expert tips: This would be a good choice for anyone needing a protein boost while counting calories. It mixes well enough with water that I would use the Choc-o-lat flavor at the gym. The fruit flavors will mix really well with your favorite fruit-smoothie recipe.

VEGA 1Vega One Nutritional Shake (French Vanilla, Chocolate, Natural, Berry, or Vanilla Chai)

Nutrition: 135 calories, 15 g protein, gluten- and soy-free

Protein base: pea, SaviSeed, hemp, and brown-rice blend

Expert tips: This powder added more flavor and texture to smoothies than the regular protein powder, but I thought it didn’t mix as well with plain water or nondairy milk. I made a smoothie with the vanilla powder, plain almond milk, and a frozen banana. I could definitely see it becoming my regular breakfast to go. This option is especially nice since it comes blended with omega-3, antioxidant, and super-green additives that supply 50 percent of your daily vitamins and minerals.

Other Supplements

ultimaUltima Replenisher (Lemonade, Orange, Red Raspberry, Grape)

Nutrition: 15 calories

Expert tips: This electrolyte drink is packed full of nutrients, without any added sugar. It truly tastes great, and I would suggest mixing different flavors together (like the Red Raspberry with the Lemonade). If you’re training for a race or doing lots of cardio, try this replenisher to stay hydrated. It’s also a great supplement to help prevent you from getting sick during the cold winter months.

coco hydro originalBig Tree Farms Coco Hydro

Nutrition: 80 calories

Expert tips: This product is pretty remarkable. I love coconut water but find it can be expensive and inconvenient to find at times. With these packets, you can turn any bottle of water into coconut water, which has a good amount of potassium and electrolytes.

coco hydro sport

Big Tree Farms Coco Hydro Sport (Original, Lemon-Lime, Pineapple)

Nutrition: 60 calories

Expert tips: This version is specifically formulated for athletes to help balance pH and electrolytes. The Lemon-Lime flavor has the best taste, and I’ll definitely be using it in the future to stay hydrated and for potassium as I train for long-distance races.

clean machineClean Machine Clean BCAA

Nutrition: 5,000 mg of clean BCAAs, all-natural, gluten- and soy-free

Expert tips: BCAAs are amino acids and help reduce fatigue and the loss of amino acids from your muscles during a workout. In short, it helps you build more muscle if you’re lifting weights or keep it on if you’re doing lots of cardio. I use this product when training for long distance races to help retain muscle mass. I would mix it with an electrolyte drink for the best taste and effect.

Navitas Naturals Acai PowderNavitas Naturals Acai Powder

Nutrition: 15 calories

Expert tips: Although it doesn’t contain any protein, I would recommend adding this powder to a fruit smoothie or oatmeal for additional antioxidants and amino acids. It has a light, almost blueberry flavor that can be a very pleasant additive.

Navitas Naturals Cacao PowderNavitas Naturals Cacao Powder

Nutrition: 60 calories

Expert tips: This unsweetened cacao powder is also a great choice for increasing antioxidants. I would recommend adding it to one of the chocolate protein powders on this list for additional rich chocolaty flavor that’s healthy!

Note: All samples were provided to me by the companies for an honest review.

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  • Ricky Ferdon says:

    I like APS (All Pro Science)French Vanilla Complete Veggie Protein. It’s vegan and is hemp protein, brown rice protein, Flaxseed powder, and vitamin and mineral fortified.

  • Briran says:

    My favorite Vegan protein powder is Spirulina. At first I didn’t like the taste but now I love it! At it’s not that expensive either.

  • Amber says:

    Thanks for the article. As an avid kickboxer I like to consume about 30% of my calories from protein and fats and 40% from complex vegetable based carbs. I am always looking for ways to get protein into my diet. I will check these out, hopefully they are not full of carbs and calories!

  • Stephanie says:

    Thanks so much for this advice! I’ve been looking for ways to get my protein after my awesome workouts!!

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