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Companion Animals

Hug a Warm Puppy!

Many people don’t realize that some dogs need winterwear because they assume that a dog’s coat is sufficient protection against the cold.

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How Can You Tell a Canine From a Primate?

What’s going on inside that canine brain that might be different from what’s inside our primate noggins?

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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear—From Your Vet

t often shocks me to hear friends and acquaintances tell me that they just went along with whatever treatment their vet recommended for their dog without even questioning it.

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‘Will Work for Treats’

Make your dogs feel useful with simple jobs for them!

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How to Save Your Dog’s Life

How protect your dog from an aggressive dog.

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A Little Neighborly Advice

Be bold and make sure that all is well in your neighborhood from the dogs’ point of view.

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Blended Families, Part II

How to adjust animals to a new baby.

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Your Dog’s Mental Health Begins With You

Rules for training your dog in a mentally healthy way.

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To All the Dogs (and Cats) I’ve Loved Before

Ways to remember your passed-away animal companions.

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Colliding With Cruelty

The two worst greyhound-racing horrors, are what happens while the dogs aren’t racing and what happens while the dogs are racing.

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Companion Animals 101

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