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Companion Animals

Reduce Your Animal Companion’s ‘Carbon Pawprint’

Learn how to make your companion animals more “green” and reduce their carbon pawprint!

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Walking Your Dog Is Better Than Hitting the Gym!

Why walking your dog is better for you, and cheaper, than the gym.

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Avoid Brookstone When Holiday Shopping © Valigursky

Avoid Brookstone When Holiday Shopping

How to take action for frogs imprisoned and sold as decoration at Brookstone.

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Top 10 Holiday Gifts for the Hounds in Your Life

These are all gifts that money can’t buy, yet they are the gifts that your dog will appreciate the most. Happy holidays!

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Keep Your Animal Companions Safe From the Flu!

Learn how to protect your companion animals from swine flu.

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What Would Happen to Your Animals in an Emergency?

Are You Prepared for Disaster? Make Plans Now to Protect Animals in Weather Emergencies.

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Halloween Candy and Other Poisonous Substances

How to keep your dog safe from Halloween candy.

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Tellin’ It Like It is on Pet Stores

USA Today recently ran an awesome article exposing pet stores for what they are: corrupt, cold-hearted, unregulated, predatory businesses.

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What To Do With All That ‘Doo’? ©

What To Do With All That ‘Doo’?

Eco-friendly ways to deal with dog doo.

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If You Love Your Cat, Keep Her Inside

Why keeping your cat inside is the best way to keep them safe.

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