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Wild-Caught Orca Dies a Long Way From Home

Written by Michelle Kretzer | August 8, 2014

Another orca has died in captivity. After spending 30 years confined to a tank, Bingo, a male orca at the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium in Japan, died this week. He suffered from an inflammation in his lungs. He was captured off the coast of Iceland in 1984 and had been held in captivity ever since.

Sad Orca, Morgan© Free Morgan Foundation

The aquarium still holds three orcas: Stella, who was also caught in Iceland and is likely about 27 years old, and her two daughters, Ran II and Rin, born in captivity in 2006 and 2012, respectively. Bingo was the calves’ father.

Of the 54 orcas who were captured off the coast of Iceland between 1976 and 1989, 47 have died in captivity. Seven remain, still held in aquariums.

Please urge SeaWorld to release its captive orcas to sea pens while it still can.

Rest in peace, Bingo. You are finally free.

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  • Until people STOP attending these animal abusing venues, they will continue to make money off the backs of animals. Do your part to picket, send out flyers to friends, talk to people, stand across the street from Sea World with a sign. Be a warrior for these Orcas and all the animals exploited by Sea World and the Circus ! ” sometimes when you believe in something …. YOU stand alone ” !

  • Paula says:

    Humans are the only species on earth that derives pleasure from the suffering of another, makes you wonder who the backward ones are.

  • sarah says:

    finally free poor thing

  • Suzi tomlinson says:

    Very sad, they should never be there in the first place. What is wrong with these people, how can this be entertainment. At least he is free now.

  • Adam Clark says:

    Truly sickening that humans still believe this is ok to do with highly intelligent and compassionate animals.

  • Véroniqu says:

    So sad – don’t understand why people have to hold any wild animal in captivity – Orcas don’t belong in a swimming pool.

  • Patricia Eichwalder says:

    don’t do what u don’t want someone is doing to you….let them free…freedom for everybody!!!

  • susanna says:

    captivity kills …captivity is prison ….this is no right …set them free….they belong to the sea…….not in the bathtab………

  • What is wrong with u people….how would u like to be in a small cage…I DT think the right thng…..for Gods sake……release Them…

  • Noel Luna says:

    Why must they die to be free… Free them now… Free them from their suffering… It’s the humane thing to do…

  • Prishen Moodley says:

    Set them free you poor excuse for a human, you karma will be inflicted upon your family, remember these words.

  • Nahid Trishna says:

    what authority is doing about it? they should be punished.

  • Nathalie says:

    Please release them.

  • julie says:

    Sad they belong in the ocean they don’t belong in the aquarium

  • Ravinder singh says:

    Spare their lives and give them the freedom Human race is the most cruel race.

  • That is so sad. Human abuse and exploitation of other animals is inexcusable, especially when people count themselves as the crown of creation and made in the image of God. Doesn’t make God look very good!

  • linda says:

    keep them in the wild this is an example they don’t d good outside there habitat please ban this its cruel and sad

  • Sherrie Collins says:

    I have signed the petition a while back. I love them and love to see them but don’t feel it is right to keep them out of the wild where they belong. And to me this is just sad to know and hear about.. And needs to have a stop put to it..