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peta2’s Fur Is Dead Campaign

Written by PETA | March 26, 2008

I probably don’t mention my colleagues in peta2 as much as I should on this blog. This is primarily because I am jealous of their youth, their vivacity, and their general “too-cool-for-school” attitude. But sometimes they put something together so good that it can’t be ignored (no matter how hard one might try), and their new “Fur Is Dead” campaign definitely falls into that category.

They’ve partnered with the folks at Skelanimals to help garner support for their “100,000 strong against fur” petition, and judging by the number of signatures so far (38,631!), the whole thing’s going pretty well. You can check out the site here. The photo gallery of kids wearing the peta2 “Fur Is Dead” bunny ears is more or less fantastic.


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