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Photos of the Day: PETA Makes a Splash at the Rose Parade

Written by Alisa Mullins | January 1, 2014

Tournament of Roses officials will probably think twice before allowing SeaWorld to take part in the Rose Parade again—that’s because 100 PETA supporters descended on the parade to educate attendees about the abusement park’s cruelty to orcas, and 19 were arrested for peacefully sitting down in front of the SeaWorld float.

Seaworld Protest Pic

Protesters pointed out that SeaWorld’s float, which depicts orcas leaping happy and free in the sea, is a mockery of these highly intelligent animals’ lives—or lack thereof—at the marine park, where they are kept in glorified bathtubs and forced to perform circus-style tricks in exchange for dead fish.

Rose Parade Protest 3Protesters, including PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman and Senior Vice President Lisa Lange, are arrested while demonstrating against SeaWorld at the Rose Parade.
Ironically, the faux orcas on SeaWorld’s float traveled farther on the Rose Parade route than the real orcas housed at SeaWorld did today.
Activists are escorted by the police after being arrested.  Activists are escorted by the police after being arrested.

The protest and subsequent arrests drew tons of attention,  and fascinated parade-goers quickly snapped up PETA’s leaflets exposing SeaWorld’s shameful history of abusing animals and its refusal to protect its trainers adequately.

What You Can Do

Never, ever go to any SeaWorld park, and urge your friends and family members to stay away, too. Help make your case by hosting a Blackfish viewing party (this riveting documentary about SeaWorld is currently available on Netflix).

Rose Parade Protest 4

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  • Keep up the good work PETA!!!

  • MJ Alciso says:

    This brings nothing but an unhappy animal. Please end this. Saving an animal’s life is saving yours. This is the law of ecosystem. We are soon to be imbalanced, if we do not stop these kind of horrible things to animals.

  • Dace Lielausis says:

    No more Sea World – it’s a money making organization as opposed to a place that supports animals in their natural environment where they belong, the sea.


  • Twenty-five (25!) orcas died in SeaWorld facilities between 1986 and 2010—►an average of nearly one each year◄—►►►and not one died of old age◄◄◄. Causes of death included intestinal gangrene, chronic kidney disease, chronic cardiovascular failure, and severe trauma. According to whistleblower tips from trainers, withholding food from animals who refuse to perform is a common training method, and because of the intense boredom and aggression caused by captivity, orcas gnaw on the metal gates and concrete corners of the tanks and damage their teeth. Dismantle ALL Sea Worlds and Sea World-like parks.

  • Judy Lee says:

    They should all be free like GOD intended them to be!!!

  • Net als in de circus , dieren horen er niet thuis in SeaWorld voor de mens zijn amusement.Laat ze in hun habitat ,mens en dier worden er beter van .

  • Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t there be at least any kind of ethics for orcas in captivity?

  • Gary says:

    Good job PETA! Let the world know what Sea World is doing these wonderful animals. They should be free to swim the ocean.

  • Cassandra says:

    Yea for PETA and the demonstrators! SeaWorld should be ashamed of its treatment of Orcas and the other captives it forces to perform. We live in Florida where there are two SeaWorld locations near us. We have NEVER been and no one who visits us does, either!

  • Regina says:

    Nunca irei ao SeaWorld, prisão de vidro, aquário do mal. Se depender de mim e de minha família irão à falência. Covardes!

  • Deborah Plaeger says:

    I wish I could have participated in the demonstration that went on at the Rose Bowl Parade to promote not attending any of the Sea World Parks. It would not have bothered me to be arrested for something I believe in so passionately. People are so unaware of how unhappy these animals are held in captivity. Hats off to PETA for making people aware.

  • Good for them. It angers me that animal cruelty is a crime and when these people point it out and don’t want it glorified in a parade they get arrested for it. They should get a medal!

  • Marina Sepulveda says:

    No moré Sea World!!

  • DOuglas Anderson says:

    PETA could have sued Seaworld for misrepresentation; the fake Orca has a nice upright fin unlike the majority in captivity. Well done PETA! Keep the pressure on! The world supports your fight for animal rights.

  • Shame on the Rose Parade for endorsing the cruelty 24/7 at all Sea World locations! We all can boycott those who exploit orcas and dolphins and treat them as objects with which to make money! So very sad and tragic!