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Get off Your Tuffet for ‘Save a Spider’ Day

Written by PETA | March 14, 2011
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Today is National “Save a Spider” Day,  a day when arachnids everywhere relax and let their spinnerets down. Since I am not personally adept at saving spiders, I’m fortunate to have a husband who has honed his cup-and-paper trapping skills, so that is how we’ll be celebrating. (Cup-and-paper–impaired? Try the Humane Bug Catcher.) For those of you arachnophobes who may be wondering if it counts if you watch a Tobey Maguire film, consider the following facts about spiders that you may not know of yet:

  • Fans of Spyder roadsters, did you know that spiders extend their limbs using hydraulic pressure?
  • Spiders eat a lot of the insects whom people aren’t always so fond of, such as mosquitoes, flies, ants, and aphids. They do not, however, eat curds and whey.
  • Spider webs are similar in strength to nylon, but they’re much more elastic and less prone to breaking or losing their shape. I’d like them to teach the makers of my pantyhose a thing or two.
  • Spiders were used in some ancient artwork to symbolize patience.
  • One species of spider is actually vegetarian. (Spiders for the Ethical Treatment of Animals?)

If you’re one of the Mazda or Honda drivers whose car saved a spider and you would rather not celebrate the holiday on the interstate, PETA will gladly accept your car and its inhabitants for our lifesaving work for all animals, leg count notwithstanding.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Vernotski says:

    I want to be spiderman

  • dominic gale says:

    i love spiders i cant see them die but i eat them for dinner and let them sleep with me and suck my gentlemen parts

  • Connor says:

    @As if You will die of a spider bite. The end.

  • As if says:

    Spiders don’t eat enough insects to justify existance in my presence. All spiders are poisonous, it is just a matter of how poisonous where bites inflicted upon humans are concerned. And what about the spiders that are invasive species? What’s next? Save the cockroaches day? Save a bed bug day? A pest is a pest is a pest. Yuck.

  • Lil says:

    Say one has written a story about saving a spider will there be a Save a Spider day in 2011 for which she could post it to you guys? It’s called, ‘”Excuse me Miss”, the spider said.’ Happy spider rescuing.

  • kathy says:

    I found an easy way to get insects. I use a plastic tupperware bowl. It has to be big enough so even if the insect tries to run the bowl will cover the area. I tore the thin, cardboard cover off of a notebook. I quickly place the bowl over the insect so the bowl is flush with the wall or floor. Then I slide the notebook cover under the bowl and walk outside. You must be careful that the notebook cover doesn’t get bent or they can crawl to the gap and get crushed when you push down on the cover. This works for flying insects too.