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Gallery Plans to Feature Dog Killer’s Work

Written by PETA | October 7, 2011

As part of its new sculpture park, the Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) at the University of Rochester is planning to install a piece by Tom Otterness, who notoriously purchased a dog from an animal shelter, tied him to a fence, and shot him to death as part of a 1977 “art” film. Although he has since apologized, he reportedly has yet to make any meaningful gesture of regret, such as donating time or money to a reputable animal shelter.

Public outcry has led to the cancellation or postponement of other Otterness sculptures, including a planned New York Public Library sculpture that was canceled after PETA protested. So far, MAG has ignored the most recent protests and plans to proceed with Otterness’ commission.

PETA is urging people to avoid visiting MAG so that the gallery will get the message that killing animals is always cruel and that animal abusers should be held accountable. Instead, we encourage people to check out artists such as Miru Kim and Nafe Nanfeng as well as art collective Neozoon, all of whom use their work to help stop cruelty to animals.

Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

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  • Lynette Bosch says:

    This is not art – it is cruelty beyond belief and that a museum would exhibit this work is corrupt because this is exhibiting images that are about indulging perverse impulses in human beings. Anyone who is cruel to a helpless animal promotes inhumanity. What next? Will he shoot a child and film it and museums will exhibit the film?

  • Sam thorn says:


  • billy williams says:

    This is disgusting!-I live in Rochester & this was all over the local news,DISGUSTING!-He shouldn’t have his art displayed,He’s not even going to donate some of the money he’s getting to an animal rescue group(like he was asked)DISGUSTING!

  • James Thomson says:

    This guy’s a no-talent jerk, who THINKS art justifies what he did. It didn’t, doesn’t, and never will. Let’s not forget that the Latin world thinks that bullfighting is an artform. People will use any stupid argument as a justification for doing what they enjoy. That’s it. They just ENJOY it. Hedonists and solipsists. A proper, civilised society would not ALLOW them to do it, so it is the fault of the people and/or their political representatives if they are allowed to do it or get away with doing it.

  • [email protected] says:

    This guy has apologized for what he did, yet he has never donated any money towards an animal shelter or helped animals since, i read an artical where he claimed he was experiencing emotional turmoil and despair at the time and that he was a 25 yr old stuggling artist, what so that makes it ok to kill an innocent animal to make them successful???? interesting to read what the students think, especially the ones that say it was 40 yrs ago he’s an artist there all weird, makes you wonder what they teach kids at art school dont think id want my daughter thinking it was ok to do what Otterness did dont think that would go down well in the UK. This guy just wants people to feel sorry for him but still make loads of money out of his work. This is just like Michael Vicks really, if we think awww they are sorry for they have done we’ll forgive them it just opens the doors up for all animal abusers.

  • Lauren says:

    This is cruelty at it’s worst. No art by any means. more like Bullshit.

  • real arty says:

    It is likely that this artist is a sociopath, devoid of the ability to feel, to empathize. He probably can’t help it, but, like Michael Vick, who is probably also one, he needs not to be rewarded but watched carefully and kept at a distance.

  • Valerie says:

    Wouldn’t it be great to see animal abusers receive the same fate as those they abuse!!!!

  • teresa clark says:

    please stop the abuse on these animals they deserve better and i pray you realize it..God help you and them

  • Rachel says:

    I am exremely dissapointed. Who would even THINK of wanting do do something with him after he shot and killed a dog?! This is just stupid, I hope MAG realizes that what they’re doing is full of shit.

  • Christine DeLorey says:

    There is no art – no creativity whatsoever – in terrorizing and killing a helpless being… just stone cold heartlessness. It sounds as if MAG has fallen into unfeeling hands.

  • Christine DeLorey says:

    There is no art – no creativity whatsoever – in terrorizing and killing a helpless being… just stone cold heartlessness. It sounds as if MAG has fallen into unfeeling hands.

  • SANDMAN says:

    Totally outrageous……….This Tom guy needs to be beatin to a pulp or ripped apart by a dog to feel the pain and agony that dog must have gone through when he shot the poor thing in 1977!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!