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Update: Where Is This Cub’s Mother? (Video and Photos)

Written by PETA | May 20, 2014

Update: The latest victim at the Cherokee Bear Zoo is a bear cub who is being used as a photo prop. The cub paces from one side of her cramped cage to the other, growling and crying. She angrily stomps her hind legs and urinates on herself—all signs of great stress, according to a bear expert.

We’ve sent an urgent complaint to the U.S. Department of Agriculture asking the agency to investigate immediately.

Bear Cub at Cherokee Bear ZooBear Cub at Cherokee Bear Zoo Hanging on Enclosure

Other apparent animal neglect witnessed and documented at the roadside zoo includes an iguana suffering from a fungal infection, bears with a dirty pool as their only apparent water source, and bears forced to live on wet concrete, which can result in painful foot ailments.

Originally posted February 6, 2014:

PETA has learned that, following our October 2013 complaint, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited and fined the notorious Cherokee Bear Zoo for multiple violations of federal laws protecting workers, including allowing workers to come into direct contact with bears during feeding and cage cleaning. Video footage and photographs taken last year and supplied to OSHA by PETA show zoo attendants standing inside concrete pits, each containing multiple bears, with no barriers of any kind to protect them. This is an especially dangerous situation considering that the extreme stress and deprivation that these bears experience can increase their aggression—making them ticking time bombs.

Bear Pits at CBZ

Bears at this North Carolina roadside zoo are imprisoned in concrete pits so deep that they can’t see over the walls to the trees beyond. The pits are virtually barren except for some tree branches and apparently dirty pools that serve as both their drinking water and bathtubs. Such deprivation causes bears to become anxious and frustrated, and most develop neurotic behavior, such as pacing constantly or bobbing their heads.

The Cherokee Bear Zoo is a true hellhole for both the animals locked up there and for its workers. Please urge Cherokee Bear Zoo’s owners to close these inhumane bear pits for good.

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  • Karen Hambrock says:

    This is disgusting and needs to be stopped NOW! We were their in June 2014 and I just don’t understand why this nonsense is being allowed. In fact we have been going to Cherokee for years and back in the 1950’s & 1960’s when I was young I remember seeing these bear pits then and feeling so sad. One huge bear on the other side of town had a very small cage outside with just a dog house. He is no longer their and the cage is empty now. It is time this is stopped! Also Santa’s Land in Cherokee is abusing many different species of animals. I am so glad the Sanooke’s bear pit was closed, but PLEASE LETS GET THE OTHERS OUT OF THOSE HORRID CONDITIONS!

  • kelly cave says:

    I was at this place Sept.2013. Those poor bears look awful and can only see the sky because the concrete pits are deep. spectators stand above and toss morsels of grapes and lettuce to them, its sad and heartbreaking. Someone please rescue them,there were about 8 or 10 at that time. Good news is they had a white tiger in a concrete enclosue and I found him this past Saturday at Tiger World in N.C.he has a nice habitat, having trouble adjusting,but will take time, Thank you USDA, now go back ad get the bears and shut that place down!

  • Patricia Vallejo says:

    Watching this little bear run back and forth made me wonder how people can be so cruel. The space and environment that this little bear is kept in is so small that he(she) must be going crazy. Don’t these people care about what they’re doing to this bear. I wonder if these people are capable of feeling anything. Please, please help set this bear free as all animals should be.

  • Joanne Marriott says:

    Why so cruel to God’s creatures, all animals should be loved and repected we should be protecting them not destroying them. Please set this bear free and let it roam in the wild where it belongs

  • This cub should be with mum. For heavens sake stop this barbarism and let the poor animals be!

  • Adriana says:

    Oh well !! we´re prepared to fight back !! let´s share this wide enough to hepl them !!

  • Tam says:

    So disappointed with people like this

  • what kind of people pay to see all this? why don’t they get together and go in with real media and demand to place the animals in a safe place and shut them down

  • Free animals, no zoo, no circus.

  • Thandz says:

    PETA, please help us get put voice out. This broke my heart. So it’s definitely not mild pain for these animals at all