Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Cherokee Bear Zoo Slapped With Citations, Fines After PETA Complaint

Written by Paula Moore | February 6, 2014

PETA has learned that, following our October 2013 complaint, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited and fined the notorious Cherokee Bear Zoo for multiple violations of federal laws protecting workers, including allowing workers to come into direct contact with bears during feeding and cage cleaning. Video footage and photographs taken last year and supplied to OSHA by PETA show zoo attendants standing inside concrete pits, each containing multiple bears, with no barriers of any kind to protect them. This is an especially dangerous situation considering that the extreme stress and deprivation that these bears experience can increase their aggression—making them ticking time bombs.

Bear Pits at CBZ

Bears at this North Carolina roadside zoo are imprisoned in concrete pits so deep that they can’t see over the walls to the trees beyond. The pits are virtually barren except for some tree branches and apparently dirty pools that serve as both their drinking water and bathtubs. Such deprivation causes bears to become anxious and frustrated, and most develop neurotic behavior, such as pacing constantly or bobbing their heads.

The Cherokee Bear Zoo is a true hellhole for both the animals locked up there and for its workers. Please urge Cherokee Bear Zoo’s owners to close these inhumane bear pits for good.

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  • Melysa4513 says:

    Karma baby!! You cant treat living, breathing creatures like this and think its ok! Actions that these nasty people take are being watched… what goes around comes right back around again!

  • Janette Klein says:

    Stop this cruel imprisonment.

  • cindy long says:

    hasn’t changed in 40 years…
    stop breeding bears, retire bears to sanctuary

  • Tony Durke says:

    Zoos are evil. Full stop. We need to evolve beyond this epoch of captive animals for our own pleasure or ‘education’.

  • Anne Johnsson says:

    I’m truly horrified to see bears living like this.Let them out please.Then put the owners in.

  • Savannah Judd says:

    Sentenced to a concrete life for being a bear God help them!

  • nora says:

    STOP this life sentence!! it is so unfair and unnecessary to live this way! please help and release them! This is so sad! I will never go to a zoo like this!

  • maja says:

    I hate zoo’s! How can people put some of these animals behind concrete walls!?!? Stopp this cruelty. Put the thiefs behind these walls instead

  • vera häussler says:

    es ist furchtbar was den tieren angetan wird,die menschen werden so abgestumpft, das
    sie kein mitleid mehr kennen, wie kann man das ändders

  • courtney lester says:

    How would these owners of these make shift so called zoos like to live its life in a pit to pace around on hot concrete not even humane or fun to look at animals are suppost to be treated right and respected whats wrong with these owners. No more free passes and warnings or even fines the condition and treatment is beyond wrong and needs to be shut down for good. These bears need to be sent to a real zoo or sanctuary. Do the right thing government there needing your help its not there fault they have inhumane owners.please help

    • Carol Gazda says:

      These poor innocent bears deserve a much better life than this, They have to be able to see landscape and trees. They need to have things to smell, and clean drinking water. Another zoo or sanctuary would be much better for them. Please give them a chance at a better life.

      • graciettah bouchart says:

        Stop the cruelty of of all animals. The people doing this to these poor helpless animals are the ones that should be put behind concrete walls. Free these animals ….do the right thing…help them have a better life.