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Video: Bill Maher and Top Comedians ‘Stand Up for Animals’

Written by PETA | June 16, 2014

Comedy legend Bill Maher and “Roastmaster General” Jeffrey Ross made fun of everyone in the room, but it was all for a great cause.

Bill Maher Stand Up for Animals

The comedians, along with Undateable‘s Ron Funches, IFC’s Laura Kightlinger, and the Nerdist network’s Kurt Braunohler, donated their time and talent to PETA’s “Stand-Up for Animals” show at Los Angeles’ famed Comedy Store.

Jeff Ross Stand Up for Animals

The packed house was laughing all night as the comedians hit cruelty to animals with their best shot. Maher, a longtime PETA ally, poked fun at hunting, asking the audience, “Is it really a sport if you have all the equipment and your opponent doesn’t know a game is going on?”

For all our PETA members who couldn’t attend, here’s a video of some of the evening’s highlights:

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a night of fun that will help us put a serious dent in animal abuse.

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  • Joan Wells says:

    Can people evolve as sentient beings fast enough to spare the suffering of tomorrow’s lab animals, animals trapped in ‘roadside attractions,’ dogs on chains in front yards suffering cold and heat, breeding dogs in puppy mills, factory animals abused as a matter of routine, then sent to slaughterhouses to suffer their greatest fears…

    Keep telling us who we are, PETA! Keep telling folks who don’t want to know the true cost animals pay for the meats and dairy products we eat.

    Keep telling us, because suddenly we humans will face the atrocities we commit and perpetuate as a society. .. and we will have evolved a bit closer to the sentient beings we were intended to be.

    Thank you.

  • Antonia Muller says:

    stop eating animals, hunting and fishing and vivisection

  • Haydee says:

    Peta is the best !!!!

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