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Breakthrough: Army Spares Thousands of Animals Gruesome Death

Written by PETA | April 1, 2013

The end is near for the military’s cruel trauma training exercises, in which thousands of animals are maimed and killed each year!

PETA has discovered—and the U.S. Army’s Office of the Surgeon General has confirmed—that the Army has implemented a major shift in policy that states, “Non-medical personnel are not authorized to participate in training that involves the use of animal models.” These nonmedical service members, who previously were allowed to abuse and kill animals in these drills, will now be taught exclusively using non-animal “alternatives such as commercial training manikins, moulaged actors, cadavers, or virtual simulators.”

This will likely prevent thousands of animals from being shot, cut apart, and killed each year in crude exercises like the disturbing military training drill that PETA exposed last year showing live goats who had their limbs broken and cut off

But that’s not all: According to the Army, this change is just one of several that will be unveiled as a result of a series of meetings that began in February about restructuring the military’s medical training program. The shift is likely in response to PETA supporters’ protests, as well as Congress’ request that the Department of Defense (DOD) submit a detailed plan for the phase-out of all animal use in medical training drills in favor modern non-animal methods. That report, which has already been delayed once, is now due in early summer. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more about the military’s broader plans to make all its deadly animal laboratories history.

What You Can Do

This is momentous progress, but we’re not done yet. Please urge military officials to end the cruel use of animals in training for all personnel immediately.

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  • belinda says:

    are we more animals than the animal, human being who does this to an animal is not a human is evil Satan on earth. Stop abusing animals

  • And that is our military. How disgraceful . It amazes me with all of the secret weapons being developed, that in the end,… ,the military is using live helpless animals for target practice, to gut, to break their bones and anything their heart desires as if these animals feel no pain.
    Are these military people oblivious to pain and suffering of helpless creatures.? Does the mutilation of these animals make them better soldiers?. Why is it necessary to test sophisticated weapons on live animals? It is very difficult to be a respecter of anything in these times. I expected a higher standard from our military.

  • Diana frank says:

    This torture is unnecessary and inhuman! You can judge a society by the way they treat animals!

  • etienne saint vregord says:

    This is terrifying torture of animals. They have to stop this crime against animals with immediate effect.

  • seung-han Lee says:


  • Taylor says:

    The degree of unethical conduct that the U.S. Military displays here with evil, horrific abuse of animals cannot be defended nor justified. I do not care if certain training regulations encourage or even require the use of animals in trauma response training. This would not be tolerated and would have serious consequences for officials within the U.S. Military had this been torture of humans. Pain perception, suffering, and torture is universal and therefore has universal moral and ethical standards. An executive order should be instituted that calls for immediate discontinuation of these acts (not through a “strategic plan”), with dire consequences for those whom do not comply. All animals suffering from injuries sustained from these “sessions” should be independently evaluated by board-certified veterinary practitioners, administered adequate intravenous/intramuscular analgesia, and treated as deemed appropriate by current expert opinion and scientific standards – at the cost of the U.S. Government. Having to think about how far we have come and then see these barbaric actions by a U.S. government entity is downright sickening and disheartening. Shame on all that participated.

  • lisa says:

    For our next excercise we are going to rip off a goats or pigs leg, seriously how do’s that help medics on the ground when they are faced with a soldier who’s just had their blown off??? animals are different to humans they react differently they respond differently they feel pain differently people say they are the same as us they are not animals have their own way in dealing with things they are unique and extremly more intelligent than us.

  • BT says:

    Is the US Army living in the stone age or is this 2013??? Those US Army personnel whom are cutting off the limbs of live animals should have their own limbs cut off to see how it feels. The US Army is a disgrace!!!

  • John says:

    I hate to say it but have we lowered ourselves to Chinas level? We see what they do at their fur farms why don’t we just rip the skin off of our animals too. I’m embarrassed for us

  • Franco says:

    Can you imagine what they do to prisoners of war? PS Animals don’t need to suffer AT ALL.

  • Jimena Carrera says:




  • Dawn O'Neill says:

    It is sick & twisted to use animals for any military training! Please stop now!

  • Carolyn says:

    Please use other more ethical methods of training our outstanding military men and women. Animals don’t deserve to suffer needlessly.