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Angela Simmons Bares All in the Big Apple

Written by PETA | September 28, 2011

It might be the genesis of a new era in animal rights: Wearing nothing but her long, flowing hair, Angela Simmons—devout Christian, founder of Pastry, and niece of longtime PETA supporter Russell Simmons—made the poignant revelation that eating meat is wholly unholy in a new ad for PETA. 

“I want to open people’s eyes up. … If this is where I can find my niche to come and help, I want to help,” she explained.   

Angela unveiled the ad to an enthusiastic crowd at Manhattan’s Paramount Hotel last night, including her uncle Russell, whose vegan lifestyle inspired her own, Ami James, Simone Reyes, and other animal-loving VIPs, while enjoying music by Samantha Ronson (who wore a “no fur” button all night). 

Angela believes that God’s creatures deserve love and compassion, not abuse on factory farms and painful slaughter. “I really want people to know what happens to animals … I think it’s important we take action,” she said.

You can follow Angela’s advice and take action today by ordering a free vegetarian/vegan starter kit. And we promise it’s not a sin to covet the delicious recipes you’ll find on our Living page.


Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • AgainstCruelty says:

    What about the weav Angela is wearing on her head!!!???Her hair is NOWHERE as long as what us shown !!! Is that real HUMAN hair!!??? Because if so she’s a hypocrit whn it comes to cruelty!!!!!!

  • Cat For Peace says:

    Causing torture of another living being is a sin. Holding a being in a cage, depriving it of sunlight and grass and others of it’s kind is a sin. Causing fear and torture so you can eat flesh is a sin. Tearing a baby away from it’s mother before it can even see her is a sin. Yes, Factory farming is a sin.

  • Saucy says:

    Congratulations PETA! You just started a whole new canvas of controversary. The elements of suprise. I like it. And just in time for the holidays. Good Work PETA………….LOL