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DIY Facial Moisturizer

Is dry skin giving you the winter blues? It’s annoying enough when your hands are rough and red around the knuckles, but it’s even more aggravating when you look in the mirror and notice that the skin around your eyes looks dry—it’s as if wrinkles are setting in, courtesy of winter weather! Grrr. That’s when a vegan, cruelty-free, DIY facial moisturizer comes in handy.

We saw Sunny’s rescue remedy for dry facial skin and just had to share it here. The key ingredient is jojoba oil (pronounced “ho-ho-ba”). According to Sunny, “Jojoba oil closely resembles sebum (the oil our skin produces), so it tricks the skin into thinking it has produced enough facial oil. Basically, jojoba oil moisturizes without clogging pores.” Check out how natural and easy to make this recipe is!

DIY Facial Moisturizer
Jojoba oil
Few drops essential oil of your choice
Small glass or plastic bottle

  • Mix the ingredients together. For every teaspoonful of jojoba oil, add 1 drop of essential oil. Pour into a bottle.
  • Massage a few drops directly into your skin or add to your favorite moisturizer for some extra-soothing umph. Ta-da!

Do you have any DIY tricks to keep your skin soft and supple during the colder months? Do tell!

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  • PRIORI - CoffeeBerry Slimming Body Complex says:

    nice product for skin caring.thanks

  • sadhuvedantmunijain says:

    really we are due to lack of knowledge we are accepting/taking the unwanted products ,some products are known as vegetarian but we are taking non vegetarians.manufacturing are misleading the innocents. they are playing emotional blackmailing. it should be stopped,

  • chander kumar soni says:

    nice article.
    useful item.

  • Becksstein says:

    I use avocados on my face….they really help my dry skin, I mash one up (well, most of one….I love avocados and usually eat a little lol), and then simply put the mash on my face. I wait about a half hour, then wash it off. The results are soft, non-winter skin 🙂

  • Kyle says:

    Is the essential oil just for the smell? Can’t you just use jojoba oil by itself?

  • organicwench says:

    I mix equal parts of argan oil and rose hip oil which I purchase from This can be used alone or under a moisturizer (I use carrot rose face cream, good ingredients and not expensive.) I also use organic olive oil as a face cleanser (just wipe on and remove with a cotton wash cloth), and I make a face toner using equal parts green tea and rose hip tea.

  • Sarah L says:

    This is similar to the Oil Cleansing Method, which is a great soap-free (and animal friendly!) way to clean your face that you can easily customize to your skin type and the season (lighter in the summer, heavier in the winter). If you Google “Oil Cleansing Method” the first few searches are the most helpful, but ask around, you probably have friends already doing it!