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New Florida Law Is Off the Chain

Written by PETA | March 23, 2011

With a “woof woof” here and a “woof woof” there, dogs in Seminole County, Florida, are celebrating a new anti-chaining ordinance.

© Reuben Steains

Bryan and Carla Wilson with Animal Rights Foundation of Florida pushed for the chaining regulation to help protect dogs from neglect and people from bites and in doing so, earned themselves an award from PETA.

The ordinance prohibits dogs from being chained continuously for more than one hour between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. In addition, the owner must be present while the dog is chained, and the chain must be at least 10 feet long. Dogs under the age of 6 months can’t be chained at all, and multiple dogs can’t be chained in close enough proximity to each other that their chains could become tangled. Violators could face fines of $50 to $250 per day. (That’s 100 to 500 biscuits in dog money.)

Click here to learn how to get a chaining ordinance passed and help dogs in your community.

Written by Michelle Sherrow 

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  • Victor says:

    I live in Polk County Fla some one told me even if I had a chain link fence I had to tie my dog up is this true?

  • Dawn says:

    Kaitlyn, If you can’t fence your yard, then your dog should not be out without your supervision for the very reasons you expressed.

  • Sam says:

    No dog should be chained up to a pole, they cant run, play and be dogs. I’m sure your dog loves being outside, I’m also sure it doesn’t like being tied up and restricted by a chain when s/he is outside. There is always a possibility that a dog could get loose (they are animals after all), and there are possible dangers but that doesn’t mean they should be restricted to a fence/pole by a chain. This is a step in the right direction! woohoo

  • Kodzas says:

    I couldn’t agree more with both of you! I think that animal cruelty is just terrible and that no one should ever even consider chaining their dog.

  • Kaitlyn says:

    I love this ordinance, but many people, including myself, could unintentionally violate these rules without being cruel to the dog. My dog loves to be outside. Taking him for daily walks just wouldn’t be enough. He loves to lay in the yard and just watch what is going on. The ordinance allows this, but only for one hour at a time. My dog wouldn’t like that. Also, dogs under the age of 6 months can’t be chained at all, that could pose a possible threat to the dog if there is another dog in the area that gets loose and attacks the dog or the dog could run out in the street and get hit by a car. (unless s/he is on a leash) The ordinance seems a little to strict to me, but at least those lovely animals are protected.