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Liar, Liar, Armani on Fire!

Written by PETA | October 7, 2008

Maybe you remember this phrase from your childhood: “Liar, liar, pants on fire, nose as long as a telephone wire.”

Well, does that apply to Giorgio Armani, or did he hit his head—causing him to have a drastic about-face? Because the Armani who was once swearing off fur is now dressing babies in it just one short year later. Note to Armani: Rabbits are furry animals no different from dogs, cats, foxes, and minks.

So, shoppers who were on their way into his flagship store in Milan were treated to a glimpse of how Armani looks to us now that he apparently can’t break his rabbit habit. PETA Europe posted this rather pointed portrayal of Pinocchio Armani just outside the store:




Because, seriously, what kind of person learns about the cruelty of the fur industry, pledges to be fur-free, and then decides to kill animals for “fashion” anyway? You tell us.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • YankeeGirl210 says:

    I have adopted many unwanted, uncared for, dumped or neglected rabbits.  I won’t even watch the video, as I would have difficulty getting the vision and horrendous screaming out of my mind.  Anyone who does this for money/fashion is mean and should feel deep, deep shame.  Anyone who would dress in the suffering of another living thing, or worse, dress their child in the suffering of innocent rabbits, should feel terror and suffering. If they  are not all atheists, they’re gonna wish they were, cuz if they believe in hell, they are most certainly going there.

  • Alex Mandreanol says:

    It would be a great coat if it was synthetic.. It still looked good though D

  • Faye says:

    Some people just don’t get it. Most rabbits killed for fur are either bashed stomped on or yanked up by the back legs and then have their fur cut and peeled off them while they are fully conscious. Other rabits are next to them watching. The furless rabits are then thrown onto a pile to slowly die. Sometimes they are purposely kept alive as long as possible by having water poured over them presumably to sell as ‘fresh meat’. Don’t be fooled into thinking rabits raised for fur have a life worth living.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Hmm after reading the comments I think I agree on all except for Kristina’s. I think artificial fur would look better than real fur actually. No matter what i’ll not buy this murderer’s designs. His designs are exceptionally horrible anyway. Guess is probably nicer D

  • vegancoin says:

    “I think that you have to give the people who feed and raise the animals some credit for giving these rabbits and other animals a chance to experience the joys of breathing eating food and drinking.” Wrong. No credit where credit isn’t due. That is enslavement and brutal torture plain and simple. You’re “reasoning” here is rather sloppy at best. But more to the point…Just to eat every day only to live and be trapped in a very small cage is unthinkable in itself but then to be horrifically slaughtered only for their fur is unnecessarily cruel and inhumane. This is unnatureal and wrong. so nobody is doing the animals any favors. That notion is demented itself. There is no kindness no benevolence shown only very inhumane and brutal treatment at the hands of greedy selfish and very anthropocentric humans. The sum total of this is inhumane treatment of innocent animals and nothing else doomed to live a life of torture and misery. Only insane greedy corrupt and shamelessly ignorant people would wear fur and if it’s all the same to you the same applies to the ghoulish and soulless individuals whom would raise animals only for slaughter. Do you realize that you want to reward people whose only interest and vocation is to torture and mutilate defenseless animals and sentient beings all in the name of anthropocentric greed and shameless fashion? Probably not.

  • Greg's Conscience says:

    Are you kidding me? You really are one of those types that justifies torture? So.. the same should be said about those humans that live a free life but die at an early age. It’s better to be enslaved your whole life in wire cages?? GIVE ME A BREAK. Grow an intelligence.

  • Greg says:

    I think that you have to give the people who feed and raise the animals some credit for giving these rabbits and other animals a chance to experience the joys of breathing eating food and drinking. They are able to contemplate life and existence and do not have to suffer a long agonizing death as they would in the natural world. It shows some kindness to first shock them unconscious before ending their life instantly. The twitching at the end are nerves and natural muscle spasms. I think we need to be focusing our time and money more on educating people about the ideologies of this world that encourage the mass enslavement and persecutution of human beigns

  • Mark says:

    people who wear fur are no different than the people who slaughter the animals to get the fur

  • cindy says:

    FUR is just not fabulous at all! Why would anyone want a dead animal on their body. Not only it is disgusting but inhumane and unnecessary. Fur is just a symbol of dead skin and hair and murder! I certainly stay far away from it and will never go near it! Armani shame on you! Judgment day will come!!! You only have few more days ahead of you… Why don’t you do something good for the world with your money… Aren’t you a christian? I will never buy from you again! Principle and integrity is important and you ARMANI don’t have it!

  • jessica says:

    hhmm maybe the poster might deter him from changing his mind again..?

  • DEBBIE says:


  • PAMELA says:

    I love armanibut I don’t agree with fur at all the practice is not nesscarywhen we have all them fake furs out their.While I don’t agree with all peta has to sayi do agree with one thing their is no need for violence against animals PERIOD!

  • R says:


  • THE MASK says:

    Yes this insane guy has to be boycotted! but unfortunately he doesn’t get his money from ‘normal’ people as we are but from the socalled industrial and political ‘highclass’ celebrity! they are the real criminals who bring him the big money!

  • Maria Isabel says:

    NAUGHTY ARMANI! I love this picture. It really paints him for what he is. And that’s a rotten stinking bunnykilling LIAR!

  • Gis says:

    Unbelievable!!!! It is disgusting he has zero respect for animals. He approves and supports suffering!!! He is man that cannot keep his word LIAR! His money will never show him how to be a man of his word and to respect and love ANY kind of breathing living being on earth. He is worthless.

  • Nick says:

    We need to just completely boycott every single Armani Armani Xchange store that we see. Let them know that their loyal customers like me will never touch another Armani item ever again. And when we know that Jlo buys the fur from the money we give her by buying her albums lets cut that income by boycotting her too.

  • paris hilton says:

    freedom of choice so shut up and let him do what he wants


    Tracy that’s a great idea i really love it!!!

  • lizbeth says:

    it’s a fall back I’ve noted in another particular designer who also promised or voiced she wouldn’t use fur anymore.. I guess they coudln’t resist in the end and the notion that ‘rabbit fur’ is the lesser of the other evils.. seems to be the case.. Ihave seen the videos of foxes literally going mad and out of their minds in their claustophobic cages and monotonous dreary existence as they frantically pace about.. this goes the same for the minx raccoon dogs.. red foxes.. etc.. and given the freedom these animals could and would roam for miles each day in wide open space.. the image I have is that the bunnies tend to stay mostly stationery except for the odd hop and hopefully being encaged so they aren’t driven to extremes of behaviour and I’m perfectly aware that they knaw away at their bars out of frutration or anxiety or sheer boredom.. I htink it is WRONG for ANY animal to be caged up for their entire lives.. period.. and that includes animals kept in zoos.. but like I said.. and this is just a guess or a notion I have.. these designers feel that rabbit fur given a choice out of all the others is the ‘lesser evil’ ..

  • vegancoin says:

    you are a very selfish confused and uncompassionate person kristina. and your utilitarian ethic betrays your greed and storebought arrogance. Your small child knows only that his blanket keeps him warm and has no idea where his food comes from. To pretend that he has a grasp of such ideas seems very farfetched and ridiculous.

  • drew says:

    It is worthy to note that in The New Testament people are told to dress themselves in good works rather than attractive fashions. Women especially are told that this is what is proper. Greed Pride Envy Mercilessness Lust and other Sins are responsible for most of the fur industry. It comes down to the same basic sins that have caused the recent economic crisis Society gets rid of good values and replaces them with sins like greed and pride. Society teaches children that wrong is right and right is wrong. Italy should read the Bible. I think they have some over there! Going after the wrong things giving glory to improper things destroys societies and people and causes hells on earth like the fur industry.

  • Tracy says:

    armani should skin off some of jlos ass and make outfits for her babies nasty people

  • la montanara says:

    as an italian i’m disgusted by armani’s attitude! he is an arrogant liar and i just hope that italians once again are not put into a bad light by such a ‘mafioso della merda fresca’! shame on your head armani may italy spit you out! and a lesson before leaving never judge people according to their appearance! even if they are dressed in ‘haute couture’ they can be big aholes!

  • Dayna says:

    that’s a horribly disgusting and selfish point of view kristina. explains the limited perceptions people who buy fur products have.

  • Bunnylove says:

    We wouldn’t want a NonHuman Outside Force capable of terrorizing us to make products out of our skin simply because they like the feel of it and then eat us because this “Outside Force” has become accustomed to think of us as food. Worst yetthey have every alternative for human products available to themlike for our skins and fleshand everything elsebut would still choose to continue to mutilate us. Why? Simply put because they can. Because we are defenseless and can’t protect ourselves.How horrible and heartless they would be. I am not radical or extremejust realistic and fair.Every living breathing being on this entire earth has the same need to live without premeditated intentional suffering.

  • Gina says:

    I guess the basta isn’t rich enough? He just can’t resist selling fur even though he’s probably in a position to do anything he likes still be a fabulously wealthy top designer. Never in a million years will I understand greedy money grubby animal exploitators profiteers. One word would suffice and who would ever bring it up again to a man of such wealth power? NO I will not be a part of the the cruel fur industry I will not keep them in business by selling fur especially to children! I hope there is a God because no one is punishing these people here on earth and they have no conscience Armani could care less about what hideous conditions animals in fur farms live die. Obviously he doesn’t give a second thought about the damage he’s doing to animal welfare issues by breaking his promise he sets animal rights back yet again all the harder each time to fight our way up. The worse is what it says to children that by selling to kids it condones fur as OK they’ll likely grow up thinking it’s a status symbol and the norm if their callous indifferent parents buy it sending the wrong message. It’s all too much for me sometimes one step forward then 2 steps backward AGAIN with these rich people with a black heart no soul.

  • lynda downie says:

    Good one Peta! There is no necessity to dress babies in the fur of tortured rabbits. I admire thosewhoinstead teach their children respect and gentleness for animals.

  • Kristina says:

    My son loved his rabbit pelt blankets as an infant and at the age of two still curls up with them at night. I guess it doesn’t matter that the same rabbit raised for fur ended up in someone’s pot on the stove?

  • Darcy Jo says:

    When I read he had made special fur outfits for jLo’s twins..I could not believe it. But then I could. I am sure JLo kloves having her babies in fur because she loves being in fur. BAD ARMANI!!

  • SASHA says:

    OH MY GOSH! I just loved it! This is sooooo great! He is a BUNNY killer! You should have a MOST WANTED poster of him with “BUNNYKILLER” on it and “boycott” stamped across his forehead! This is one of the best ever poster!