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Restaurant Guide

Looking for a vegetarian-friendly restaurant near you? Check out the ones we’ve reviewed below. Each review includes a detailed description of the food and atmosphere and provides contact information. If you find a restaurant that you think you’d like but it’s too far from home, don’t worry—each review also includes recipes that the restaurants have given to us for you to try at home.

Keep in mind that this is just a small sampling of vegetarian-friendly restaurants. For more comprehensive listings of vegetarian restaurants worldwide, check out these dining guides: Happy Cow, Veg Dining, and VegGuide.

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  • Jose Malone's Mexican Irish Restaurant says:

    Jose Malone’s is VERY vegetarian friendly. While we do serve meat, our policy is, if it doesn’t have meat in the title it’s vegetarian. For instance, Split Pea soup would be vegetarian, if it’s called Split Pea and Ham it’s not. We have a vegetarian fryer. Separate griddles, separate cutting boards, separate knives, etc. The cooks are all trained not to mix utensils from one item to another. No chicken stock or lard contaminates our “vegetarian” food. Vegan options are also available. Owner is a 40 year vegetarian. In Troy, NY

  • Nina Thomasian says:

    There’s an awesome place called Red Velvet Cafe here in Las Vegas, NV that has great vegan food. They’re famous locally for their amazing red velvet cupcakes. Definitely should be added to this list 🙂

  • VegHead says:

    You forgot about The Yabba Pot and Liquid Earth in Baltimore, Maryland ^^

  • Alternatives needed says:

    Hello from The Netherlands; I have to say it is a big mistake in my opinion that on sites where vegan and vegetarian food options are mentioned no one even hints about payment & treatment & working conditions of the workers / staff at the places mentioned.
    How can we ever expect things to change if this continues ?
    You know about exploitation of the workers at fast food chains.
    Jobs for job hop part time working students maybe but not as a main income. It is very sad that an increasing number of people just do not have an alternative any more than working at the Mc’s
    Kings and the like. Shame. Especialy in the USA where people end up homeless rather fast if unemployed. Places with lousy working enviroments known for their bad payment and so on should be boycoted or better should be forced to improve the treatment
    of their workers / staff.

  • irena says:

    In Salem Oregon we have Marco Polo that offers vegan options including potstickers, also in the grocery store, I have come across vegetarian potstickers. Also we have Kwans, a fabulous Chinese restaurant that offers mock meat.

  • Amber says:

    there is also a restaurant on McKnight rd that meets everyone’s needs. It’s called Mad Mex. They serve food there for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. The food is great and the atmosphere is also pretty cool.

  • Jessi says:

    Check out this new cafe in Hillsborough, NJ called Spoon & Sprout. It’s delicious!

    Spoon & Sprout Cafe
    378 South Branch Rd.
    Hillsborough, NJ 08844


    Tuesday to Friday 11:30 am to 6pm
    Saturday 10:30 am to 4pm

    Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Local & Seasonal!

    Spoon & Sprout Cafe provides delicious, nutritious, homemade entrees, soups, salads, sandwiches, and desserts at reasonable prices. We blend exotic spices and flavors with a new twist on some traditional favorites. Come try our new “Grab ’em Snacks,” gourmet plantain chips in seven different seasonings.

  • Lea says:

    I was visiting a friend in MD and she took me to a small indian resturaunt 11 miles from her house claiming it was the best all vegetarian indian cuisine she’d had. We got there and I loved everything i tried. It was great! Sadly for me back in New Mexico there is no such thing. But for you MDer’s try Mango Grove Indian Cuisine. And hope i get one in New Mexico

  • Lisa says:

    In Massachusetts – try Life Alive in Lowell and Cambridge. Outstanding vegan foods – deliciously prepared with love ~

  • anushka says:

    there are a new restaurant called HerbivoRaw in Playa del Carmen, México.It is a raw food and some meals vegan, a very nice place inside EL Jardin de Shangri-La.

  • Carly says:

    There are three Veggie Heaven’s in New Jersey!! I’ve only been to the one in Upper Montclair but I’m pretty sure they’re all vegan and deeeelicious!

  • janetforrest says:

    Try Millenium in San Francisco, at the Hotel California. Gourmet, vegan, and sooooooo, good!

  • Jessica says:

    Nothing in Kansas either 🙁

  • Lindsay says:

    If anyone is in the Syracuse area, visit Strong Hearts Café. They have the most yummy sandwiches! It’s an ALL vegan café. Their milkshakes ROCK too:)

  • Marie-Lou says:

    try this amazing restaurant called 118 degree in orange county in California. It’s raw food and vegan and of course vegeterian.

  • policewife07 says:

    Not anyting in AL how crappy!

  • Jennifer says:

    Dude, why does no one care about Kentucky? We have vegans here too! 🙁

  • angie4489 says:

    theres also a place in mass called life alive its vegatarian/vegan with amazing food and its very eco friendly i def recommend it

  • Nicole says:

    in case anyone is interested and will be visiting wisconsin or lives in the area, a new restaurant opened up, Cafe 27. they have amazing food, great atmosphere, a regular menu, vegetarian menu and vegan menu along with vegan cupcakes and more baked goods and the best sweet potato chips you have ever eaten!

  • Kitty says:

    Try Darbster in Palm Beach County, Florida

  • thislightisnotmyown says:

    Check out ‘Main Squeeze’ on 9th street in downtown Columbia, MO. An all vegetarian/vegan cafe that uses local ingredients for super yummy soups,sandwiches,burritos and wraps. Plus they make some tasty smoothies!

  • Bethany says:

    Here in Wichita, KS we have a vegetarian restaurant called ZEN. It is really good and has all types of vegetarian and vegan foods there. HIGHLY recommended..

  • Monica T. says:

    You should also add in Akron – Ohio the restaurant VegiTerranean, that provides class A Mediterranean Vegan food, and the owner is the singer of The Pretenders, Chrisie Hynde. Hubbie and I always go to eat there =)

  • Ellesse says:

    I live in Florida, and in Saint Petersburg there’s this small really cute restaurant called “Leafy Green” that is all vegan and they even sell some vegan things to take home, and they cater. I was a vegetarain before and thought of going vegan for a long time and the day I went there, I spontaniously went vegan realizing how simple and easy it is. Hopefully I help inspire other people to at LEAST go vegetarian. And for anyone in Florida they should definitly look up Leafy Green 🙂

  • Sara says:

    In Connecticut, our favorite restaurant is It’s Only Natural in Middletown.

  • comesailaway says:

    Another nationwide and international vegan chain is Loving Hut. They are the healthiest vegan restaurant around and the food is amazing. Loving Hut is run by some Buddhist sect, and their mission is to promote organic, non GMO Vegan diet. How awesome is that?!!!

  • haley says:

    i didn’t know pizza hut was vegan, wow. but i noticed there’s nothing for where i live and i’ve never heard of any of the National or International section.

  • fresh vending says:

    Fresh Vending machines are completely filled with truly organic juices, actual fruit, actual vegetable, and many other healthy snackss like soy pudding or all natural potato chips.

  • Jennifer says:

    Another restaurant of mention (was listed in Philadelphia’s Where magazine) is Horizons, 611 South Seventh Street, Tel: 215-923-6117.

  • bpearson says:

    We need more Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants in Chattanooga Tn

  • rickwiggins says:

    You should add VegiTerranean in Akron, OH. This vegan restaurant is owned by Chrissie Hynd of the Pretenders who is originally from Akron.

    Also, we visited the Loving Hut in Naples, FL three time on our recent stay. The food and service was wonderful.

  • fresh vending says:

    Fresh Healthy Vending is the only vending franchise company that offers locations 100% juices, fresh vegetables and fruits, smoothies, and yogurts in every one of its healthy vending machines. potato chips and low fat popcorn like Pirate’s Booty.

  • really? says:

    CC- I live in NH and it’s really unfortunate that you think the other side is fantastic food that is to die for. i have been vegan for five years and there are so many places that have amazing vegan food in the city besides the other side. for me, it’s really a last resort. should be noted that the other side is super scenester and the bathroom is painted black and is disgusting. Not a familiy restaurant at night, for sure. What about Cafe Indigo in NH? Award winning cakes. Completely vegan. High quality organic food without the hipster dresscode.

  • A A says:

    In New Jersey, there is a fast-food chain called Maoz Vegetarian (it’s a Dutch chain, not too many in the US). You can probably list it in both New jersey and International. Their website is

  • Ann says:

    One I would also like to include is for Tennessee, it’s in Nashville and is called The Wild Cow. They’re really good, and is a cute little local restaurant located in East Nashville. Just wanted to let folks know should they be going through my city! Thanks!

  • Clover says:

    In Iowa, there’s a nice pizzeria called Vesuvius. It isn’t all vegan, but they do have vegan “cheese”, vegan crusts, and vegan “meat” served on a wood-fired pizza. I ate there for the first time last month and it was GREAT.

  • Jayla says:

    Cincinnati OH, has the Loving Hut Cafe!!

  • Christina says:

    In Michigan there are a surprising number of places to eat. In Ann Arbor you can eat like vegan royalty at the Earthen Jar as well as the other places mentioned. Ypsilanti has offerings at Sidetracks, the Corner Brewery, Fattoush Grill and Golden Wall. Flint has a fair number of Mid East places such as Badawest and Taboon.

  • Hope says:

    What if I live in Canada?

  • dplover says:

    So sad my whole state is missing…In Mobile, AL, the Fuego Coastal Mexican Eatery is one of the few vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Mobile. It is a hip, eclectic and delicious place to eat.

  • Pam says:

    In Long Beach Mississippi there is a restaurant called Lily of The
    Valley – they are vegetarian and vegan friendly – also the Mellow Mushroom in Ocean Springs – their crust is vegan as is their red sauce and you can request Daiya cheese – both of these places are great!

  • Erica says:

    Since Kentucky is not listed here are some in Lexington (each has vegan options):
    Alfalfa’s, Gumbo Ya Ya, Chipotle, Saul Good, Puccini’s, Good Foods Cafe, Whole Foods, Qdoba, PF Chang’s, Ruby Tuesday, etc

  • CC says:

    Another fabulous restaurant in Massachusetts: The Otherside Cafe! They have fantastic vegan options (including, wait for it, cheesecake!) and the atmosphere is amazing. Picture a movie-worthy cafe with banisters meets a treehouse. Most people bike there. Vegan chili (if you order it without sour cream and cheese) plus the vegan blt are to die for (and to think- nothing else has to!) I’d give it eleven stars out of ten!

  • Jaye says:

    It’s sad (but not surprising to me) that you don’t have a single restaurant listed for the state in which I live, Mississippi. This state rates right up there in the top for obesity and poor health. It’s also difficult to meet vegans here. So, other than getting a veggie burger (on white bun) at one of a very few fast food places, you’re out of luck.

    Fortunately, I like to cook, and even more fortunately, a woman who lives in the same city as I has a website and blog FatFreeVegan. She has a major following, introduces new recipes that she or others devise and keeps an archive that is about all a healthy cook could wish. Not only that, her photography is awesome! Just looking at the photograph of a new dish makes me want to try it immediately.

  • b.L says:

    Cincinnati has the Loving Cafe which is vegan, raw, and awesome! Melt is also veg friendly in Cincinnati, OH.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Under Michigan you should have Inn Season Cafe. It’s a vegan restaurant that has been around since the 1970s. Located in Royal Oak, Michigan. It’s very good! In Florida you are missing Loving Hut!