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Baked Goods

Can vegans have their cake doughnuts and eat them, too? You bet—not to mention fruit pies, bagels, and all the other baked goods we love! First stop: the bagel shop, where all but the egg bagels are almost always vegan. In the supermarket, check out the store-baked breads. They’re often vegan; if they’re not, ask the bakery department if they can make the bread you want without the animal ingredients. Then fill your cart with these tried-and-true vegan breads, bagels, sandwich rolls, pies, and doughnuts, available in most grocery stores.

  • Arnold Bread (Bakery Light—100% Whole Wheat, Brick Oven—Premium White, Healthfull Nuts & Seeds, Real Jewish Rye [Everything, Marble Rye, Melba Thin, Pumpernickel Rye, Seeded, and Seedless], Premium Italian, and Stone Ground—100% Whole Wheat)
  • Arnold Pocket Thins Flatbread (8 Grain, Italian Herb, and 100% Whole Wheat)
  • Arnold Rolls (Dinner, Potato Hot Dog, Steak, Wheat Hot Dog, White Hot Dog, White New England Hot Dog, Potato Sandwich)
  • Arnold Sandwich Thins Rolls (Everything, Flax & Fiber, 100% Whole Wheat, and Multi-Grain)
  • Cobblestone Bread Co. (Corn Dusted Kaiser Rolls, Philly Style Hoagie Rolls, New York Style Jewish Rye, Gourmet Kaiser Rolls, Onion Rolls, Philly Steak Seeded Split, Pumpernickel, San Francisco Sourdough, Seeded Sandwich Rolls, White Sub Rolls, and Whole Wheat Bread)
  • Food for Life (7 Sprouted Grains Bread, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Cinnamon Raisin Sprouted Whole Grain Bread, Ezekiel 4:9 Flax Sprouted Grain Bread, and Ezekiel 4:9 Low Sodium Sprouted Whole Grain Bread.) Check here for a complete list of vegan products.
  • Thomas’ Bagels (Limited-Edition Banana Bread, Blueberry, Cinnamon Swirl, Cinnamon Raisin, Everything, Onion, Plain, Plain Made with Whole Grain, and 100% Whole Wheat)
  • Thomas’ Bagel Thins Bagels (Plain, 100% Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin, and Everything)
  • Thomas’ Mini Bagels (100% Whole Wheat, Blueberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Cinnamon Raisin, Plain, and Plain Made with Whole Grains)
  • Thomas’ Sahara Pita Pockets and Tortilla Wraps
  • Weight Watchers English Muffins
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  • Danni<3 says:

    If you live in the UK and are having trouble finding the Brands listed above in your local shop, alot of Hovis bread is actually Vegan. (Hovis – Best of both = Win) 😀

  • MysticoVerdi says:

    Great list, thank you for sharing. I have been purchasing the Arnold brand Stone Ground Wheat Bread for some time now. In the area that I live, this bread is readily available and frequently put on sale for either $2.50 per bread loaf or 2 bread loaves for $5.00. I will make sure to copy and paste this article for future reference. Thank you again, PETA!

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