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Faux Fur: Hot or Not?

The following article was written by Ashley Palmer.

Faux fur seems to be a sticky issue for many animal activists. Some fear that wearing faux fur sends the message that real fur is fashionable. While others, like me, tend to disagree. But let me explain…

As a vegan, I choose to use my money as a way to vote. Whether I’m buying veggie burgers, cruelty-free mascara, or even a pair of vegan stilettos, I think that my dollar is one of the most powerful tools I have to influence social change. In my mind, buying faux fur sends the message that there is a market for that particular product, and buying it may encourage designers to incorporate faux—rather than real—fur into their collections.

If you need proof of the cruelty of the fur industry, check out this video:

If you want to send the message that you don’t have to hurt animals to feel beautiful, may I suggest you purchase one of these four fabulously faux-fur options?

1. SpiritHoods Grizzly Faux Fur Coat

SpiritHoods specialize in unique, vegan fur hoods that you wear as an accessory. They also carry cuddly coats like this one:


2. Forever 21 Faux Suede Fold-Over Boots

Give fur the “boot” in these cute booties. They would look great with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater!


3. Nasty Gal That’s the Way Faux Fur Jacket

Look like a rock star in this jacket, featuring a blend of olive, brown, and black faux fur.


4. Fabulous Furs Grey Faux Wool Knee-Length Coat with Faux Fur Collar

A faux-fur collar can be a hard look to pull off, but paired with these vegan leather sleeves it looks both edgy and polished.


5. TopShop Crop Chubby Faux Fur Coat

This thick, fuzzy  jacket is extra-warm for winter weather.


6. Urban Outfitters Faux Fur Paw Mittens

Nothing’s cuter than looking like you have cute, furry paws.


7. Pelush

New York-based Pelush knows that it’s only a matter of time before the fashion industry phases out fur entirely. Through new technology and collaborations with fabric-makers, Pelush offers luxurious vegan furs like this:

8. ModCloth Luxe Layer Cardigan

Stylish, compassionate, and sophisticated? Check, check, and check.


9. Silence + Noise Faux Fur Hooded Bomber Jacket

This oversized bomber jacket in embossed vegan fur is made by one of Urban Outfitter’s brands, and features a zip-front closure and snap-front hood.


I do, however, understand and respect why many people choose not to purchase any faux-fur products. For those of you who are like me and do wear fakes, I encourage you to also wear one of PETA’s pins to make it clear that your clothing was not made from animals.

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  • Leeanne says:

    This is why I now will only buy fur from Fabulous-Furs. Donna Salyers, the woman who started it, is a big supporter of animal rights. All her products are made here in the USA out of faux fur fabric. Her story behind starting the company was that she heard a talk radio host describing kittens being skinned in China to make “mink” teddy bears and at the last minute she chose not to buy fur. 🙂 I have a jacket, scarf and fabric samples from her company and while they look realistic enough to not look cheap, they are easily discernible from the real thing.

  • Kary says:

    There is nothing wrong with faux animal products. I have a very beautiful and warm faux fur coat and it does not look like any living animal I have ever seen.

  • Kathie says:

    I never used to give it much thought until the last couple of years and since most people nowdays have no idea whether you are wearing real or fake because synthetics have come a long way, I prefer not to wear something that in some way “promotes” fur.

  • Sommers Plastics says:

    Since 1947, when our dad started Sommers Plastics, the business was all about selling economical alternatives to leather, then suede and fur joined the product mix. But, quite honestly, the ethics of protecting animal rights was not a priority. Until now. While we have been promoting our products as animal-friendly and cruelty-free for some time now, I felt a nagging concern that this was self-serving and my meat-eating, animal-wearing ways was hypocritical. Until now. I went vegan one month ago and am still thrilled with the delicious choices to buy or cook. Plus my normally high cholesterol and blood pressure will now be a thing of the past. People from PETA enlightened me many years ago that for every yard of synthetic leather or fur that Sommers sells is one less animal killed or abused. That thought stuck with me and I am proud to actively do what I can in my personal and business life to further the cause. By the way, Ashley, our 30 patterns of Fun Fur are the best quality in the world

  • MOREL says:

    vraie ou fausse pas besoin de porter de la fourrure il y a tant de matière maintenant sur le marché que la fourrure fausse n’a plus cour et la vraie alors là n’en parlons pas honte à ceux qui en porte

  • Lorraine Redfern says:

    You don’t have to wear either fake fur or real fur. There is so many different types of garments that look fantastic without killing animals for their skin and to put them through such agony. The sooner this type of cruelty is stopped, the sooner the better. People who hunt animals just for the fun are also just as bad as the chinese and their so-called fur farms. These fur farms and shooters must go. There is no more room for them in this world and their cruel natures, so let the animals of this world live in peace.

  • Bernard Brennan says:

    Same as the mock meat argument. As long as sentient creatures are NOT suffering, I have no problem. And besides, I love my “Genuine Fake” Leather jacket I got in New York. It’s actually warmer than my original leather jacket which is long time gone.

  • kimhammond says:

    I live in a state that gets kind of cold in the winter, so faux or fake fur keeps me really warm but there is an alternative to faux fur that keeps me just as warm but it is a little more expensive. Really unless one can’t afford alternative material, we are just wearing faux fur because it looks cute on us …animals look cute and soft and so do we when we have faux fur on, it’s just the way it is …is it bad.. is it ok …well, we just have to decide how far we want to go with our beliefs and morals.

  • Irene says:

    I live in a very cold part of the world and faux fur keeps me warm in the winter. Unlike wool faux fur is cruelty free.

  • Ann Nevans says:

    I think faux fur is OK if it is obvious it is not real – but not if it looks too much like fur. This just encourages people to like the look of fur and think that everyone wears it. One real problem is that some store employees actually tell you it is fake when it is not. We need to be vigilant and check the fur before buying.

  • chris says:

    A few years ago I saw a film of a US animal rights group secretly posing as fur buyers (dog fur) in China. It showed the American stating that the fur cannot say “dog” and the Chinese seller said “we will label it as anything you want.” Please do not be so naive as to think that the labels are the truth. The dogs from which the “ratty” looking fur comes from are raised by the thousands and the price is cheap – just like faux fur. You do not want to see how the ratty dog-fur business is conducted in China.

  • Lindsay says:

    First of all, I LOVE spirithoods! They even donate to certain animal’s causes when you buy some of their products. And I ALWAYS wear my large PETA anti-fur pin on the paw of my spirithood so that everyone knows that it is NOT ok to wear or support leather or fur. I do think that some faux-fur pieces do make this argument confusing so I would opt not to wear faux-fur unless I’ve designated it so with a pin or my favorite say no to fur PETA pin 🙂

  • Jan says:

    Just get a couple “FAUX NOT FUR” pins from PETA. I agree with both sides…I read one side & think YEAH! But then I read the other & think YEAH. So the thimgs I do have that look like fur or leather I try to put a pin on each. I get cute comments & I don’t have to get into “arguments” which I know i am not good at.

  • marilyn says:

    Faux fur=NO WAY……completely sends the wrong message that fur is fashionable.

  • Judy Lindow says:

    If everyone draping themselves in the bodies of their neighbors starting using Madame Tussaud copies – it would nevertheless be distasteful. It’s not that the bodies are real or faux – it’s the idea that using a body, as cape, could ever be in good taste.

  • Judy Lindow says:

    I get nauseas when I see an animal that’s been killed on the freeway and I feel the same the same when I see clothes or food that’s meant to look like a dead animal. I can’t get past it – with the food it’s too bad, as the variety would be nice. No matter how many times I ‘tell’ myself it’s wheat or a plant product – if it looks like a part of someone’s body I can’t enjoy it. Having always bought pleather, I don’t have the same visceral reaction when I see faux leather. Obviously, I think faux is good if it saves lives – at heart though I’m an abolitionist.

  • Linda says:

    I love faux fur & leather, The more realistic it looks the more comments I get even from strangers, which gives me the opportunity to say “Oh no, I would never be a part of animal torture & death, you can see by the look and feel of this there is no excuse to support cruelty” I feel the same with meat alternatives. I have non vegan friends that have said “THIS IS GOOD”! So yes, It’s a good way to get the message across and not even initiate the conversation.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    thanks alot.
    good news.

  • Kay Lightner says:

    No fur — fake or not. Let’s not glamourize it by calling it “faux.” There is a message in wearing fake fur that there is some kind of glamour in wearing an animal’s fur. When I was young, candy cigarettes were sold to children — after all they weren’t real. After all there was no harm — the fake cigarettes weren’t real… It is also difficult to tell sometimes what is real and what is not. Forget the fashion. The message is no skins, hide, fur, real or not. The fur dealers still get the same amount of money from us that they would get if we wore fur — $0.00.

  • Vinsue says:

    Wow,it’s amazing to see how animal lovers can have such different opinions on this issue,but it’s a healthy exchange. I do have to agree with the main point that spending on faux tells designers to stop using real fur. I can’t wear canvas sneakers year round so I buy shoes of of faux leather. There are similar arguments about fake meat,but,once again, if it can get carnivores to enjoy chili,or beans and franks I’m all for it! As long as we all do what we can to save as many animals as we can,every day put your money where your mouth is,and use that mouth to speak for the voiceless and not have petty arguments among ourselves.Respect each others opinions on these issues,there is no right or wrong as long as the animals come first!

  • gigi says:

    I am vegan and I think it’s fine to wear faux fur and leather. I like the look. I do not think there is anything wrong with it. And if someone comments on what I am wearing, I proudly tell them it’s not real. I just ordered the pins from the humane society to pin on my coats. For those that are not sure if the item they purchased is fur or not. There is a simple test that can be done; I buy mostly organic and fair trade food when possible. It is almost impossible to avoid use of animal products completely.
    But, to each is own, if you do not like faux fur, don’t wear it, and don’t be so critical of those that do.

  • purpledog says:

    I am vegan and proud of it. I don’t want anyone to look at me and think that I am wearing fur or leather, so I don’t buy fake products. Also, I don’t feel deprived of real fur and leather, so why would I buy fake products?

  • Heather says:

    I like faux fur/leather but I don’t see it like fake dead animal skin and I make sure people know it’s not fur/leather. I like that it bring conversation so I can educate people. I find it cute as long as it’s not too much or or the rim of a hood. People wear animal pattern why not animal texture… we are already are wearing real human skin (our own) so there is no need to make faux of that. 🙂

  • faith says:

    I’m glad when designers switch to using fake fun but I still think it looks bad and freaks me out a little would be scared people would think i was really wearing fur .
    If it keeps people from wearing the real thing that is great but i wouldnt wear.

  • Helen says:

    I like to show people faux is just as nice. i wear my vegan “uggs”
    all winter, they look exactly like the real thing but I tell everyone no one had to die for mine.

  • Mary Christine Cook says:

    I agree with Jonathan Livesley, “I don’t like fake/imitation fur because it is promoting the ‘look’ of fur and therefore has to be supporting the fur trade…I don’t see the point in imitating wearing a dead animal any more than actually doing it…” Dog, cat, etc. fur is also used to make some ‘Faux’ fur due to lack of regulation and labeling… Any change an animal suffers for my vanity…I say NO to fur of any kind real or faux!

  • Mjsk says:

    Oh and, just for the record, I do not wear any fur/leather/suede, real or faux.

  • Mjsk says:

    I don’t get all these comments against faux fur on a PETA website. It’s not like this article is about faux pelts or something. Faux fur doesn’t imply faux animal cruelty and faux dead animals. It is simply someone seeing a pattern and texture they like in the natural world and, rather than taking it for themselves (i.e. killing the animal), they try to mimic and manufacture the material. It’s not about death, it’s a complement to the natural world that we find it so alluring that we should try and drape ourselves in clothing modeled after it.

    I guess there is one issue I can think of though. A person who does not care about animal rights may be so enticed by one’s faux fur that they may go out and buy the real fur equivalent. Hmmm…

  • Lorraine Redfern says:

    This is my second comment about the real and the faux fur. There is a way around it because real fur will have a more expensive price tag compared to faux fur and no doubt the tag on the garment will state what type of fabric has been used, these are two reasons why and how you can be assured that the garment you buy will be labelled precisely. Surely the garments that are made of real fur could not possibly be labelled as faux fur otherwise once again there will be a loss. I would imagine that a garment made of real fur would never be undercut pricewise either.

  • Chris says:

    A lot of faux fur is NOT faux fur. It is indeed trashy ratty fur from poor cage-raised dogs in China. The fur pelts are WASHED and beat up to look faux. Washing removes the natural oils that make is easy to identify as real fur. Wearing faux fur is a statement that says “fur,” real or not real, is fashionable – it is NOT. FUR IS DEAD!! There’s also cat fur, rabbit fur – you name it!

  • sadhu vedant muni says:

    on the cast of lives of the others we are entertain g must be treated as a crime.we must boycott the animal originated products. if we have alternate choices so discard the the animal based products,

  • Rox says:

    Well i guess someone for got to tell Janet Jackson and her new associate (Blackglama) that it really
    isn’t that Glamours to wear dead animals….bark on

  • Barbara Burghardt says:

    There will always be woman, that like the look of fur and I am sure designers will always want these customers. If it looks great and no animals suffer, let them wear “faux”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MS PAWS Holly says:

    I haven’t read the previous posts and will comment stright from the heart. I do not like faux fur if it looks real. what kind of message is that ? We need to stop selling fur as a fashion statement, even if it’s faux.