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Be an ‘Angel’ for a Cold, Lonely Dog This Winter

Written by Ashley Palmer | November 16, 2010

PETA’s Community Animal Project fieldworkers spend countless hours helping dogs in the Hampton Roads communities of southern Virginia and North Carolina. It’s a sad reality that every day, these workers see dogs who are forced to spend their entire lives on the end of a chain or in a cramped pen.

But thanks to people like you, PETA can help alleviate some of their suffering. Through your donations, we’re able to provide sturdy doghouses and straw bedding to needy dogs who otherwise would have to fight the elements on their own. Your doghouse sponsorship will help countless “backyard dogs” who struggle to survive long days and nights outside in the rain and freezing cold each winter.

Here are the stories of just two dogs who have recently benefited from donations from caring people like you:

Lady: The only “shelter” that Lady had was a cracked, leaking Igloo doghouse that had no floor. It provided her with virtually no shade in the summertime and did little to keep her warm and dry in the winter. Lady was nursing a litter of puppies when we first found her, and the situation was quickly draining her strength. We convinced her guardian to allow us to get Lady spayed so that she wouldn’t keep having litter after unwanted litter. With a steady supply of nutritious food, Lady was able to put on weight, and her PETA doghouse has made her life much more comfortable.

Oreo: When we first found her, Oreo was locked inside a metal carrier. Her guardians had put carpet over the top of the crate in an attempt to protect her from the elements. We spayed Oreo and provided her with a custom-built doghouse and a lightweight tie-out so that she didn’t have to suffer inside that horrible crate. Her guardians are now in the process of building a fence in order to free Oreo from her chains.

PETA’s doghouses are made to last, so your sponsorship will provide a dog with shelter from snow, wind, rain, and summer heat for years to come.

Click here to help a dog today.

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  • Deann.Z says:

    You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views. provides a fresh look at the subject. Wish you luck!

  • Yajaira04 says:

    Such informative web site! Large thanks! Thanks for a good time visiting . It is really a pleasure understanding a web site like this filled with nice information. Thanks! regards

  • mgc94520 says:

    Instead of Peta providing Dog Houses legislation needs to be enacted that forces pet owners to provide steep fines and the removal of their pet. I would never leave a pet outside. My dog lives with me in an air conditioned home at a minimum of 72 degrees with filtered water and home made organic food. If people want to keep pets maybe the government should impose manadatory trainning sessions for proper pet care for those pet abusers.

  • strawberry says:

    I am new to the Peta website, and I have to admit that I have in the past had a dog tied up outside, but I always brought it inside if it was cold or if it got too hot out. I can’t stand to see any animal mistreated. My husband is also an animal lover and we have two beautiful little dogs. I have a miniature dachshund and a miniature pinscher. We would never dream of putting them outside in the elements. However my husband thinks that Peta goes too far with some things and that they are weird. He and my sons make fun of the name and say it stands for people eating tasty animals. I know that he would never allow anyone to mistreat an animal but he’s not supportive of your efforts in some areas. I have made a considerable donation and designated it for the doghouses n hopes that it will help save an innocent life. I hope you continue your efforts. It really does make a difference even when some folks don’t believe.

  • Jeanne says:

    i have a dog that was transported from Virgina to Rochester ny to Lollypop Farm humane sociaty where i adopted her 5 years ago. Her name is BabyGirl and she is a German Shepard / pittbull mix. She is a beautiful dog. She spent her first few years in Rochester NY , Then we moved to Philly PA for a year. Now we live in a very small town called Covington NY in the country and she loves it here.This is my last move as we love it here. She has played peek a boo with a neighbor alpaka. She gets really excited when she sees the horses in our neighborhood.Most of all she has alot of space to run and play. not fenced in or chained up. She takes direction very well. she has helped me though a rough time with chemo treatments with her compassion.i am well now and am so greatful that she was by my side. I write this because it is a happy ending to a sad start for BabyGirl. I would never buy a dog I will always adopt and will always let other people know what great dogs there are out there to adopt.

  • Anne Marie says:

    I agree that we need to tell people that mistreating animals is ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR and that it WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. People need to stop being afraid of being impolite or afraid of “upsetting” someone. Animals are beautiful loving creatures and if we don’t stand up for them WHO WILL?

  • Phyllis Hendrson says:

    This is for Robin, good for you. I would do the same thing. At least that dog had love and attention for the last 8 months of his life. Poor wee pet. I live in Aberdeen Scotland UK and we dont really keep our dogs out side here, but there are few people who do but where i stay all dogs are in the house. I cant speak for the whole of Scotland. It’s sad i know and some thing should be done to help them. Like you say they dont have voice so some one has to speak for them. You have a very kind heart i wish there were more people like you in the world.

  • Von says:

    Denise. Night time is the coldest of all times. There are people that LOVE dogs, and others that just have dogs. I was wondering if you are blind, who helped you with the computer. Maybe you feed and care for this dog, but leaving that dog tied up outside is not LOVE.

  • Von says:

    This year in Jan. I saved one dog from the outside elements. Word of mouth led me to a Black Lab. They wanted to get rid of her at no cost. They said she was too hyper, and they had a new baby they thought she would hurt. How is that possible, the lab was outside, and baby inside. She is 3 now and the most lovable sweetest dog you would ever hope to find. She was terrified at everything in the beginning but now acts like a queen. She gets along great with my Boxer mix. She runs free on our acreage and never attemps to run away. She is an inside dog (has never had an accident) and you can tell she appreciates it. At first she was afraid of guns and had to be given tranquilizers from the Vet. All it took was two, she now hears the guns and is in no way itimidated. Our home is so thankful we found this wonderful pet.

  • Phyllis Hendrson says:

    Why on earth would any body keep there dog outside. If you have a dog then you love it and make it part of your family. My border collie ben has the run of my house and i love him to bits. I would never think of keeping him out side. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing he’s out there and i’m nice and cosy in my house. That would be so cruel. People like that shouldn’t have pets of any kind. I also have 2 cats and my dog and cats all cuddle up together and they play what fun i have watching them. I feel sorry for these dogs and some thing should be done about it. They cant be animal lovers that’s all i can say.

  • Robin says:

    Two years ago I would sneak to feed a dog left on a property the owners owned but did not live shelter except if he got under the old dead car. They only came out to feed him once a week and there was no water. He was suppose to drink from the filthy canal. Police here do nothing ( backwards hillbilly town). It was Nov, snow, his hip was out from dysplasia, he was laying there shivering ( he was 10). I picked him up, never looked back and he spent the last 8 months of his life in a warm house, with a bed, food and love. I have never regreted it and will do it again if the need arises. These precious souls are helpless, voiceless and victims of evil humans. They need us to act on their behalf …whatever means needed.

  • cattaz1 says:

    My neighbor has two beagles in a pen and they holler all the time for attention. YES,he feeds and waters them but they get absolutely no love or attention as it “ruins” them for hunting. BS!! They are starved for love and I go pet them and give them treats whenever I can without being observed. He also took an inside dog and put her out last year. All 3 dogs have bare floored houses to live in through the cold winter nights. Is this right? NO!! If you can’t take better care of an animal that that, then give them away to people that will.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Why even have a dog if you are just going to tie it outdoors?
    Fight back, don’t be afraid to bend a few vague laws to protect an animal. Any animal, any time.

  • Denise says:

    I don’t agree with the person who said that anyone who ties up his or her dog is half insane. Yes, if an owner leaves the dog tied up outside without any love or nourishment, then I can see that this type of person shouldn’t have a dog and is probably troubled. Then again, I’m blind and I had a dog guide at one time. I was taught to tie up the dog at night so that she couldn’t run around and make any mess during the time I was a sleep. So, I have tied up my dog but I don’t think I’m hhalf insane. Even though I tied her up, I still gave my dog the best of everything as she saved my life and deserved everything. It breaks my heart too to hear about the abused dogs. I love dogs and also agree that if a person abuses a dog, he or she should be put in jail.

  • UnchainOurFurkids says:

    Elsje; ‘the Pennsylvania woman’ is my hero, Tamira Ci Thayne from DogsDeserveBetter! She chained herself to the Harrisburg Capitol steps trying to get our reps to vote yes on HB1435 to no avail 🙁
    I am calling my senator every week to remind him that it’s cold out & more chained dogs will die this winter due to his inaction!
    Nothing will change if the laws don’t, so write your reps!

  • Elsje says:

    I believe there should be a law against people who chain their dogs up in any way. Dog-to-chain type of dog-owners are generally a cruel/inhuman type of human-being. I’ve had first-hand experience of people & know of a family member who treat their dogs like this, they have a crazy must-control and must-possess everything type of mentality. They are generally cruel & hartless. This type of person should NOT have any animal of any kind, or even have children for that matter. I am thinking of that Pennsylvania woman (that I saw on internet DVD) who helped a half-paralysed chained dog to be taken from its owner and having it medically treated & nourished. She had to hide the dog away from the police & the law, as the owner reported her for dog-theft. She was even thrown in jail for not being prepared to give the name of the foster parent where the dog was held. The dog lived only 5 months with the foster parent and then died. This heroin who did this wonderful job (cant remember her name) will be my hero forever. That is why I am saying. The dog-to-chain type of dog-owner is usually half-insane, obsessed with what belongs to them whether its their animals, children or whatever is theirs, they abuse and also want to control it. They dont want their animals or the members of their family to be free and happy. To me people who are like this are capable of murder.

  • friendbear says:

    why arent they inside?! these houses have back gardens they are obviously large… just wondering why the main question to these people is why is your dog chained up outside? esp when most of these families have the type of human children that drive the rest of the neighbourhood nuts… and yet THEY get the warm indoor bed whilst the dogs that have better manners and habits are chained outside! grrrr!

  • Ashley-P says:

    In both cold and hot weather, the situation for “backyard dogs” is critical. While providing these dogs with a doghouse won’t make their guardians more caring or loving, it will give them warmth and shelter that they may never have known before and would not otherwise receive.

  • PhilipD says:

    I agree with Brittany! Get these dogs out of these conditions. We by supporting, and believe me I intend to support these animals, are enablers. Rescue these animals from these heartless individuals! Enough is enough.

  • Brittany says:

    I will donate to help the poor homeless and helpless dogs becuase it breaks my heart to see/hear of there suffering! But I think the real issue is with the owners, these dogs need to be removed and placed in good loving homes!! What we are doing is allowing this to continue to happen to many more dogs by condoning this behavior! We need to remove these helpless dogs from such poor conditions and tell people this behavior and very poor treatment is NOT ok!

  • Lindsay says:

    A couple years ago, my aunt moved next door to someone incredibly abusive to her dog. One night, her and a few friends went to the neighbor’s house, untied her poor dog from the tree he had been chained to practically since birth, and drove him to Florida to stay with a new, loving family. The original owner didn’t even notice. Oaky (given the name since he was rescued from Oklahoma)still lives with his new family and two other dogs and is happy as can be. 🙂