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What’s in Your Milk?

Written by PETA | August 8, 2013

Ever wonder what’s really in a glass of milk? The answer will have you reaching for soy milk. Pus has been found in cow’s milk. Milk is also loaded with female hormones since cows are kept almost constantly pregnant on today’s dairy factory farms.

Cows produce milk for the same reason that humans do—to nourish their young—but calves on dairy farms are taken away from their mothers when they’re just 1 day old. If that’s not bad enough, veal is a byproduct of the dairy industry.

Milk has also been linked to diabetes and osteoporosis. But not to worry! You can help cows today simply by choosing delicious dairy-free beverages such as soy, almond, and rice milk, all of which can be found at your local grocery store!

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