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On July 4th, Where to Fill Your Plate With Bugs, Metal, & Pig Anuses

Written by Alisa Mullins | July 1, 2013

Unless you’re grilling up juicy veggie dogs this July 4th, you’ll be celebrating Independence Day with rodent parts and pig anuses for all. Here’s why it’s time to declare your freedom from mystery meat.

Want Cancer With That?

Hot dogs contain nitrates and nitrites because they preserve the reddish hue of animal flesh, but multiple studies have linked these preservatives to cancer. Even hot dogs marked “organic” or “natural” contain these carcinogenic chemicals. Hot dogs also often contain another suspected carcinogen: dioxin.

Tastes Like … Fear

When animals suffer from prolonged stress during transport and slaughter, the result is dark, firm, and dry meat. It’s way too unappetizing to sell as is, but grind it up and hide it among other animal bits, such as pig snouts, cow lips, and goat gullets, and voila! Frankfearters.

Mmmm … Bugs

The extra “ingredients” that have shown up in hot dogs include worms, maggots, rodent parts, glass shards, a lock washer, and a Band-Aid. One person even reported finding an intact dragonfly in one.

Put Your Dog on a Diet

Hot dogs are also loaded with fat: Oscar Mayer Classic Beef Franks have 13 grams of fat—5 of which are saturated—and only 5 grams of protein. By contrast, vegan Lightlife Smart Dogs have only 2 grams of fat—0 of which are saturated—and actually contain more protein (7 grams) than a beef hot dog.

What You Can Do

Share this image with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. And the next time someone offers you a hot dog, say, “No, frank you.”

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  • Julie says:

    That’s gross this has to stop killing animals

  • Minksorz says:

    I’m glad I stopped eating this crap as a kid, my brother told me hot dogs were pig penises and I never ate one again

  • Kathleen Kennedy says:

    My Mother used to give me “RAW” hotdogs when I was a kid…It never felt or tasted “right” when I asked her “where do hotdogs” come from? She said “It’s FOOD ….JUST EAT IT!!” That was NOT a good enough explanation…so at the age of 12 I decided for myself it wasn’t COOL for me to eat that! And I would eat everything else on my plate BUT the meat…It wasn’t until I was around 20 that I told them and explained to them what I was thinking…they thought I was crazy still…but they always respected me for my defiance and my choice that was SO AGAINST the grain of society…Today, they think I’m a Rock Star who saw the future and wasn’t afraid…LOL! Either way…I don’t NEED people to LOVE me for what I stand for…I just need them to respect and HOPEFULLY be intrigued enough to investigate and support the cause I LIVE for …

  • Arun Nath says:

    Hot dogs often contain monosodium glutamate, or MSG. This enhances flavor but it may also cause headaches, allergic reactions and other adverse side effects.

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