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Unauthorized Surgeries at UW?

Written by PETA | February 27, 2008

It looks like something out of the latest Saw movie, but then that’s what vivisection is all about. This stuff goes on behind closed doors all the time, and only occasionally do some of these hideous stories see daylight. This is the latest, from the folks at the University of Washington, who’ve already been slapped with a 12-month probation due to the sorry state of their labs. The shocking violations detailed in PETA’s formal complaints to the federal government are now the subject of an in-depth report by Seattle’s Komo TV:

“In a hidden part of the University of Washington campus, hundreds of monkeys live and die for research. They undergo experimental surgeries and tests until their usefulness is over. . But over the past year and a half, one group of researchers at the university has been at the center of a series of investigations for performing dozens of unauthorized surgeries on monkeys.”

This morning, PETA called for an immediate investigation into the use of state funds for experiments at UW that may have violated federal animal protection regulations. Among the barbaric experiments being carried out at UW, monkeys are having their skulls cut open, electrodes inserted into their brains, and wire coils implanted in their eyes. They’re restrained in experimentation chairs, with their heads bolted in place so that they can’t move while experimenters track their eye movements, and they’re deprived of food so that they’ll comply during tests. Komo TV’s exposé shows that this is just the tip of the iceberg:


Here’s what PETA Primate Specialist Dr. Debra Durham says about the case:

“UW is using millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money to torment monkeys and has broken nearly every rule in the book along the way. We’re calling on state auditors to reclaim any and all state funds that UW used in the commission of this laundry list of violations.”

The National Eye Institute is funding these experiments at the UW, and we’re asking them to stop. You can write to them about this issue here.

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  • casey says:

    my teacher was a employee at research faucilities like these somewhere in WA I think, and she told me she quit because it bothered her so much about how they were so close to being a human, and the tortures they endured. she quit that job and started teaching vet assisting amongst other things. and she is an amazing lady, very professional and serious and for her to turn this down but at the same time to tell us students “but they need good vets in these faucilities/jobs” shows me that she has concearn there and that things aren’t the way they are supposed to be. this stuff is unnessisary suffering. whatre we learning that’s so important? why are thousands of dollars of taxpayers money being spent to do this? why are people being encouraged/trained/paid to do these things?
    ask yourself if it makes any sence. I love animals, I know nothing about monkeys but ANYONE can see that this is wrong. I will not become a UW student because of this.

  • keith says:

    Peta get this man Brandon Becker in your team. This is exhilarating comment. he writes every time.

  • George Sterpka says:

    Our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies. Just scratch your cornea and find out. Is there any reason to believe that this is NOT TRUE of other primates? This is barbaric. The people that carry out these tests have no right to call themselves Humane.

  • James says:

    While some animal research may prove unethical as it causes unnecessary discomfort to the animal it is still a vital and necessary model in making medical advances. So don’t discredit all forms. Or spend some time in a cancer or brain injury ward and know that many of these problems are curable with further research.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    The animal welfare and animal use committees for laboratories are a sham. They were created by the universityindustrygovernment complex to make the public feel better about experimenting on animals. Don’t let them fool you there is no law that protects animals from any level of pain and suffering during experiments no matter how horrific if it is deemed “scientifically justified” by the researchers. As long as animals are still legally defined as property they will continue to be tortured and killed in useless experiments. Let us never relent in the struggle against animal experimenation. With an organized mobilized and uncompromising animal rights movement abolition will be achieved!

  • trishiepoo says:

    Hmmmmm…I think their Director of Animal Welfare needs to reread her job description.

  • Patricia Panitz says:

    In addition to being hideously cruel there is absolutely no point to this except collecting big buckets of money from the NIH. That is all the University cares about.

  • lynda downie says:

    Thanks to PeTA and KOMO TV for revealing the nightmarish lives of these innocent victims.

  • Amber Falobas says:

    Mutherfuckers!! Cruel summabitches! What gives you the right?? What did these animals ever do to you?!?!?! I heard they have a robot ready for testing instead of animals…WHY AREN’T THEY USING IT??!!!

  • lucas solowey says:

    This is horrible! stupid animal testing!! I wrote a letter to them! I hope they will pull all funding soon!

  • erica says:

    this is hidious there has to be another way to study eye movement it can’t be the only one don’t use any living thing its wrong!

  • Carla says:

    “STOP” this insanity!! Thats the only word to describe it! As the news breaks the madness continues. Everyday counts. Peta first exposed this months ago and yes with their hard efforts Komo TV has aired it!! But with so many loop holes will these primates EVER be saved and abolish these OUTRAGEOUS eye tests that go beyond inhumane!? Surely thats the only University that has requested tax dollars for these sorts of tests!?