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Shirtless Vegetarian MMA Hunks. ‘Nuff Said.

Written by PETA | February 22, 2011

When you see muscular men duking it out in the ring, does it make you think of spinach? It should. It turns out Popeye was right all along. Yahoo! Sports is reporting on the growing trend of vegetarian diets among mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters.

Strikeforce MMA champion and our Most Animal-Friendly Athlete winner Jake Shields is always ready to talk to other fighters about his life-long vegetarian diet. And they’re listening. (I would, too—geez, look at him.)

Jake’s training partner, Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz, and Nick’s brother Nate Diaz, an Ultimate Fighter winner, both adopted vegetarian diets after watching Jake work his magic in the ring. UFC fighter Jon Fitch has also almost entirely ditched his meat-and-potatoes habit and is considered to be one of the top three welterweights in the world.

And who could forget studly Mac Danzig? We would totally not pick a fight with him (thank goodness he’s our friend), but this tough guy has a soft spot for animals and went vegetarian after seeing a truckload of pigs being sent to slaughter. He’s now vegan and continues to wipe up the floor with meat-eaters all over the world.

Wonder if we could get them to do an Ultimate Vegan Fighting Championship? That would be enough to make a good vegan girl go bad.

Written by Michelle Sherrow  

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  • MMA says:

    I’ve actually met Jake and he’s probably one of the best wrestlers and ground fighters in all of MMA. I train competitively and when I switched over to a vegan diet I definitely noticed an improvement in my overall speed and agility.

  • Arusa says:

    Yay! Those meat eaters may think we MAY be weak but we are strong! Just look at the veggie MMA people! 🙂

  • Kathleen says:

    I agree Mich! I actually enjoy MMA and I was very happy to learn that Jake Shields was a veggie, and My bf totally agrees with the vegetarian lifestyle, but he seems to have a problem commiting to it, I feel that “forcing” him is not the way to go lol, but when we are home, it’s all veg, but at work he eats meat occasionally, I once sent him to work with Vegetarian shepards pie, and everyone LOVED it!- they were in shock that it was VEGAN lol, When he saw that Jake was a veg and a few others, it sparked something inside him, I think a lot of men are put off by becoming a veg because they dont want the sh*t from the other males in their life, but baby steps work best in certain people. I really respect men who take a stand, (women too!) but with men it seems like theirs this “macho” stigma attached to meat eating, and that is really far from the truth!

  • Mich says:

    Next time a meat eater wants to believe that vegetarians and vegans are all pasty-faced wimps, they need to get a load of these HUNKS!!! Yowsa!