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Sexual Abuse of Animals: A Recurring Theme on Factory Farms

Written by PETA | September 13, 2010

During our investigations, undercover workers document some seriously sick and disturbing events—including the sexual abuse of animals, from pigs to turkeys. Unfortunately, sexual violence against farmed animals is not an unusual occurrence.

I have to warn you—what you’re about to see and read is not for the faint of heart.

Our undercover investigation at an Iowa pig factory farm revealed that a supervisor rammed a cane into a pig’s vagina. That same supervisor said that he thrust gate rods into the anuses of pigs who frustrated him.

At a Butterball slaughterhouse, a PETA investigator saw—in addition to other horrific cruelty—a worker insert his finger into a turkey’s cloaca (vagina). Another worker mimed raping a bird whose legs and head he’d shackled.

At Aviagen Turkeys, Inc., in West Virginia, the “world’s leading poultry breeding company,” a worker was indicted for cruelty to animals after being caught on video pinning a female turkey to the ground and mimicking raping her. When interviewed by police, he reportedly admitted to having done this to dozens of other turkeys.

When writer Jim Mason worked for a day as a turkey breeder, he discovered that since turkeys have been genetically manipulated to grow so large that they can no longer breed naturally, workers must manually extract semen from males and manually inseminate females. On dairy farms, a female cow will often be forcibly restrained so that she can’t get away when an insemination instrument is shoved into her vagina. Pig factory farm workers confine boars to tiny “carts” and parade them in front of sows so that other workers can look at and touch sows’ genitals in order to determine the best time to insert a tube of pig semen into them.

Cruel, twisted, perverted, and sadistic—and this kind of sexual violence happens every day on factory farms. The meat and dairy industries even consider some of it “standard practice.” This is why we’re hoping to have this billboard placed very soon, but until then, we’re continuing to urge everyone to go vegan. Help end the horrific abuse of animals on factory farms forever!

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  • tourean says:

    I work in a large production hog finishing plant, and i don’t get paid much but i don’t take it out on the pigs, its the type of person you are, the guy would have done it to any creature. But don’t worry i treat them with all the respect i have and some are quite tame and love to get pet, so i pet them every day all that i can anyway (i take care of 37000 pig a day) so its hard.

  • Anon says:

    This is just gross. It is animal abuse. I am noticing more and more people advertising sex with animals on the internet. One person went as far to call me an infection of society because I confronted him about this. How can we stop this from occurring. It makes me want to throw up. It is becoming more common. These animals are being abused and appear to have no interest in humans.It sickens me to think about people going to shelters under the disguise of a loving owner only to adopt for sexual purposes. We need to do something. oh God they think there nothing wrong with this.We need laws against this in all states.

  • Lelo says:

    thats how aids began in africa the apes were raped and the rapers caught the aids which is a apes dna, and male farmers have raped their cows and horses for ages and some pet owners rape their pets, its disgusting! these people should go to prison!

  • vicki says:

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! breaks my hear that this is the life these anials are living. They deserve so much more 🙁

  • SamIam says:

    This is disgusting! Animals aren’t created to be sex objects.

  • Collette says:

    This is so freaking sick! Are I kidding having sex with animals because ur a horny (expletive] this is why American is going down hill because of those [expletive] that have to do that **** that’s why I am vegan with all the diseases and abuse those anomalies go through. The people that abuse animals like that should go through what they made the animals go though if u give u need to receive!

  • kim says:

    is animal cruelty one of the true prices contributed to make food?

  • Nadia says:

    where is america going? they better stop this factory farming. i cannot beleive people dont know about this. Sick and twisted perverts, deriving sexual pleasures from a pig!

  • Luke Swanhart says:

    Bestiality does not surprise me. It’s all over the internet. Millions of images and videos, and it’s called “free speech”. Did you know cows carry gonorrhea. From the antibiotic abuse without any doubt the gonorrhea and chlamydia infections became antibiotic resistant and people shagging animals-they will catch the clap resistant to treatment and infect their wives with it. Check out my Petition for a Federal law against bestiality–it contains a lot of interesting research. Use it any way you like:

  • shanti says:

    I’m disgusted but unsurprised about the amount of animal sexual abuse…When you think about it, we are exposed to sex all the time. America has an obsession with sex through movies, books, and online. People who are ignorant of animal sexual abuse need to wake the hell up and take action.

  • patrice says:

    the tone of this article is gross, but worth reading. It’s about a restaurant in Tokyo where the rich first rape an animal and then have it prepared for them. It also mentioned how in China or Japan they eat monkey brains…spooned from a live monkey. Tragic

  • Mirja Davidovska says:

    My heart tears hearing those crimes and understanding what type of horrible sadistic perverted minds are among us. Our poor animal mates… If we were under their dominion they would never do such crimes to us… My heart is with them.

  • Joana says:

    terrorists should kill this bastards and not through bombs to inocent people. where are the assassins when we need them the most?

  • Norah André says:

    I am SICK with all this abuse and exploitation of animals. When will the world’s laws STOP this?

  • julie brookes says:

    Im horrified sick sick sick they need to be brought to justice for this. You sad sick people. Ive just read the post…its legal to have sex with animals in Florida!! WTF….well guys you need to stop voteing for them then it might get stopped. Saddos!

  • Nora Marasco says:

    Why is this not stopped after years and years of generations and the poor animals are still suffering? WHY! I hope all the abusive perverts burn in jail or Hell. I wish I could help put them there.

  • Caren says:

    It takes a certain kind of individual to be willing to work in this industry. Unfortunately it attracts the cruel degenerate and twisted. Anyone with intelligence and compassion would rather starve than do this type of work.

  • keith says:

    Did I remember Peta. thinking that animal abuse would be curtailed under the Obama administration.. what suckers !! and yes I do donate monthly and for special causes.. also.. think on the world is a sick environment whilst the Human Race is alive and kicking !!

  • Luke Swanhart says:

    In Florida it is 100 legal for humans to have sex with animals. In fact TWO YEARS IN A ROW a bestiality bill making human to animal sex illegal was REJECTED by the Florida Republican based law makerstwo years in a row. That tells you how disgusting our law makers are to condone these hideous acts even when CONFRONTED with it with a Senate and House bill. I’m very ashamed to have such law makers in our State.

  • Kranti says:

    I can’t believe that some people would be doing something like that. omg I’ld say somebody has to show how to love and what it could bring to them. If u have a dog doesn’t it seems like it is a member of the family. How would u react if somebody treats ur dog the same way. It is shameful and it shows that we are frustrated. Try to love an animal for oncethen u’ld understand how cruel u’re. Would we like pass that culture to our future generations ? I’ld like to say that being a nonvegetarian is not bad it is natural but killing animals just for fun no that’s not acceptable. The planet we live in is shared by various creatures and we must learn to live together and care for others.

  • MOLLIE says:


  • Mary Griffith says:

    I just don’t understand who in the heck would honestly want to have sex with a turkey or a pig!!!! For those of you sick disgusting people who believe its funny trust me its not its just horrible and disgusting and just plain weird!!!! Sometimes I just can’t believe what I see or read!!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I have a feeling that my comment is going to elicit one of those “what type of minister would say something like this” response but here goes. What type of person do you suppose gets hired to do the grunt work on a factory farm? I’ll give you one guess. It’s someone who cannot get a job doing anything else due to his or her criminal record or immigration status aka the pc term undocumented worker or the less pc terms illegal alien or wetback. Or perhaps they are working in such a facility because they or their family felt that high school was a waste of time and upon dropping out found that most doors to a good career or even a decent job slammed shut and locked with a CLICK!! that could be heard down the generations and can only be opened with the key a GED and post high school training can provide. Instead of returning to high school or getting that GED and training they use the excuse of not having time or being too tired after work and take their anger over a situation they put themselves in on the helpless animals used for food.

  • Monica says:

    Just make me cry not only for these poor animals but because all this horrible people live among us and they would do the same to people if they could.

  • James says:

    Someone once said “If a human can imagine it it’s been done and worse.” This is some of the worst. Immense Gratitude to those of you who go undercover to capture this type of footage. I can’t fathom what it takes to watch this happening in front of your very eyes.

  • Camilla says:

    Sorry to say his is the truth. All our meat and milk has been molested… In how many countries is porn sex with animals forbidden?? In Sweden there was a proposition to make it Illegal but since every animal in farmproduction is treated this way even if the purpose is not sexual “pleasure” still how can one use be forbidden when the other is standard?? I think Porn with animal is unlawful in Sweden but not “private” sex with animals.. In Denmark it is ok to make porn with animals on film…

  • terrance says:

    farm animal rapemolestation is nothing new but it is nonetheless disturbing. In some countries it is generally accepted that many animals are molested by their owners.

  • sherrill benson says:

    How horribleI really do think it is time for the earth to get rid of the humans that have destroyed most of it and it’s animals.I is doing that now.There may be just animals left againthey did not destroy everything in the name of fun.

  • Ozge Bumin Oztaskin says:

    These people should be ashamed of being called “human”. These sick minds deserve the same treatmentmaybe this way they could understand how those poor animals felt. Ozge Bumin Oztaskin IstanbulTurkey

  • Bridgette says:

    This is absolutely disgusting ? What action was taken against this supervisor ???

  • pat doe says:

    I just dont know where they find these people. I did not know there were that many sick individuals in this world. I guess I was wrong.

  • amanda says:

    If they don’t do anything to punish these guys for their disgusting acts then soon it will be peoples children that they go after! Bunch of f’ing sickos! Somebody ought to do the same things that they did to those pigs to them!

  • Cheyenne Monk says:

    Everything that I have read on this page is horrific. I sat down and cried my eyes out because of this. Im only 15 years old but 210 against animal cruelty. I am writing a paper about being against it for my english class. I never thought it could be so horrible! I am most deffinately going vegetarian. This website has made me realize what animals go through day to day. It’s sickening sad and heartbreaking. I am an all in all animal lover and to read this breaks my heart in two. If there is anything I could do please email me. Thank you.

  • Adithi says:

    This is horrific. I’m now vegetarian this needs to stop. How can people be so disgusting?

  • michelle says:

    This is disgusting!! They should kill these people.. Those pore animals

  • julie keetley says:

    Whats been done about it .its disgusting evil and sud not carry on hope the scumbags that do this burn in hell

  • Sally Hoare says:

    These people are disgusting perverted scum cant bring myself to call them humans. Another scary thing is that these scum of the earth are roaming free in society. Definately from the shallow end of the gene pool!!!!

  • corrina witt says:

    this is messed up how can people enjoy st like that its messed up and people enjoy eating animals after that they are so oblivious or just dont care i guess

  • emma says:

    i actually think im going to throw up!!! this is sick!! them people need euthenaising theres no cure for whats on that video filthy disgusting and pathetic excuses for human beings!!

  • Sharon says:

    How sick….these people should be punished the same way they hurt these poor defenseless animals.

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