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‘Real Housewife’ Makes a Splash for Lolita the Orca

Written by Michelle Kretzer | August 22, 2013

Real Housewives of Miami star Adriana de Moura hails from Brazil—where it’s illegal to imprison marine mammals in aquariums for human entertainment. And she thinks it’s high time that the U.S. imported the same compassion for animals.

Adriana is starring in a new PETA ad in which she calls for Lolita, the lonely captive orca at the Miami Seaquarium to be released into an ocean sanctuary. Like Lolita, Adriana is used to living her life in front of audiences—but Adriana is clear that she chooses to do that, while Lolita doesn’t. And unlike Adriana, Lolita has to live in the equivalent of a bathtub in the tiniest orca tank in North America. She has no protection from the burning sun, and she has had no contact with any other orcas since 1980.

Help join the effort to free Lolita.

Please send a polite e-mail to the Miami Seaquarium asking it to release her to an ocean sanctuary.

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  • it is parks like this that make me ashamed to be a human 🙁

  • Naomi Werne says:

    I respectfully request you free tis captive mammal to a sanctuary so that she may be socialized to eventual release.

  • Lolita Lover!!!! says:

    Please release lonely Lolita….. she is probably so heartbroken and depressed to not have contact with her species. I’m sure your seaquarium had good intent to educate and entertain other humans….. but we can learn about wildlife with documentries and TV shows that unintrusively watch and even help these beautiful creatures in the open ocean, their natural homes. Please don’t just be human….. be humane. 🙂

  • Jennifer Matthews says:

    I just saw Black fish, the documentary about the whales at Sea world. Not only are the whales ill treated, but the lies told by Sea World have endangered the life of their trainers.

  • Samantha says:

    I just watched the movie Blackfish. This is horrible what you are doing to this spiritual and intelligent animal. Please release Lolita. It is inhumane to do this to her.

  • Mary says:

    Please free Lolita and let her feel freedom and social happiness. She has given you 33 years of her life!! Please release her! Thank you.

  • Terry Somers says:

    PLEASE release Lolita to a coastal sanctuary!

  • Janet Martinez says:

    Let her live the rest of her life free!

  • heather gabrey says:

    Its cruel im sure she is lonely

  • Mama Leah says:

    May God protect Lolita and bring her back to the ocean where she belongs. Even if a sea pen is her only option, she deserves it. She does not choose to entertain and though she may be one of the healthiest of captive killer whales, she’s suffering. She needs to be in her natural surroundings in anyway we can give that to her. I pray for Lolita and all of the other captive whales every day. God has blessed us with their presence and beauty and in return these animals have been used for greed. What does that say of us as civilized people? Are we civilized at all?

  • wally bonchar says:

    Forty three years is a long time to be a performing goldfish in a bowl free Lolita

  • sheila ellis says:

    If you have a shred of human decency left in you free Lolita, she has earned you millions of dollars for 43 years, what has she got in return?Imprisonment in a small fishbowl, you people are disgusting

  • raymond says:

    please relase her