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Racecar Driver Puts PETA in the Fast Lane

Written by Michelle Kretzer | June 7, 2013

Driver Jim Weiland is on the fast track to ending animal suffering. As he prepares to face off against other Ferrari drivers in the North American Ferrari Challenge, a cross-continent race series, his 458 Italia GT is facing off against cruelty to animals, with these new PETA decals:

Jim will tour the U.S. and Canada, challenging other drivers to keep up and challenging race fans to ramp up their kindness to animals. Our cruelty-free product logo on the car’s hood will remind people to choose cosmetics and household products that were tested without blinding bunnies.

Using your passion to spread the cruelty-free message? We’d call that “being driven.”

Whatever your hobby, there is always a way to use it to help animals. Contact PETA’s Action Team for help getting involved.