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Phil Collins Vs. Foie Gras

Written by PETA | October 16, 2008
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Phil Collins

Question: Does Grammy-winning recording artist Phil Collins support the sale of foie gras? Answer: Heck no! The singer/songwriter began his career as a vocalist for the rock band Genesis and went on to receive international acclaim as a solo artist—selling more than 250 million records throughout his career. Now, he’s fired off a letter to U.K. department store chain Selfridges condemning the company for its sale of one of the most cruelly produced foods on the market.

We’re for real here, folks. Foie gras, which is French for ‘fatty liver,’ is produced by shoving pipes down the throats of ducks and geese and force-feeding them until their livers become fatty and often diseased. Foie gras is considered so cruel that its production is banned in 15 countries, including the U.K., where Selfridges is based. Prince Charles has banned foie gras from all Royal menus this year, and House of Fraser, Makro, Harvey Nichols, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, and every major U.K. supermarket have already banned foie gras from their shelves. Clearly, Selfridges is the one in need of an enlarged internal organ (specifically, a heart).

Collins joins Sir Roger Moore and the Duchess of Hamilton in urging Selfridges to drop foie gras from their shelves. Are you outraged by the cruelty that is shoved down the throats of these birds? Speak up!

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • name says:

    Help me to find the

  • jamie pearson says:

    Dear readers “My name is jamie pearson” i’m 23 years old and from england. My view on this is of absolute disgust which i see a normal human response after spending time on this site i have cried and been angered only emotions normal to what i consider to be a concious mind. I have been a vegatarian since the age of five and been steadfast in my choiceafter all when a person is of an age to decide it is “after all” a choice to be a vegatarian. i’m not proud of myself nor do i boast my personal choice i could not boast my personal moral for who am i to suggest this. My wife eats meat i love her dearly and her eating meat does not change that but in my life i have come to realise that meatfood is all relevance and concious awareness. When you make people aware of where meat comes from and it’s process from death to pleasant packaging to entice the consumer the consumer becomes somewhat disturbed. I do not have a problem with people who eat meat although i dont agree with it people are raised with meat and see it as a normal part of life but seem to have an innate ability to be percieved as “THE NORM”. after watching the chinese fur farm videos normal response in me is anger utter disgust but anger takes hold followed by sadness!! bieng english living in USA a country of big meat eaters and watching what should be a socially and developmentally advanced country such as france basically without hold “torture animals” i would expect more from the western society. As for “CHINA” my opinions are far to strong to offer here not a word in any dictionary could place in words nor thought my feelings on there complete disregard for LIFE wether it be human or animal i am by no means rascist as every human is equal but every human has moral obligations i feel. selfridges could care less about animals what is it’s main agenda is consists of money. the typical capitolistic world I am ashamed that selfridges can even operate in a country which my family for hundreds of years have fought for. Everyone can make a change but everyone does not see the hurt if seen would be more realised i wish i wish.

  • Pamela L. says:

    Yes! With the combined efforts of celebrities such as Phil Collins Roger Moore Prince Charles Bea Arthurand so many others and all of us animal lovers we can only look forward to big changes in the horrible foi gras industry.

  • Rob Levy says:

    I’ve never had a high opinion of Phil Collins before thisbut hats off to the man..Respect to youPhil

  • Carla says:

    Selfridges replied to my email stating that they are looking for alternitives to Foie Gras like a duck geese liver patte not from abused ducks?? Sooo what they are trying to say is one cruelty would wipe out the other?? Boycott Selfridges until they get educated!!!

  • Tammy says:

    Yay Phil! Good for Prince Charles as well….Now if he could only get his mum to stop wearing fur! Go PETA!

  • Karen says:

    I am sickened and disgusted by the people shown in the video with the pigs where they are doing their best to just hurt them. I truly believe these people are very sick. I am certain they pick this kind of work because they like causing pain to “any” living thing. This is the only way they can “get away with it” so to speak. I am not sure what is more frightening or disgusting the horrible pain they inflict on these poor animals living beings or the fact that these people are allowed to roam free in our society! There is no doubt in my mind that if these creatures were not getting their jollies out during their shift of killing and sadism upon innocent beings like this they would be out in the world killing people in the same heinous way they do these helpless pigs. I hate to say it but part of me would like to find out who and where they are so I could catch me a few of those “idiots” and drag them behind my vehicle for a while slowly but with purpose. They are clearly ignorant uneducated fools who have no use on this planet. Hopefully they return in the next life as a pig. I cannot believe what I’ve seen since I tuned in to this site and though I have not eaten meat in years I have not been concious about the products I buy and still eat eggs. I will think before I purchase from now on. I hope there comes a day when this will all be against the law. This is MURDER clear and simple! The people supporting this behavior in another by buying the products are accessories to the fact! If I were related to one of those hoodlums in that video I would worry for my family’s safety. I am serious about that they are dangerous!

  • lynda downie says:

    Maybe a couple lines from Phil Collins’ “In the air tonight” would be appropriate for Peta undercover investigators “Well I was there and I saw what you did. I saw it with my own two eyes. So you can wipe off the grin..”

  • Adam Buckley says:

    Foie gras is one of the most CRUEL foods on the face of the earth! Yet it is only slightly worse than eating meat itself. It’s a sad world. Why? People today are so closed off from the cruel CRUEL reality of killing animals for the sake of eating them. The killers will be going to hell unless they ask for forgiveness but the unsuspecting meateaters won’t because they don’t understand that it’s a real house of killing what people forget is that it’s KILLING because they think of eating meat as so innocent. There is no way that killing unnecessarily can be justified! God bless the animals!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Though cruelty is rife throughout the animal food industry this one is a nobrainer. Selfridges is just playing stupid. Phil’s letter will hopefully smarten them up.

  • SASHA says:

    THIS IS GREAT! I’m so glad to hear about this.

  • Eye Witness says:

    I’m overwhelmed the only thing i can do is to felicitate Peta once more You got the help of the real Giants Phil Collins Sir Paul McCartney Bryan Adams Chrissie Hynde Sir Roger Moore followed by an endless list of famous angels…In this way my wish to support PETA is continuously increasing!!! because i feel incredibly proud and strong!!!