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No Hunger in His Game: Liam Hemsworth Is Vegan!

Written by Angela Henderson | October 22, 2015

There are plenty of reasons to love Liam Hemsworth, including his irresistibly brooding character in The Hunger Games movies and his swoon-worthy physique. Here are our favorite things about the star. #TeamGale

1. He’s vegan:

He recently told Men’s Fitness that he went vegan for his health and because of his research into the “mistreatment of animals.” Good-looking and smart? Yes, please.

2. He loves dogs and advocates for animal adoption:

My special girl. #Tani #RescueDog

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3. He’s talking Thor into eating more plant-based dishes:

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In the same interview with Men’s Fitness, Liam said that his famous brother Chris Hemsworth is eating more plant-based foods after talking with him. What could be better than one vegan Hemsworth? That’s right—TWO vegan Hemsworth brothers!

4. He loves all animals—even those in puppet form:

Liam isn’t only a friend to Miss Piggy—he helps plenty of pigs by leaving them off his plate.

5. Did we mention that he’s vegan?

just flying through the air

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You go, Liam!

You don’t have to be a superstar to help animals. Pledge to go vegan today and start saving lives just like Liam.