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New York Bans Anal Electrocution

Written by PETA | May 2, 2008

Chinchilla.JPGThere are two things I really like about the story that hit the wires this week reporting New York’s recent ban on anal and genital electrocution of animals for fur. The first thing’s kind of obvious: Animals on fur farms in New York won’t be electrocuted any more (they’ll still suffer, but their deaths will now, hopefully, be just a bit less painful). In case you haven’t kept up to date on electrocution techniques, this isn’t like sticking your finger into a wall socket: The fur farmers attach one electrode to the fox’s or raccoon’s ear or muzzle and stick the other one in the animal’s anus or vagina. The result is a dagger-like heart attack without loss of consciousness. On one fur farm we investigated, the farmer plugged the chinchillas into the wall socket and timed it by listening to a song on the radio—then skinned them without checking to see if they were dead.

But the thing that should be really remarkable for most people reading this story is not the fact that New York has banned electrocution—but the implication that this is still legal everywhere else. That’s right. New York is now the only state where anally and genitally electrocuting fur-bearing animals (fur farmers do it this way so they won’t damage the pelts) could get you into trouble.

As my friend Melissa put it when she was interviewed for the AP piece, “Anal electrocution is common practice in fur farms across the world. A lot of these methods aren’t effective and these animals will wake up while they are being skinned.”

That’s all. I just wanted to drive home that point. It’s awesome that New York is leading the way here, and hopefully other states will soon follow suit. But this is also a good opportunity to store away that little tidbit about anal and genital electrocution being 100 percent legal in 49 out of 50 states—just in case anyone ever tries to tell you that wearing fur is anything other than reprehensible.

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  • Mr X says:

    Personally I am not a vegetarian, but I still find this incredibly disturbing. Anal electrocution is just…so unfortunate. That is just a sick and twisted way to do anything.

  • Veg says:

    why do people eat so much meat. its all connected. everyone wants their kfc and mcdonalds. that stuff does not grow on trees. then why talk about fur farmers. what i hear is please kill them – as long as it is quicker and better.

  • etienne vregord says:

    I do not know how to react anymore, there are no limit for cruelty to animals, what are these people made ​​of,these people has no empathy for animals at all,it scares me.The animals must have our help fast, this must end in a hurry***

  • Gqcslcfp says:

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  • Rviozjsj says:

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  • Massachusetts says:

    nice topic

  • Amy Curtis says:

    Human beings have to be the most cruel and disgusting species on earth!!

  • Veronica Thibodeau says:

    I have seen the videos of how they “kill” animals in China for fur farming. They just knock them on the head and proceed to skin them while they are still alive moving screeching. I even saw one blink when he was on top of the “dead” pile. It gives me nightmares. How are they going to kill them now? I wish we didn’t feel like wearing fur is a sign of beauty and richness. It’s a sign of how gross our human race has become…that we use animals for clothing entertainment and for our own personal sick pleasure.

  • Jessie says:

    Okay I am totally on board with the no fur thing so don’t get me wrong here. But if you buy fake fur isn’t that made from some artificial fiber they created in a lab? Or don’t they have to tear down wilderness and destroy habitats or something like that? Either way it’s not a good thing for the animals. I think faux fur is a million times better than dead animal skin but either way you’re hurting animals or at least I think so.

  • Marcia Cox says:

    I can’t believe we even still have fur farms! With all the protest of the slaughter of the Canadian seals for just their coats we here in the USA are just as bad..only just not videoed and documented in the same manner. Get a Grip AND BAN IT! Or are we just as barbaric as the Canadians?

  • Ayushi says:

    Far from a victory as many more animals have to suffer in the hands of man.A victory is one where all fur farming is banned like the one here in England. Maybe you should try some of our succcesful campaigns.

  • Sydney says:

    This is one of the most disturbing things i’ve ever heard.How could someone seriously do this to an animal?It needs to be illegal in every state.

  • zeeke says:

    whatever medium they use in killing furbearing animal is still cruel… fur are for animals… put a stop in fur trade!

  • lynda downie says:

    I agree that the animals will die in other cruel ways. But after seeing the video ‘The Witness’ with Eddie Lama a few years ago others will remember it I’m sure I was particularly stunned by the images of the animals being anally electrocuted. So thank you New York for this important first step. And thank you Eddie for showing NYC the cruelty behind fur. Sen. Padavan thank you for recognizing the connection between our treatment of animals and humans.

  • catherine says:

    yay for New York..animals are still suffering for fur. Fur is dead! Instead of appaulding them we should be asking why didnt they do more?

  • Jamie says:

    Are the other ways the animals are going to die any less cruel? Isn’t it just a business to them? I have a hard time seeing this as a victory but merely a detour when the end result will still be exactly the same.

  • Aubrey says:

    I have to agree that this is a victory. Horrible things happen to all sorts of creatures every day which is the key problem. However this problem is only compounded by people turning away from the torture. Ending the fur industry in America and the world is a daunting task but it has to begin with awareness. By New York taking this step to end one method of murder it’s saying that people in power are aware of the cruelties that are going on. It is a slow process that should be sped up and have more prominent results. But I think the recognition of the problem by New York is a doorway that can lead to further change. There is now the argument that “you agreed that cruelty to animals is wrong so now take it a step further”. And for other states we can argue that “New York did it why shouldn’t we?”. Humans are creatures that follow trends and all trends have to start somewhere. Lets hope and work to make this the new trend and create change for those we care so deeply about.



  • Carol says:

    It is a less cruel way to die! What if capital punishment was like this? I’m sure we’d have quite the reaction and the proposal would be quickly shut down. My God….we’re suppossed to be stewards….caretakers!!! Thank you PETA!

  • thurman says:

    i see what ur getting at here but the only question and first thing that popped into my head is if there not killed with electracution how r they killed now?

  • Jeanne says:

    Lets start by saying PETA is a wonderful group for our animal rights.I commend all the work you do and how it has changed some of the rotten things we humans think is exceptable. I have an issue with the group going after the jockey in the derby. Let me start by letting you know i have been in the racing business for years and riding etc. Whoever decided it was the riders fault is wrong. Horses have hearts and follow that as do wethe rider pulled up as soon as he felt her stumble. Take a look at the reply and the shadow at the grandstand. Wouldn’t be the first leap over an unknown objectthat caused injury or death. Research it! To racings defense unless you have been there racehorses are treated better than most people. I agree it is a tragedy but there is a bigger picture than just the rider. You are killing the messanger! Start where the issue really lies and maybe we could make the sport what it should be The Sport Of Kings.Horses deserve that.Please look at the race again and stop blaming the wrong person.

  • Melissa says:

    i hope you know this is freaking sick!i swear i have a chinchilla and if she saw a chinchilla get hurt shed probably cry cause i know i would!what the hell!i know wed like to be warm but making a jacket out of fur is pathetic i don’t care if its fake or not!its still wrong!who ever makes jackets out of them i want to bash they’re heads and kill them! i know I’m o.ding right now but i don’t care i am an animal lover so i don’t care if you think I’m stupid or a mental case i really don’t care!i really don’t think killing animals are worth it!maybe we should make chinchillas a jacket out of whoever skin!

  • Susannah says:

    I was glad that my state banned electrocuting animals for fur but I have to admit I then wondered how they’d kill the animals now. What I’d LOVE to see is a ban on fur. Period. Let fur stay with its original owner and let said owner have a life of its own.

  • Beverly Webster says:

    How would you like a prob stuck up your anus or vagina? Think about it maybe you can imagine how those poor animals feel.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I agree that it’s a victory. It’s not a victory for the fur farmed animals. They will spend 7 months being tortured and abused in a tiny cage only to die afterwards. It is a victory for animal rights because lawmakers and states have begun to pay attention. This is the first step in banning fur altogether. Another thing as a vet tech I am horrified absolutely horrified at Platt’s remarks. I knew AVMA were awful but I had no idea it was this bad. Killing these animals is not “euthanasia” as she stated. It’s a slaughter. Especially the nongas methods do NOT meet even the most basic defenition of euthaniasia. That Platt thinks fur farming is legitimate enough to spend research on killing methods that makes me ill. The AVMA should be advocating that fur is not nessecary for life or happiness and that we can go without. What a shameful statement she made. Interesting what the Republican Senator said. As I mentioned this may at least begin a dialogue.

  • Christy says:

    Why the H are there still fur farms here?!

  • katie says:

    this IS great news…. in a weird sort of way ya know? true ANY positive step for animals should be celebrated…. still just shocked i guess that this is even an OPTION for an animal’s death on fur farms everywhere else. if we heard that some sicko was anally electrocuting dogs and cats in his basement the public at large would be outraged no doubt. where is the outrage for these little creatures?? thanks always to peta for bringing animal rights into the public eye and fighting the good fight. progress is being made.

  • silvia says:

    Its sad how people still wear fur as if we were still in the cave man century.Congrats to N.Y for being a leader.

  • Old Spiderwoman says:

    just the twisted sick head of a human being can reach so far as using this horrific killing method on an other living being! what kind of rascal states are allowing such crimes until nowadays! hang their leaders!

  • Pamela L. says:

    It is a victory although a small one when you look at the big picture. At least I take solice in knowing that a large amount of fur bearing animals will have less pain in their painwracked horrible existances. Bless their precious little souls. Maybe the angels of mercy kindness and compassion please be watching over these helpless little creatures as well as all animals whose lives are pain and exploitation. No I am not kiddingit does not hurt to “believe” once in a while. How can any celebritydesigner or individual possibly still wear fur? Maybe we should let JLo know about this breakthrough in New York.

  • Janay L. says:

    This means absolutely nothing I do not see how banning one killing method in any way really helps the lot of animals caught on fur farms. The legislators who seem so concerned about the pain and suffering involved with electrocution should address the larger more pertinent issue of the morality involved with killing animals soley to make fur coats. That something so heinous was hitherto a regular practice within the fur industry merely reflects the cruel ugly nature of fur production and the lawmakers had a responsibility to take closer note of this and consider the larger picture in their decision. Outlawing one method as cruel is ultimately trivial and will in no way improve the lives or treatment of furbearing animals this is why I no longer believe in the principles and philosophy of animal welfare and don’t know why PETA does either.

  • keith says:

    Big deal here then. its still bloody sick ! along with any scumbag that wears fur.

  • lizbeth says:

    so what is the alternative?.. what are they doing as alternaive means of killing? gassing? breaking necks? ‘fraid I’m not exactly leaping in the air with celebration.. the animals will still be imprisoned and then killed.. now how about NY banned fur farming.. now THAT would be somehting of a step forward and worthy of a small celebratory popping of ‘champers’.. as you say it merely makes the killing ‘somewhat less painful’.. all creatures want to live.. humans AND animals..

  • Ana says:

    I love chincillas..adorable little creatures. Beautiful soft fur looks incredibly lovely on the original owners!!! Wear your own skin and leave cats dogs chincillas minks pigs cows raccoons foxes beavers bobcats lynxes alone! Fur is cruel unnecessary vain materialistic and bloody. Fur is for losers.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    This just make me sick . Yea for New York. But the other states? When will all this madness stop? Liberation for all animals! Peace for all amimals!

  • Mark says:

    Didn’t John Phillips at the League of Humane Voters have a lot to do with this? They’re pushing animal rights legislation very strongly. If you’re from New York their website is Where is John Phillips anyway?